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Sketch Fest #119 will run March 27-29! (Today's date: 2020-03-30 10:02:13)

Sketch Fest has ended! Stay tuned for the next event!

Work by: Sarah Alden

I'm a Fairy and Fantasy Artist and I've been painting in watercolors for over 10 years.
I have always had a passion for drawing and painting.

I enjoy creating uplifting artwork as I feel its my mission to add more beauty to the world we live in.
I hope my art touches your heart in some way :)

Let your imagination take flight!
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This artist has left the following prompts:

Star Catcher
You give me butterflies
Moon Fairy
Christmas Fairy
Lace Stockings
Queen of Hearts
Cupid Fairy
Frozen Hearts
Alluring Ribbons
My arrow points to you
Hummingbird Fantasy
Behind crystallized eyes
The Bubble Fairy
Releasing Dreams
Spring Fairy
Cherry Blossom Fantasy
Pixie Dust Catastrophe
Black Calla Lilly
Pinwheel Splendor
The Doorway to Fairyland
Wondrous Free Fall
Poppy Flower Crown
Midnight Fairy
Enchanted Breeze
Sea Jewels
Fairy with Blue Bonnets
Wind swept
Rainbow Masquerade
Drawing dedicated to any cause (health, animal, ect)
Little Wings
Feathers in her hair
Alluring Eyes
Queen of the Tides
Summer Fairy
Relaxing on a Flower
Butterfly landing on a girls shoulder, hand, finger, toe or foot
Gold Dust
Morning meets the Sea
Napping Baby Dragon
Poor Dragon can't fit!
Woodland Fairy
Magical Lantern
Starry Crown
Wapped in Beads
Dandelion Wishes
Golden Sunflower
Adore Me
Wild Blue
Chain Crown
Thornberry crown
Elegant Braid
Wild Strawberry
Gorgeous Curves
The Amulet
Jungle Flower
Floating on a Lilypad
Dark Romance
Shadow Dreams
Delicate Beauty
Azure eyes
Moon Pearls
Electric Eyes
Star Corset
Night Blossom
Little Pumpkin House
Bewitching Gaze
Thorn Queen
Onxy Eyes
Shadow Cape
Pumpkin Spice
Gazing through the enchanted window
Feathers and Pearls
Over-sized Witch Hat
Spooky Eyes
A Distant Memory
October's Magic
Wicked Rose
Secret Heart
Flowers and Chains
Poinsettia Fairy
African Violets
Ice Rose
Heart of Stone
Winter's Masquerade
Candy Cane and Peppermint Dreams
Snowflakes in her hair
Purple Wings
Icy Blue
Wild Snow
Holly Crown
Jingle Bells on an outfit
Feather Corset
Dancing in the snow
Releasing Stars
Crimson Eyes
Snow Fairy
Catch a Falling Star
Forest Queen
Starry Gloves
Lady Luck
Honey Bee
Angel and Flower Petals
Pink and Grey
Among the Ferns
Star Fishing
Bold Blooms
Feather Headdress
Wishing on a Starfish
Wild and Free
Star Swirl
Foxglove Fairy
Hydrangea Fairy
Wish and Dream
Golden Butterfly
Dream Flower
Wild at Heart
Gathering Stars
In Your Eyes
White Poppy
Blissful Butterflies
Dramatic Black
Star Rider
Beautifully Delicate
Pretty little things
Butterfly Bliss
Emerald Wings
Night Will Come
Colors Inside
Firefly Path
Sheer Gown
Pink Sugar
Dance of Wings
The Visitor
It sparkled in the night
A Fire Within
Azure Waters
Star Studded
Autumn Crown
Fairy sitting on a pumpkin
Midnight hour
Autumn magic
Red Jasper
Wicked rose
Fairy sitting on a pumpkin
Ruby Wings
Wicked Ways
Midnight Hour
Jewel of the night
Bewitching Gaze
Hidden Darkness
Frosted Stars
A touch of cold
Ice Wind
Sun Empress
Moon Empress
Star Empress
Winter Mermaid
Adventure Awaits
Be Brave
She belonged to the stars
Pink Petals
Queen of Hearts
Little Black Star
Hearts on Fire
