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Sketch Fest #128 will run January 22-24! (Today's date: 2021-01-21 00:48:44)

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Work by: Deirdre / Wyld_Dandelyon

Deirdre is a writer, musician, and artist who believes in dreaming big. You can find some of her art (and more of her writing) over at
Visit their webpage

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The Fluff Hides Sharp Bits
The Fluff Hides Sharp Bits
by Deirdre / Wyld_Dandelyon
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Thistle Nectar
Thistle Nectar
by Deirdre / Wyld_Dandelyon
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Are You My Baby?  (ACEO CUT)
Are You My Baby? (ACEO CUT)
by Deirdre / Wyld_Dandelyon
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This artist has left the following prompts:

Clouds, Lightning, and Wind
Catnip and Dragon Mint
Frantic, Last-Minute Entry
Justice for hackers!
Honoring the Ancestors
Strange Plants
A Rainbow in Her Pocket
Enchanted Search Frogs
Musician and Dancer
Young Torn World northern girl or teenager telling stories to a handful of kids, and tearing flatbread into shapes to illustrate the story. (She should have a beaded necklace.) is an example of a story showing this practice.
I've been serializing a novel online, in a world where humans have more than one physical form. I'd love to see some of my strange people! Here's more information:
Squeaking in Under the Wire
The ghost of a young woman on a small spaceship, and her best friend (also a youg woman, but one who is still alive, and who doesn't believe in ghosts (yet).).
A Bowl of Interesting Beads (the beads should be big enough to be strung on a leather thong)
Magic in the Wind
$-*@-#!---A Sea Monster!
Evil hot-computer gremlins
A Torn World sea monster ( for descriptions)
For Earth Day -- Your Favorite Place Outdoors
Natural Magick
I Hate Dust!
storm wrack
Below was a large ship, listing to port, a huge tentacled creature spread across the deck, tentacles tangled in the cabin and rigging, the stumps of two tentacles hanging low over the port railing. Blue-green gore was everywhere, sometimes mixed with splashes of red human blood. Two dwarf sailors were systematically chopping the remaining tentacles away from the body, spreading more blue-green blood everywhere.
Butterfly Birch
Flower Moon
The End of the World As We Know It
New! Shiny! Computer!
Last Chance!
The Muse woke me from a deep slumber
Girls in a Rain of Tadpoles
A Wedding Under the Nebulae by Anke Wehner
A bouquet of rose goblins
What if cats had web-membranes between their front and back legs like a flyig squirrel?
Muses for a sad Angel
Humans in a land of giant mushrooms and lichens
Ghost trees
It's rude to walk through a ghost!
How can it be time for SketchFest already???
No wheat! No corn! Happy belly!
Why aren't trees filled with shiny toys all the time?
Torn World Fashions
I know it doesn't cover your head, but it's called a hat!
Frilly Feathers and Bone Buttons
Strange Livestock
Vestments of a Land Priestess
A plague of bugs
The high ridge ran on forever, but oh--the waterfalls!
Volcanic Islands and Sea Monsters
These shoes were made for...
something unexpected in the sparkling waves
The most unlikely frog
It's just a little Leather!
Rainforest fashions.
Wild Snowy Chase
Dressed to Impress
But Mom, All My Friends Are Wearing Them!
A gown to wear to Lalya's wedding.
What a strange bug!
Her blond hair was woven with threads in all the colors of the crystal desert, worn in dozens of bright braids with tiny bells at their ends. Her loose, layered clothes, which could reveal or disguise her attractive figure, were woven of threads of the same colors, with a brocade pattern of running cats and cute round cacti with star-shaped flowers along the edges.
Clad in Rainbows
Cleaning up after a crime scene
I need two weeks to sleep and clean up before tomorrow.
The Most Wonderful Nap!
Magic in the Mead
Mead in the Magic
Weeds, Glorious Weeds
Magic is not a foot--Magic is a hand!
Last-Minute House Cleaning
Steampunk Embroidery
Musical Embroidery
Chaos Circle Music Fairy
The Most Fantabulous Steampunk Fairy
Mad Scientist at Play
A Torn World character who doesn't have a portrait yet: (There's a contest for character portraits happening now at Torn World. More info at the site if you're interested.)
A character you created for a story, poem, game, or song
A character one of your friends created.
Ellen's enchanted server frogs entertain a giggling guppy
Gnome or Gremlim (of either gender) of ALL the Elements
Your favorite Sketchfest Fairy prompt (but done male/intersex/other)
Enchanted Server Frogs Protecting/Defending their Homes
The most FABULOUS fantasy vehicle ever!
The year turns
Duct tape holds our dreams together
Elfin Dragon
The devil as a pasta chef
Lalya's in his wedding Dress and Dini in his Wedding Suit
Solstice Goddess
A Quirky Writer Flying by the Seat of Her Skirt
The Most Magically Dusted Fairy Holiday Card Design
Young Dragons and Solstice Sparkles
Ribbons for Her Beard
Moons-light on the waves
Design for the Coolest Guitar Ever!
The strangest musical instrument
One of your characters (or one of mine!)
tiny, colorful frogs in bright flowers
Clockwork Dragon an
A visit with your Muse
Hey! Keep that Paintbrush Away From Me!
Monster Day!
Oh, Rats!
Magic cookies, magic meat, the very best spells are good to eat!
Flour Fairies
Brownies eating brownies
Time! I need more time! Where is it?
Very dark-skinned Mistress with Shiny Long Black Hair, Purple Eyes and Spider Jewelry
Busy Brighid
What the fairies did to the guy who wrote an undeserved parking ticket
A strange little house
One of your characters doing somethng fun--or something dangerous
The shape of the power of your spirit
Wow! It's today? Congratulations!
Such a pretty young man!
Any Torn World Character
A Whimsical Critter
Frantic Enchanted Server Frogs
Here's to Resourceful Lisa!
Luminous Fog Fairy
Giant Snowflakes Hurrying Along
Glimmer Fiddle
Sea Monsters - Torn World or otherwise
Sweet Mother's Day Flowers
mystery, magic, and beauty
Distilled Rainbows
Rosebuds dancing in the wind (with or without fairies)
Child riding a big happy dog
Skycat up to Mischief
A Happy Character
An angry character
Oranaan or another scientist with a fascinating new phenomenon to study
Steam Machines and Anomalies
Fashions for the Newly-Licensed Woman
Mystery Art!
Swimming in beautiful water with flowers around
Begone, lazy, incompetent freeloader!
What to do on your writing vacation
Super Splendiferous Anniversary Fireworks
Sweet, deep, uninterupted sleep
fantasy guitars
wings and horns
Soooooooooo Tiiiiiiired !
The cutest litte ficlets evah!
Escaping the day job.
Make room!
When the anti-hero is an anti-fairy.
The Moon in Springtime
A portrait or action pose of a character (yours, mine, or a friend's)
A party for introverts
The fairy that does your taxes for you
Midweek Break!
Ninja Street Art
An unusual pet makes a mess
Sleep, wonderful sleep!
They called her Sam because the other names reminded them of her power
So many prompts, so little time!
Better than four plain walls
A vampire on the shortest night
Sunfairies celebrate the longest day
Pool Party
PIxels, Pixies, Pixie-Stix
You gotta do the demolition part first.
squirrels, why'd it have to be squirrels?
overwhelmed fairies
kitties and candies
Itty bitty batties
ghostly gazebo
Frolicksome Forest Fae
Marvelous Mad Scientist
Corvidae and Scarecrows
broken gadgets
Steampunk Detective
Cute Catkin
sugar skull
I'm so hungry!
Look, Muse--New paints! Bare canvas! Now, what shall we---Muse? Muse? Where'd you go?
It was bigger than my sailboat--a LOT bigger!
Eggs in the sand
The strangest little beads
The Snow Dragon
You can so sketch in a bathtub!
The cutest little rocket!
See what happens when you hurt my friends?
Behind the Spooky Door
The First Fairy of Spring
Ribbon Dance
Rainbow Celebration!
Last minute Hello!
Wind in the Mountains
new moon in the mountains
Summer, come back!
Beard Jewelry
When the Veil thins
The most beautiful colors
Wanted: Sleep Fairy
Spooky Cats
one of your characters, or the character of a friend
A fabulous fantasy map
Hey, it
It's Talk Like a Pirate Day!
Twirling leaves and snowflakes
Music in the Wind
Act out of Love, not out of Fear
Yule Fairies
Dancing for Joy
critters who love the heights (I'm thinking cats or snow unicorns, but feel free to draw the critters that embody this for you)

