Goodbye, EMG Sketch Fest #90!

Our 90th Sketch Fest has come to an end! Don’t be sad, though – #91 is coming next month, and artists can still add the sketches they’re working on to the current gallery. Which means there’s still fun, amazing, beautiful, and whimsical art to explore!

An eclipse pictured on a black field; the sun's corona peeks around the moon's edges in smoldering orange.
“Total Eclipse” by Heather Kilgore

You know we couldn’t skip featuring an eclipse illustration this Sketch Fest! (Has everyone in North America got their eclipse glasses ready for tomorrow?) Heather Kilgore did this eclipse ACEO card with colored pencils and Polychromos. You can snag the original for $20!

An acrylic painting of pink, blue, and white-trending butterflies on a field of thick whorled paint in blues and pinks and whites.
“Butterfly Whimsy” by Deirdre M. Murphy

Deirdre M. Murphy created this dreamscape of butterflies frolicking amid whorls of pink and blue. She’s offering the original for sale – acrylics on a 9″ x 12″ canvas for $30.

A brown-feathered owl with a face done up in white and pink like a Mexican sugar skull; the owl is pictured from mid-body up, peering to the viewer's right. A full moon occupies much of the background, with the rest of the canvas painted a nightsky green.
“Sugar Skull Owl” by Afke van Herpt

This owl is ready for this year’s Dia de los Muertos! Afke van Herpt drew “Sugar Skull Owl” with copic markers and white pencil on 2.5″ x 3.5″ recycled paper. If you fancy the original, it’s only $15!

A bee has been tooled on a piece of undyed leather; the bee is depicted against six hexagons in a honeycomb pattern. Another piece of leather lays across this piece, with For the Love of Bees #Sketchfest 90 scratched into it.
“Leather Love for the Bees” by Charlie Galvin

EMG Sketch Fests aren’t just about paintings and sketches and art cards – it’s also about jewelry-making, crocheting, and leather tooling! Charlie Galvin tooled this brilliant bee design onto a piece of undyed leather. We can’t wait to see the finished piece!

A black and white sketch of a woman facing the viewer, depicted from waist up. Her waves of long hair obscure her torso, and she holds her hands in front of her, resting her face on her right hand. Her head is tilted to the viewer's left, her eyes are closed, and she is crowned with perhaps a dozen butterflies.
“Butterfly Crown” by Sarah Alden

Our final featured piece is “Butterfly Crown” by Sarah Alden. “I’m so happy with this one! Just the right amount of butterflies!” Sarah says. “Now if only I could get one for myself…” We agree!

That’s it for #EMGSketchFest 90. Follow us on Facebook to be the first to know about September’s Sketch Fest dates. We’ll see you there!

Mermaids and fairies frolic with EMG Sketch Fest #90!

Time for the Evening Edition of #EMGSketchFest Saturday! We’re up to a few dozen works of art in our gallery so far, with more creativity on the way. The eclipse has been a popular theme as well, for obvious reasons!

Let’s take a peek.

A bust of a blue-eyed woman with pale skin, looking left over her shoulder with her eyes cut right. Her hair is in a large updo, with two dragonflies perched on the vaguest sketch of a crown or tiara. Another dragonfly alights on her shoulder, and she has the faint suggestion of dragonfly wings sprouting from her back.
“Dragonfly Fairy” by Carol Moore

Carol Moore drew this Dragonfly Fairy with an intense blue gaze using colored pencils on blue cardstock. The faint hint of a crown-to-be and dragonfly wings on the fairy are fantastic!

A mermaid stares straight ahead at the viewer, her dark tresses touched with white floating above her head. Faint scales shimmer on her chest and shoulders, while her breasts are covered with clinging kelp-like material. She appears to have fins on the backs of her upper arms. Figure is shown from the torso up with arms mostly off page. Drawn with graphite and white charcoal on greyish beige toned paper.
“From the Depth of the Sea” by Mayumi Ogihara

Speaking of intense gazes, Mayumi Ogihara outdid herself with “From the Depth of the Sea“! The eyes are piercing, the scales captivating, and those fins on her upper arms! This illustration is graphite and white charcoal on toned paper. ACEO prints and 5″ x 7” prints are available for $6 and $10 respectively.

