Evening, Night Owls! A Peek at Sketch Fest 95

We’ve had a great Saturday with #EMGSketchFest 95, chatting a bit on the Facebook event page, leaving prompts (“porg” was requested!), and sharing art in the gallery. Let’s take a peek!

Little Feeder by Cindy Hill

Everyone’s been having so much fun with Cindy’s prompt “bird dragon,” including Cindy herself! She drew this colorful cardinal dragon with its striking coloration.

Dancing On Air by Caitlin Woods

Caitlin Woods drew this dynamic illustration of a lithe figure fan-dancing among clouds. She used a SensiStock photo for reference.

Stone Sour by Tallulah Cunningham

Stone Sour is one evocative illustration! As artist Tallulah Cunningham put it, “I don’t know if it is cold or if it has a headache but this critter is not in the sunniest of moods. It’s just how it wanted to be drawn… Edited to include blackberry canes.” This is one we’d be both thrilled and terrified to meet!

The Little Polar Bear by Peter van Herpt

Who can resist adorable baby bears? Not us! Peter van Herpt has given us one adorable, cuddly cub with “The Little Polar Bear.” Drawn in pen and ink and Derwent Coloursoft.

Don’t Eat the Porg by Anya Chui

One of our absolute favorite illustrations today is by newcomer Anya Chui – she drew this completely cute porg with its liquid eyes imploring us to “just say no… to eating porg.” Like Chewbacca, we’ve been convinced! Porg is off the menu! Thank you, Anya. Now can we cuddle one?

That’s it for today! And remember – use our official hashtag on social media: #EMGSketchFest.

Bonus December Sketch Fest is underway!

Welcome to #EMGSketchFest, and this December’s bonus Sketch Fest before EMG goes on hiatus through February. It’s live at the Sketch Fest site right now, so head on over to submit prompts or share your art!

Early Riser by Laura Siadak

Our opening illustration goes to Laura Siadak, who sketched this enigmatic and fascinating creature inspired by Cindy Hill’s prompt “Bird dragon.”

Laura wrote about her illustration, Early Riser: “Wake up nice and early in the morning, and as the sun comes up… crows out a nice belch of fire?” That’d be one heck of a wake-up call!

We’ll be back tomorrow with more featured illustrations, but make sure you periodically check out the full gallery for more work! And, when you talk about Sketch Fest #95 on social media, make sure you use our official hashtag: #EMGSketchFest.

From Ellen’s Desk: Holiday Closure!

Warmest wishes of the seasons to all of the people who make this little business possible, whether you are an artist, an appreciator of the arts, a customer, or “just” a cheerleader. You mean the world to me, and I hope that your holidays are filled with love and cheer. You have all my gratitude.

After the next Sketch Fest (New Year’s Eve weekend), I will be closing things up for about two months – I am doing a big shopping cart and webpage upgrade, and it will take a little while to mop all the various bits and get everything working smoothly and in sync. January and February are traditionally very slow months for sales anyway, and I don’t want to rush this job. (Also, I just signed a contract for an exciting and rather intimidating illustration job that is going to monopolize a lot of my time, and I have some writing projects on my plate as well! There will also be sledding with my daughter and binging Netflix with my husband.)

During this time, you will be able to view and comment on Sketch Fest artwork, but not purchase art. At Portrait Adoption, you will be able to add portraits to your wishlist, but not make adoptions. Coloring books and publications will be unavailable. You can read and enjoy the material at Torn World, and even submit new, but I will be closing up subscriptions and anthology sales.

I plan to reopen at the end of February. I may post teasers and updates as I make progress, but I may also thumb my nose at social media for a while and ignore my email. It’s been a busy semester and I’m going to take some recharge time in here, too. Be sure to sign up for the Email Update List to get all the updates and important news.

I’m excited by my plans, and hope you will agree that it’s worth the wait!

Featured Artist: Madison Stuart

Welcome to Ellen Million Graphics’ Featured Artist of the Week! Each week (or so), we select an EMG artist and share their work and history. We hope you enjoy getting to see incredible artists this way.

This week, our spotlight picks out that artist of colorful characters and fantastical folk, Madison Stuart! She joins us from Massachusetts by way of Indiana by way of her birth state North Dakota. Madison’s been drawing as long as she can remember, benefiting from generous parents who bought her art supplies whenever she asked for them. She cycles through visually creative periods where she draws most days, and fallow periods when she doesn’t – and finds herself most inspired by the science fiction and fantasy worlds she’s read about throughout her life, along with all the fandom and webcomics she’s encountered in her years wandering the Internet. She took a few art classes in high school – and did chalk portraits of many of her teachers! – but is largely self-taught.

While she’s worked with colored pencils and acrylics and even extensively with felt-tip pens, Madison is currently focusing on creating digitally. ” I’m still not sure whether I like digital art or not,” she confessed, “but I can work really quickly digitally and these days I lack patience; if something isn’t mostly done in an hour or two I put it aside and never touch it again.” She may be focusing on digital art, but she also said she’ll use any type of media that’s in front of her – even if it’s ketchup! She went on to add: “Perhaps some day I will be patient again; making lots of tiny lines is rather soothing, and I miss how easy it is to blend colors when using physical media.”

When she’s not doing art, you can find her reading (over 300 books a year!), knitting shawls (from her own patterns), and collecting weird accessories from pins to necklaces. She claims these are for one-day cosplays, but she might just be a dragon building her hoard.