we had so much fun!
A woman to remember
the cutest tiny scary monster
Sketchy Anniversary!
Where'd all the snow come from?
A favorite character
Somebody put away All the Art Supplies!
all the colors
eggs, eggs, everywhere!
the brightest rainbow being
Political cartoon
the most confusing character ever
Wearing the Green!
waking up deeply sleeping seeds
Earth Day Goddess
Spring wakes up the land
one of your characters, or the character of a friend
So many lovely weird people!!! (sketch one or more)
improbable serenade
flowers and gravity waves
Chocolate sculptures
Moments of Silence
Angel or Fairie of Kindness, Love, and/or Friendship
Shared Joy
Stronger Together
A better future
All the Colors of the Rainbows
Gentle Blessings
Rain Shine
Lunar Eclipse
chasing pokemon
augmented reality
Your favorite things
The Old Lady is 80 Today
Oceanside retreat
Here there be Mountains
So much family!
Too much to do!!!
Finding the lost
a long, winding road, with magic in it
Angel or Faerie of Peace
Winter Wonderland
Female Leader(s0
deep, dark cold--but you can see the stars!
Why is it so cold out?
Finding your bravery
The power of water
You can do it. I believe in you.
Musical prompt: Blackbird
Musical prompt: Message in a Bottle
Mother Nature: "It's so hot!"
Seedling Fairy
Ellen's enchanted frogs
But I'm Exercising! (Never mind my phone full of Pokemons)
Snakes in Loooove
A Secret Magick
Smiling Sea Serpent
Wiggly Jiggly Jelly
Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey
Volunteer Squash
Draggin' Dragon
A character you've always wanted to draw
OMG where did the time fly off to?
The best cat ears
Small beings of the Forest
Cleaning out the attic
That's a lot of lamps!
Junicorn Gijinka
Unicorn fairy and / or fairy unicorn
Magical, musical blessings
Where did all the time go?
Catching cute anime critters in all the parks
Weed fairy
This to-do list is so long I could wear it like a cloak
Great Friends
The Music Goes On
This sword is NOT too big! It's just the right size.
Others in the sky
I like a little science in my fantasy
The most amazint space ship
I hate typos!!!!!
Eccentric scientist, shaman, and/or sorceress
The very first!
Skycat and the Scientist
Total Eclipse!
Whimsical clouds
The cutest little space ship
Standing (or sitting) together
Beautiful abandoned building
Healing spot in the wilderness
The best thing about sunshine
The best thing about rain
Five things
Dance in the Warmth of the Night
It's time to Get Rid Of Stuff
The most glorious colors
A strange thing in the sky
A Magic Circle
A Mad Scientists meets _________ (pick another prompt)
A character rarely (or never yet) drawn
Halloween landscape
Samhain landscape
When the veil is thinnest
A Remembrance
New cartoon ghostie critters!