A red-haired mermaid turns to her left to look at the viewer with her over-sized blue eyes, lined and with thick lashes. She has a button nose and freckles dusted across her nose and cheeks. Blush colors her pale skin as well. Only her neck and face are visible, surrounded by her red hair. Empty space to the left is filled with a pale green-blue suggestive of the sea.
“Red Hair Mermaid” by Katerina Koukiotis

Katerina Koukiotis fills out our complement of mermaids with her red-haired beauty inspired by Ariel, sporting bright eyes and lips. She’s offering limited edition ACEO prints for $6.50.

Small figures composed of a round head with two empty white eyes and having two black leg-like protrusions each build a vaguely blob-like unicorn out of black fronds.
“whatfluffdoes!” by blopdotink

blopdotink has joined us for another Sketch Fest to tell her curious and delightful tales through a series of blop illustrations. Here’s what blopdotink has to say about “whatfluffdoes!“:

Who doesn’t want to have a fluffy unicorn? Is what humans would probably think… But blops are different… having something doesn’t do it for them… they explore, they study they experiment und they copy… Especially, if they are as impressed with something as much as they are with all the fluff on one hoof here. I had to do this one, even though I don’t know whether or not it will make it in this weekend’s series and my storyline, because… … Again, I am using Sketch Fest to compile a story made up solely of prompts and it’s gonna be a love story again. But not between blops or other creatures, it’s about the love for the greatest city in the world, my humble home town BERLIN.

A simple birdhouse composed of a square with a triangle roof hangs suspended from one branch with two other branches bearing leaves visible in the background. A fairy rests her elbows on the doorway, staring out at the viewer while a bird likewise peers out from behind her.
“House Guest” by Sally Gilroy

We end tonight’s highlights with a lovely pair of creatures in Sally Gilroy‘s “House Guest.” She wants to paint this one, so keep your eye out for a finished version!

Right. That’s EMG signing off for the night. Keep creating and keep admiring in the meantime. We’ll be back with more features tomorrow!

Fairies, beasts, and witches, oh my!

It’s the August Sketch Fest Saturday, and we’re here to share some of the marvelous art that’s been posted to the #EMGSketchFest gallery since it began yesterday. Have you been visiting, prompting, admiring, creating? If the answer is no, let me tempt you!

A colorful illustration of a diminutive, skinny humanoid being with a mushroom cap for a hat and a bindle over their shoulder, walking to the left through sparse grass.
“The Lonely Mr. Shroom” by Julie Rabischung

Julie Rabischung drew the charming Mr. Shroom, about which she says: “Meet the grumpy and lonely Mr Shroom! I had so much fun drawing him!! He definitely needs more work but I might draw him again and invent him some adventures… ” The original drawing is colored pencils and ink on a 4″ x 6″ piece of Bristol, and is available for $12.

A barrel-chested antelope walks to the right. Its mane and tail are flowering branches, and the sun burns in the distance beyond the antelope's head making a sort of halo. Decorative lines and whorls adorn the antelope's back.
“Beautiful Beast” by Kathy Nutt

Kathy Nutt sketched this fantastic fellow – or, as she put it, a “[m]agical antelope of the forest.” He’s a handsome beast indeed, and the mane and tail of flowering branches is inspired.

A miniature humanoid creature resembling a plump child sits facing the viewer among white flowers, his eyes closed. He's wearing a mushroom cap for a hat, and magical lights dance around him. Drawn on brown paper with limited colors.
“Don’t Forget” by Joanna Bromley

Using the prompt “lonely mushroom,” Joanna Bromley sketched this mushroom-hatted fairy creature. The original sketch is an ink illustration on 3.5″ x 5″ Kraft paper. You can purchase it for $32!

An elongated and stylized human figure with a simplistic face of eyes and mouth only faces the viewer in a long black dress with an Empire waist and a striped skirt. The skirt is gathered at the figure's shin with a black band adorned with black roses. A pointed hat sits on her head, adorned with black roses and trailing black ribbons. Black roses float in the background.
“Black Rose” by ElmaBree

ElmaBree added this little witch, telling us: “The Little Black Rose Witch [is] drawn with chameleon color tone pencils on mixed media paper.” You can pick up a 5″ x 7″ print of this tiny witch for $10.

