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Sketch Fest #129 will run March 26-28! (Today's date: 2021-02-26 23:15:43)

Sketch Fest #129 starts in: 27 days 12 hours and 44 minutes! Join the Facebook Event

Work by: Sally Gilroy

I live in southern Ontario with my hubby and our 4 adopted cats. We have two grown sons, both married. I am a digital artist but recently found that I also love sketching and learning traditional art methods. I love to challenge myself by attempting to draw or paint a variety of subjects.
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This artist has left the following prompts:

Punk Rocker
In My Closet
The Woods Have Eyes
In Your Eyes I See
Whisper of Wings
Things That Go Bump In The Night
Under The Leaves
Head Full Of Straw
The Witch's Familiar or Unfamiliar
Dancing in the pumpkin patch
Set it free
Jingle bells
Tip toe through the snow
Snow bird
She smiled slyly
What is that in the Christmas tree?
Up on the rooftop
The dance of the fairies
Magic surrounds it.
My favorite fairytale.
Dance of the leprechaun.
At the hop
Soda shop sweethearts
Dreaming by the river
Peeking out of the box
After the rain
Nature's rebirth
I didn't mean to do it
Sweet and Sassy
Shadowed face
Ride the Rainbow
So ugly it's cute!
Run free!
Prehistoric bird
Two sides to everyone
An Easter egg for you
Ride the waves
Prince Charming
Vintage beauty
Siesta time in the forest
My guardian angel
Caught peeking
Mama wolf with cub
The cat's in the cradle
Mouse birthday party
The fortune teller
Under it's protective branches
Call of the wild
Red riding hood...modern version
Panda bears playing
Puppy Love
Reflection on the water
Fairy cottage
Fairy playing in autumn leaves
Anniversary waltz
Twinkle in her eyes
It jumped in front of her making her scream
Things that go bump in the night
Windblown hair
The cutest little.....followed me home
As I slept they played
Your favorite pet
Looking off into the distance
Caged critter
Two friends sharing a quiet moment
Diamond eyed fairy
Standing in the rain
Cowgirl's fancy boots
Peeking out of Santa's sack
Jingle monster
What is that pulling Santa's's not reindeer
He was really cute till I saw the frog
In the deep forest you might see one of these
Star gazer
Dashing through the snow
An arrogant looking Jack Frost
With a flip of her tail she was gone
Ahoy matey
Sassy looking parrot
I love my unicorn
Ice has formed a crystalline tree
Kitten or kittens sliding on a snow hill
It's eyes were so intense it scared me
Her hair fell in waves
The fairy brushed her hair until it shone
In a bed of roses
Sleeping kitty or puppy
Sailing on an aquamarine sea
Carousel Rabbits
Easter egg fairy
Pirate chick
Kitten and the butterfly
A tear for what might have been
Laughter in her eyes
Kitten with an unusual friend
Rainbows in her hair
Just an old fashioned girl
Spring brings rebirth
Seahorse and rider
Stop and smell the flowers
The lion sleeps tonight
Down a country road
The Guardian Cried
The Temptress
The Gambler
Beach bunny
She really needs new glasses
Ebony wings
An old fashioned Locket
What fun to ride the waves
Even dressed in rags she was beautiful
Wild eyes
Froggie goes a courting
A beautiful butterfly
Alley cat
Pineapple Princess
A feathered friend
Eyes as cold as ice
Eyes that say I love you
Along a path of golden leaves
So many curls
It lives in the corn field
A boat for a mouse
Rabbit hideaway
Her eyes reflected the colours of the leaves
A raven and fairy rider
Pumpkin Patch visitors
Grumpy Ghost
She blew in on the wind
Little creatures dancing in the forest
Something is coming out of the pumpkin
Flowing Mane
Pile of leaves...what fun!
When she answered the door the children shrieked!
Mud on it's nose
Christmas Bell Ringer
Babe in a manger
Snow Globe
Who ate the cookies
The cutest, little Santa
Sliding down the hill into a snowbank
The most beautiful Christmas tree
Story time
Feathered friends
The most beautiful heart
The perfect Valentine
To Sleep, Perchance to dream
Big, vulnerable eyes
Nestled in the grass
Reflected in the water
Dancing on a sunbeam
Smiling eyes
Guardian angel
Laugh lines
Wind blown hair
Snuggle bear
Dreamy smile
Spring flowers
Animal best friends
Animal family
A moment of solitude
Fun in the wading pool
Moonlight on the beach
Inhale the scents of flowers in the garden
The road home
Secret friend
A beautiful smile but her eyes give her away
Awesome wings
Hear me roar
Ruffled Feathers
Cartoonish Turkey
Favorite Flowers
Raindrops on the window
Forest animals Thanksgiving Feast
Snowflake friends
Down a wintry road
Snow monster
Angel mine
Frosted leaves
Sweetest snow couple
Dragon Games
Needs a haircut
Birds welcoming spring
Why are the birds hiding?
Laughing eyes
A tale of 2 animals
Rainbow rider
Best friends forever
The face in the lantern
Finally home
Take my hand
Enchanted Garden
Animal family picnic
Whisper in the wind
Fairy Delight
Bird of Paradise
The Story teller
On the river bank
I love that smile!
Running wild over the field!
Your favorite flower
Listening to the birds
Favorite breed of dog
Cats galore
Dog's best friend
Song bird
Fragrant flower
Drift wood on the beach
Winter fun
Snow fort battle
Santa is a What!
Bounding through the snow!
So bundled up they can't move!

This artist has comments on the following prompts for Sketch Fest #129:

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