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Work by: Joanna Bromley

HI there!
I am a British fine artist and illustrator based in Munich, Germany and specialize in childrens, fairy, fantasy and floral illustration. My main mediums of use are watercolours and coloured pencils.

I also take on commissions for ACEO's, 4x6 to 12 x 16 inch pieces. if you wanta special piece for a special person/ event...just contact me! :-)
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Christmas Woodland Elf
Christmas Woodland Elf
by Joanna Bromley
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Christmas Fairy
Christmas Fairy
by Joanna Bromley
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Snow Dragon
Snow Dragon
by Joanna Bromley
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Wrapped in Lights
Wrapped in Lights
by Joanna Bromley
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Polar Bear with Scarf
Polar Bear with Scarf
by Joanna Bromley
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This artist has left the following prompts:

chinese lanterns!
Fairies, elves and wee folk dancing around a magical pumpkin(Halloween Concept!)
elf flying on the back of a crow, beside a witch on her broomstick. (A race, maybe;-) )
Hopping from cloud to cloud...
Fairies drinking Dew Drops
Fairy, wearing a bluebell flower dress, dancing with an elf
Little elf/woodland people bringing pumpkins to magical autumnal illustration
Hedgehog sleeping under autumn leaves...
Robin Red-chest as postman
Wee folk( elves, fairies and any critters) having a dinner party at a toadstoole table.
reindeer & snowman
Elf's Snowman, Human's Snowman
My Little Cherub
Cinnamon Factory!
Birds are sleeping...
Sleeping squirrells surrounded by twigs, nuts, berries
BIrd nest in an old boot
Little Gnome shoveling snow outside his mushroom house...
A Caterpillar, scared of heights...
Twilight Whispers in the Woods
Two entwined, lovey-dovey caterpillars...
The Berry Collector
The Frog Prince
A Sea Horse Chariot Race
The Fairy Herbalist
Hummingirds and Honeysuckle
The Steadfast Tin Soldier & Ballerina
Child faun and wood elf in the forest...
Squirrells School, "Learn to Climb Trees"
Hedgehog in a flowerpot
Rainbow Pixie
magical creatures taking cover from rain under ivy and leaves
fairy sleeping in Poppy flower
Pumpkins dancing at twilight
Toadstool Family surrounded by autumn leaves
Fairy wisps sleeping on Autumn leaves
Autumnal Green Man
cinnamon fantasy
elf hiding in a x-mas stocking
singing and dancing snowmen
little angel cuddling a cute animal
winter stag
Sleigh ride in sparkling snow...
Teddy Bear Angel
Sugar Plum Fairy and Nutcracker
Gnomes New Years Eve party
Ladybugs & Bell flowers
Little Folk(fairy, pixie,elf) flying on butterfles ...
hedghog & bunny within a bunch of forget-me-nots
Fairies or elves sliding down a rainbow
A cup of rainbow sparkle tea!
A fairy, a boird
A fairy, a bird and a squirrell stting on a bird house...
Magical autumn leaf ride...
Gnomes white water rafting in acorn shells
A crown of autumn
A bed of leaves
Cheeky, freckly fairy with hair made of berries and autumn leaves/twigs
cheeky, freckly gnome/elf with an arm full of toys
Shy Nutcracker meets Sugarplum Fairy
Two cuddling snow owls with sparkling fairy castle in background
Winter Swan Ride
little elf/gnome sliding down a candy cane
A mouse & a fairy sleeping in a bed of berries, nuts and leaves
Ice skating elf/s
winter elf sitting in snow with white deer & cuddling a hedgehog
cheeky freckly christmas elf packing toys
Cute Nutcracker & friends
Winter Will'o ' the wisps playing in holly tree/bush
Christmas Swan
cheeky freckled pixie with head of clover
Clover skirted gnome/pixie/fairy
Clover fairy dancing at end of rainbow
Spring Pixie holding furry baby bunny
Baby barn owl and clover pixie sitting on oak tree
Daffodil Hoppers
a hop and a skip through tulip garden
dragons crawling out of patterned easter eggs
Little gnome wearing colourful , patterned patchwork clothes
Harebell lanterns
Easter Egg Party
Sprites in yellow poppies
Mini mermaid and seahorsey playing hide 'n seek
Sleeping in a venus shell
Rainbow Water Dragon
Cute animal or fairy/mythological creature blowing bubbles with prisms!
trapped in a bubble
Herbs R Us
Little ducklings and their fairy babysitter
Summer Night Whispers
Summer Moon Dance
Fairy/elf playing woodwind instrument on Lily pad
Cuddling a Unicorn
Rainbow Metamorphosis
Fairy sitting in Petunia
A Wall of Roses
Critter Jig
Gnome tending his/her plants outside tree house...
Acorn cups of cocao...
Mushroom Head Sprite
Little Autum Dew Dragon
winter frost dragon
Fairy Will 'o' Wisps of Winter
Teddy Bear and Fairy Cuddles
Pine Fairy
Magical Aurora Borealis Creatures
Hedgehog dressed for Winter
Elf shoveling snow off Toadstoole house...
family of mice gathering berries and nuts
Elf riding a Winter Hare
Apple harvester (with any magical or woodland critter)
Elf or gnome flying a 'leaf' kite
Blackberry fairies
The Knitting Fairy
Fairy in harvest ballgown
Morning glory fairies
Hedgehog To Go
Fairy looking out of Birdhouse
Fsiry cuddling a baby pumpkin
A mouse pulling a fairy cart of acorns and nuts
A Gnome dressed in patterned patchwork clothing
Poppy Petal Ballroom Dancing
Fawn asleep in buttercup field

This artist has comments on the following prompts for Sketch Fest #128:

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