The sun in the leaves
She contemplates the change of seasons
Sugar Skull
The Moon, wearing beautiful veils
Trying to recapture lost time
A Happy Surprise
Oh, no, snow!
Snow Unicorns
Such Lovely Music!
Dragon Midwinter
The Colors of the Season
On the other side of the world, it's Summer
I need some house-cleaning fairies or brownes or even cub scouts
Get Out The Vote
The Marvelous RBG (or your favorite Woman to Celebrate)
I'm hungry, but I don't know what I want to eat
Soooooooooooooo sleepy
Oh, no! Snow!
So many beautiful butterflies
Garden of delights
A quirky character
When you cross a barrier, you find the strangest things
Dancing in the Rain
A thunderstorm is nature dancing for joy
Skycats, skycats, everywhere!
My bed is calling. Why does it have to be loud?
I need a little pocket of time--no, a BIG pocket of time!
Squirrels are cute, until they eat your ripening tomatoes!
This place could use a proper blessing!
I am the purple lady!
Anger can be a force for good, used wisely
All the Rainbows!
Ghosties having fun
Thunder Fairies, Lightning Fairies, and Rain Fairies
The Sparkliest!
Bonfire, with music and dancing
Wild fringe
the cutest monster kittens
magical bookstore
Frosted windows
Hot Chocolate
Wait--what? It's Friday?
Soup Mug Fantasy
Sleeping Kitty
An inspiring character
The bestest art supplies
Aaugh--taxes are too much work!
Sleeping under the soil
Sleep is wonderful, especially with cool dreams
Kittens and their winged cousins
Under-the-Porch Monster
Rainbow Magicking
The Magick of Spring
Clearing the Way for New Things
Musical colors
Ancient Bells
Magic in the Air
Word Warriors' Meetup
House Guardian
Harvested bounty
A gathering of whimsical pumpkins
Pebble Beach scene
The moon shrouded in clouds like a lace shawl
The strangest dream
An unconventional witch and zir quirky familiar
Sleet tapping on the window.
Silent Song, Sing Along
Being socially connected while physically distant
So Much Music!
Sooooo Sleepy
Black Lives Matter
Fabulous Purple and Glitter
The goofiest kittens
A lovely spot for meditation or prayer
Fantasy Tree House
Magick and Musick
Dancing with the wind
Garden Gnomes
First Harvest
Fairy House(s)
Fairy Flowers and/or Mushrooms like Tumbleweeds
Design a ship for fighting sea monsters
That woman's a hero!
An unusual chimera
words, words, words
Crossroads Ghost
Babysitter Ghost
Hitchhiker Ghost
Cool pumpkin design(s)
Blue Moon
Ghost cat
Gift for a Friend
The Spirit of Space
Magical Musical Holiday
The silliest wrapping job ever
Mistletoe Magic
Make an Ornament
Stars and Snow
Midnight in the Mountains

This artist has comments on the following prompts for Sketch Fest #128:

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