Garland strand of flowers
Heart of Pearls
Mushroom Grove
Hearts in her hair
Fairy with Mushrooms
Wild Strength
Wild Flower Fairy
The Power In Her Eyes
Dreaming of You
Swing with flower vines
Wind in her hair
Mushroom Fairy
Wild Flower Fairy
She is Fierce
I'll hold you up
Forever young at heart
Counting Butterflies
Turquoise Mermaid
The White Swan
Summers Delight
Sweet Moments
Night Light
Midsummer Dream
Lunar Glow
Shimmering Butterflies
Beautiful Giant Fairy Wings
Surrounded in Stardust
Summer Breeze
Lure of the Siren
Butterflies and Blooms
Casting Wishes
Hydrangea Princess
The Story Teller
A Quiet Moment
Feather Wings
Butterfly Queen
Dreaming of Tomorrow
Far Far Away
Moon Spell
Swirling Leaves
Autumn Masquerade
Forest Fairy
Autumn Serenity
Leaf Fairy
Magical Garden
Amber Glow
The Witch and The Haunted Pumpkin
Shadow Dancer
Bundled in a cozy scarf
Spearmint Fairy
Holiday Crown
A Crisp Breeze
Rose Red
Queen of Thorns
Golden Scales
Spearmint Fairy
Mistletoe Crown
Gingerbread Fairy
Decorating The Christmas Tree
River Sprite
Butterflies and Pixie Dust
Princess of the Foxes
Butterfly Fairy
Flowing Mermaid Locks
Cute Mermaid with Sea Horses
Flower Tree
Little Butterflies
Bold Blooms
Hidden Amongst The Flowers
Blooming Spring
Roses & Hydrangeas
Spring Queen
Amidst the Blossoms
Dancing Butterflies
Cherry Blossom Fairy
Colorful Mermaid
Dreaming of you
Rose Fairy
Queen of Roses
Love Spell
River Fairy
Flower Crown
Her Favorite Flower
Enchanting Gaze
Butterflies Danced Around Her
Dive Deep
Emerald Eyes
Warm Summer Breeze
A Moment Of Love
Dandilion Wishes
Fairies resting spot
Hidden Amongst The Flowers
Bold Blooms
Wild Spirit
Catching the Suns Last Rays
Lanterns and Flowers
Magical Fairy Queen
Garden Princess
Flora Goddess
Timeless Beauty
Celestial Crown
Light vs Shadow
Leaf Mask
Magic Dust
Black and Gold
Nightly Enchantment
Among the Fallen Leaves
The Fox and the Pumpkins
Keeping Cozy
Hiding in Darkness
Autumn Crown
Blazing Red
The Forgotten Pumpkin Patch
A Kitten and her Ghostly Friends
The Little Witch and The Ghost
Whispers in the Wind
The Haunted Tree
Halloween Dragon
Magical Leaves
Electric Gaze
Black and Gold
Crimson Eyes
Written in the Stars
Hunts The Wind
How did you get in there?
Magical Butterflies
The Cutest Fox
The First Frost
Magic Dust
Star Goddess
Red and White
Poinsettas and Holly
Candy Cane Fairy
Ice Blue Eyes
The Enchanted Window
Spirit of the Night
Christmas Cookie Fairy
A Touch of Winter
Emerald Star
Silver Crown
Golden Gift
Little Stars
Shades of Love
Magic at Dusk
Secret Spot
Evergreen Princess
Where Stars Shine The Brightest
Power of the Moon
Frost Fairy
Snow Flower
Tree of Stars
Everything She Imagined
Against the Wind
Crimson Blossoms
Sheer Beauty
Lady Blossom
A Trail of Petals
Shooting Stars
In Her Eyes
Sweet Cherry Blossoms
The Flower Queen
Night on the Beach
Spring Blossoms
Turquoise Seas
Swan Princess
Fairy Glamour
Flora Fairy
Among the Flowers
Emerald Eyes
Hidden In The Leaves
Fairies Best Friend
Sweet Floral Nap
Dancing Butterflies
Violet Blossoms
Feathers and Flowers
Magics In The Air
Raining Petals
The Crown
Diamond of the Sea
Underwater Hair
Seashell Throne
Seahorse Fun
Ruler Of The Night
Spring Beginnings
Coral Princess
Black Butterfly
Starfish and Pearls
Among The Wild Flowers
Sweetest of Best Friends
Whispers On The Wind
Under The Sunshine
Framed by Flowers