Madison has been a contributing Portrait Adoption artist with EMG since 2009, and has created more than a dozen portraits for the site. She credits fan art with getting her into drawing portraits, and noted that her most frequently doodled subject are disembodied faces. She’s drawn characters from a freckled fawn-girl to finely-dressed elves and a blue-hued tiefling to characters of a dozen attitudes. Her portraits are also always stunning deals, so browse her Portrait Adoption gallery here!




Farewell EMGSketchFest 94… hello EMGSketchFest 95!

That’s it, folks! Another #EMGSketchFest weekend has passed in 48 hours of creativity and sharing. Archers and dancers, sea unicorns and Christmas mermaids all turned up in the gallery during this Sketch Fest. And there are tons of goodies for sale, as well – snatch an original or a print to give to a friend this holiday season!

How about some final featured illustrations?

“Winter” by Lorna Cowie

Lorna Cowie created this delightful piece, which she later finished with an outline of Mystic Hare. “I’m always surprised at how blue winter is,” Lorna wrote. “There is a certain time of night, when it snows, that everything turns blue, with violet shadows. Windsor and Newton watercolours with salt detailing. Once dry, the salt is brushed free to reveal the textured pattern.”

“Faerie Light” by Caitlin Woods

Caitlin Woods, meanwhile, spent some time playing with crayons and drew this “Faerie Light.”

Christmas Fairy in Candy Cane Stockings

Edward Cammarota left the prompt “Christmas fairy in candy cane stockings” and that’s exactly what Heather Kilgore created! You can get the original drawing, 4″ x 6″, on cream drawing paper for $35.

“Winter Fae” by Tricia Danby

Tricia Danby’s participation this Sketch Fest is manifesting as a beautiful “Winter Fae” – we can’t wait to see the finished creation!

“Icy Blue” by Maria J. William

Maria J. William snuck in at the end of the weekend, sharing several amazing illustrations – including this snow leopard with it’s stunning “Icy Blue” eyes. Snag a print for a cat-loving friend: get a semi-gloss print for $10 or an ACEO print for $5.

We may be done featuring illustrations from this Sketch Fest, but artists may still upload a drawing or two as they finish up their latest pieces – be sure to check back and don’t forget to shop!

We’d also love to announce #EMGSketchFest 95 – SURPRISE, it’s December 29-31! We’re getting in one last event before the end of 2017! Please join us, and create something warm and wonderful in the heart of the cold. We can’t wait to see you there!

Welcome to EMGSketchFest 94 Sunday!

Have you been following Sketch Fest 94? There’s been some gorgeous work added to the gallery, spanning topics as diverse as fluffy dragons, ice princesses, and abstract concepts. There’s even a dragon made of pipe cleaners!

Let’s jump into some featured illustrations:

“Golden Light and Trees” by Ellen Million

Ellen Million’s first addition to this Sketch Fest is this ACEO art card, colored pencil on tinted paper, capturing that gorgeous feeling of golden light filtering through tree branches. $15 for the original!


“Fluffy” by Unky Lastrange

Unky Lastrange took Erich Heidewald’s prompt of “fluff dragon” and turned it into this floating bit of adorability: “Fluffy,” a graphite sketch.

“Lonely Egret” by Renee Erickson

Renee Erickson painted this beautiful and lonesome egret, prompted by our resident bird-guy Peter C.M. van Herpt. She’s offering the original 11″ x 14″ oil on canvas painting for $150!

“Arctic Flames” by Peter C.M. van Herpt

Peter himself has run hot and cold in his illustrations for Sketch Fest 94 – with perhaps both qualities being reflected here in “Arctic Flames“! Carré pastel on Mi-Teintes.

“Ice Unicorn” by Kathy Nutt

Our last featured illustration for now is “Ice Unicorn” by Kathy Nutt! Inspired by Mayumi Ogihara’s prompt, Kathy spent less than an hour sketching this beauty in faint pencil. She darkened it a bit in GIMP so she wouldn’t end up with a partial inked sketch when the first hour’s time was up.

There’s still an hour left in #EMGSketchFest 94! Hop on over to the gallery to marvel and shop!

Welcome to EMGSketchFest 94!

Good evening to all you creators and appreciators of art! #EMGSketchFest 94 launched its 48-hour journey at 12 PM (that’s Alaska time, counted in unlooked-for flakes of snow) and has sashayed over the past several hours with a bevy of inventive prompts for participants.

We hope you’ll join us – if not drawing or knitting or sculpting, then with breathless anticipation about what delights you might see each time you refresh the gallery!

Let’s have a featured illustration to start us off right:

“Cappuccorvido” by Kir Talmage

Kir Talmage sketched “Cappuccorvido” based around the either whimsical or aggravated prompt “Ravens in the coffee, again!” Her interpretation evokes the time-honored tradition of kafésmancy, where milk foam and coffee grounds spell out the rise and fall of coffee houses and queens. In this case, I think the drinker either might want to hold on to their scarf or perhaps enroll in a night class – “beware learning” and “bird larceny” are so similar, you know.

That’s it for tonight – unless you’re drinking coffee, in which case we’ll keep an eye out for you over at the Sketch Fest gallery for hours to come!

Remember – if you’re sharing Sketch Fest on social media, use our official hashtag: #EMGSketchFest.