A bust of a woman on brown-toned paper, she faces the viewer with hair unbound - bangs fall over her right eye; she has tilted eyes and a small mouth and her head is surrounded by vague flowers filling the upper background of the paper.
“Soul of the Forest” by Maria J. William

Maria J. William sketched this fresh-eyed woman of the forest in graphite, white charcoal, and white ink on 6″ x 8″ toned paper. She’s offering the original drawing for $40 and glossy prints for $10.

We’ve also debuted a robust new search feature at the Sketch Fest site – you can search by subject, media, style, and more.

Enjoy the weekend, and don’t forget – use our hashtag #EMGSketchFest on your social media!

EMG Sketch Fest #90 is live!

Hello, all you night owls! Are you feeling creative, or just looking for some great art? You’re in luck! Our ninetieth – yes, ninetiethSketch Fest kicked off this afternoon at 12 PM Alaska-time. Join in the fun, or wander by and admire the art!

We’ve already got 10 illustrations uploaded to the gallery, and most of them are available for purchase, some as originals and some as prints.

A black and white illustration: a mermaid faces the viewer, head turned to the left and her shoulder in view; long tresses are held back from her face with a headdress of pearl and shell and fin.
“Mermaid Headdress” by Milkycat

Milkycat had the honor of first upload with this charming bust of a mermaid showing off her new headpiece. This is one of our available originals – Milkycat’s offering the original for $5, and you can add another $5 to have it colored.

That’s it from us tonight – we’ll highlight more tomorrow, and can’t wait to see what creativity Saturday brings. For now, explore the gallery on your own!

And remember – if you share Sketch Fest on social media, make sure to use our official hashtag: #EMGSketchFest.

Featured Artist: Apis Teicher

Welcome to Ellen Million Graphics’ Featured Artist of the Week! Each week (or so), we select an EMG artist and share their work and history. We hope you enjoy getting to see incredible artists this way.

“Edyk – Ophelia Underwater”
“Birka: Winter Skies”

This week, our spotlight turn to illuminate that artist of the playfully whimsical and magically detailed, Apis Teicher! Apis joins us from BC, Canada, was born in Colombia and has lived in several other countries including the United States and Japan. She started drawing when she was just 4-years-old! “I drew a Martian invasion of Earth on three of the walls of my room,” Apis confessed. “When my grandma caught me she didn’t get mad, but instead gave me a stack of papers and asked me to use that instead.” While she’s mostly self-taught, she’s taken some art classes at the University of Los Andes and completed a degree in 3D Animation from the Vancouver Film School. She experiments plenty on her own as well, and taken courses and workshops over the years. Her primary inspiration flows from her interested in mythology and nature, particularly marine subjects, microscopic creatures, and plants. She loves working with markers and coloring digitally. “There is a certain fluidity to markers that I enjoy, but I love being able to easily correct mistakes and backtrack a few steps when working digitally,” she said. When she’s not creating heart, she enjoys reading, making films with her actor son, and learning crochet. You can discover more about Apis and her art at her website.

“What are you looking at?”

Apis has been a great friend to EMG for over a decade! You can find her art and writing published in several issues of EMG-Zine, and she has her own creator page over at Torn World where her worldbuilding has resulted in several portraits. She’s also participated in Sketch Fests over the last several years, filling her gallery with illustrations of kitsune, flying pigs, elves of all types, feathered folk, and so much more. If you’d like to color one of her amazing merfolk, you can find her work in our coloring book Fishtank Fantasies. She’s even in one of our early publications: Art of the Business of Fantasy Art, Vol. 1! We invite you to explore her work at EMG via the links below.

“Three Ravens”

Apis’ Sketchfest gallery.

Apis’ Torn World creator page.

Apis’ work is featured in the following EMG publications:
Fishtank Fantasies
Art of the Business of Fantasy Art, Vol. 1

Apis has the following writing and art published in EMG-Zine:
Edyk – Ophelia Underwater” in EMG-Zine: “Water” (August 2006)
Invictus” with Amy Edwards in EMG-Zine: “Water” (August 2006)
To Tread Water” in EMG-Zine: “Water” (August 2006)
Huggable Art: A Plushie Tutorial” in EMG-Zine: “Swine” (February 2007)
All that Comes” in EMG-Zine: “Blades” (September 2008)
Winter of the Unseelie” in EMG-Zine: “Ice” (November 2008)
Mist and Shadow” in EMG-Zine: “Bards” (October 2010)
Hagen” in EMG-Zine: “Centaurs” (March 2012)

“The Waka Waka’s Fairy Lights”