Her Spirit Shines
Butterfly Hollow
Lavendar Glow
Reunion of the Dragons
A Vision in Violet
Familiar Eyes
Star of the Ocean
Sweet Summer Breeze
Magical Blossoms
Tiger Lily
Ethereal Heart
Princess Of The Tides
Summer Glow
Keeper of the Forest
Warm Summer Breeze
The Last Castle
Sleepy Mermaid
Only She Knows
Fairy Glamour
Raining Petals
The Origin of Fire
Butterfly Path
The Unchanged Forest
The Forbidden Book
Autumn Leaves in her hair
Love and Leaves
A Chill in the Air
Shades of Teal
Wild Winds
The Flame Trees
Born From Autumn
Maple Leaves
Autumn Flower Crown
Finish an Inktober drawing
Candy Corn
Cute Ghosts
Spooky Kitty
Whispers in the Wind
The Scarlet Sorceress
Born From Ash
The Great Pumpkin and the Witch
Shades of Merlot
The Great Monarch Butterfly
Green and Coral
Moon Crown
Aubergine Autumn
Bed of Moss
Time's Up
Beyond The Castle Gates
Ribbons and Bows
Christmas Mermaid
Starlit Dreams
Sugar Plum Fairy
The Fairy Tree (xmas or non)
Arctic Flame
This Socks For You
Oversized Santa Hat
Silver Stars
Holiday Dress
Shimmering Red
Swirl of Snowflakes
Candy Cane
The Little Polar Bear
Lavender Romance
Cute Penguin
Snowflake Crown
Colorful Stars
Spring Green
The First Leaf
Butterflies and Florals
Hidden Under the Flowers
The Wild Woods
Spring has Sprung
Bloom Bold
Forbidden Flowers
Floral Mermaid
Floral Fairytale
Baby Unicorn
Mermaid with Seals
Shells and Pearls
Little Fawn
Dandelion Wishes
Sitting on a Flower
Longing for Autumn
Glittering Eyes
Golden Leaves
Emerald Ivy
Swirl of Butterflies
Sun Rays
Moon Crown
Toadstool Fairy
Queen Bee
Made of Light
Lavender Sea
Baby Turtles
Colors of Autumn
Autumn Crown
Swirling Leaves
Hidden Away
Autumn Fox
Pumpkin Magic
Fire Light
Bronze Beauty
Gold Dust
Enchanted Daydream
Autumn Blaze
Enormous Leaf
Maple Leaf
Autumn Fox
Witchy Hat
Dark Eyes
Spell Book
Leaf Dress
Autumn Glow
Leaf Crown
Little Stars
Glittering Eyes
Forest Friend
Golden Mushroom
Cute Red Panda
Kitten with Leaves
The Great Owl
Hot Chocolate Fairy or Mermaid
Teddy Bear
Emerald Green
Polar Bear
Icicle Crown
Holiday Crown
Surprise Gift
Stars and Snowflakes
Christmas Mermaid
Icy Blue
Sweet Treats
Valetine Mermaid
Violet Flowers
Little Hearts
Star Gazing
Sleeping in a Flower
Fairy on a Tree Branch
Spring Fairy
Butterflies and Flowers
Black Pearl
Dolphin Mermaid
Flower Dragon
Among the Butterflies
Monarch Butterfly
Dark Moon
Autumn Mermaid
Pumpkin Patch
Autumn Fox
Maple Leaf
Swirl of Leaves
Moon Witch
Dark Moon
Autumn Glow
Cat Costume
Burgundy and Gold
Leaf Fox
Colorful Leaf
Twig Crown
Shades of Autumn
Emerald and Gold
Magical Star
Auburn Hair
Dark Wings
The Grey Wolf
Mushroom Grove
Penguin Fun
Winter Has Bloomed
Aurora Borealis
Pale Blue Eyes
Winter's Spell
Silver Siren
Puffin Mermaid
Frost Mermaid
Snowflake Fairy
Violet Glow
Icy Crown
Surrounded in Blossoms
Oversized Flowers
Mossy Rock
Flowers In Her Hair
Sea Turtles
Playful Otter
Under a Crescent Moon
Dream Mermaid

This artist has comments on the following prompts for Sketch Fest #119:

Pray for the world Prompt claimed!
Rose Prompt claimed!
Treasure Chest Prompt claimed!
Flower Mermaid Prompt claimed!
The last unicorn Prompt claimed!
Surrounded in Blossoms Prompt claimed!
Oversized Flowers Prompt claimed!
Sea Turtles Prompt claimed!
Dream Mermaid Prompt claimed!
Puffins Prompt claimed!

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