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Sketch Fest #129 will run March 26-28! (Today's date: 2021-03-05 14:43:53)

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Work by: Julie Rabischung

Passionate about fairies, fantasy and legends I'm entirely self-taught. I love to experiment with various mediums and my paintings are often mixes of watercolor, acrylic, ink and soft pastels to try to recreate glowing fairy wings or shimmering mermaid scales.
I'm creating paintings, hand-made greeting cards and hand-made bookmarks. For any question or request feel free to contact me at

Look forward to meet you all at Sketch Fest !
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This artist has left the following prompts:

Door to Fairyland
Unicorn magic
enchanted key
mirror, mirror..
lost soul
fairy queen of the Unseelie Court
cursed angel
your favorite tarot character
wolf eyes
Red Ridding Hood
dressed in seashells
bat wings fairy
drink my poison..
dragon and his fairy rider
toadstool hat
the Empress
elven king
mysterious mermaid
summer fairy
wolf maiden
Mother Earth
sleeping dragon
autumn masquerade
god of the Ocean
cute little witch and her black kitten
birth of the phoenix
cute little mushrooms
autumn mystery
my lucky charm
enchanted castle
cute haunted house
cupcake fairy
alice in wonderland
raven queen
dance in autumn leaves
frost wings
witch's bubbly cauldron
Ivy queen
purple rose
winter bride
underwater castle
delicate wings
mermaid with a tattoed tail
winter masquerade
celtic queen
Amethyst wings
midnight fairy
Winter king or Queen
light of Yule
wishing for spring
moon fairy
mermaid sisters
my heart is yours
gothic angel
Atlantis princess
first signs of Spring
under your spell
I do believe in fairies !
snowdrop beauty
venetian mask
winter king and spring queen
pirate mermaid
midnight angel
celtic fairy
butterfly dance
the witch and her familiar
fairy twins
Angel of storm
Dragon Queen
The Mad Hatter (Alice in Wonderland !!!)
Queen of Hearts ( Alice in Wonderland serie :) )
mysterious key
purple dream
rainbows and clouds
summer queen
cute octopus mermaid
dark prince
cute Red Riding Hood and her wolfie friend
twighlight fairy with dragon wings
coral and pearls mermaid
fairy's butterfly dress
design a fantasy tattoo
midnight princess
summer moon
cute seahorse and octopus
cute little princess
fairy tale castle
witche's hat
pumpkins potion
cute doll with purple hair
All Hallow's Eve
Briar Rose
pumpkin party
Autumn fairy's delicate wings
born from the waves
daughter of the night
moon spell
autumn mystery
Samhain night
cute little ghost
dark foxglove fairy
under your spell
flowers and ribbons
lost love
celtic princess
enchanted carnival
angel and fairy couple
flower dress
Spring is coming
a magical sky
lost at sea
the eldest tree
the elven king and the fairy queen
shimmering wings
Spring witch
dragonfly wings
book of secrets
tears of pearls
gothic mermaid
butterfly crown
dragon queen
tarot card : the Moon
summer fairy
magical dancer
enchanted seashell
a dragon and a unicorn
the enchanted necklace
mysterious fairy
vampire queen
eyes of the mermaid
a magical castle
purple dragon wings
delicate butterfly
anything steampunk
poisonous beauty
storm fairy
collecting seashells
amber eyes
I'll remember you
cute winter fairy and a snowball
moonlight princess
cute big eyed little monster
Holly and snowflakes fairy
Queen of winter
winter fairy tale
Morgan Le Fay queen of Avalon
the old grimoire
mermaid's magic
keeper of the faeries light
beautiful face but darker soul
fire and ice
princess of Avalon
emerald eyes
magical meeting
Earth goddess
mermaid's favorite shell
gemstone dragon
dark butterfly princess
dragon crown
what the mirror tells...
there's magic in the air
crown of flowers
magical door
butterfly talisman
ivy in her hair
the maiden and the violin
Once upon a time in FaŽrie
gothic lament
Ivy and roses fairy
sparkle in her eye
shadow queen
the princess and the unicorn
dragon king
midsummer night
summer spell
your favorite fantasy character
follow your dreams
waiting for Autumn
torn wings
underwater crown
summer berries fairy
spells and potions
dancing in the wind
colors of autumn
autumn spell
its still the summer
autumn leaves, pumpkins and black kitten
magic of the forest
silver wings
enchanted castle in the mist
the dragon and the princess
trick or treat ?
unexpected spell
Halloween potion
All Hallow's Eve ball
Autumn and Winter couple
frozen rose
winter tattoo
bright as the stars
holly crown
A gift for you
beautiful as dawn
swan princess
Fairy's secret
Amethyst headdress
the dark king
eyes cold as ice
you're mine
Spring is in the air
fairy twins
from the abyss
under the moonlight
flora masquerade
The cursed princess
make a wish
Spring elven maiden
the sorcerer
Your favorite zodiac sign
Shadow and light
Element of Air
A mermaid wish
Dark heart
Colorful potion
storm in her eyes
Ink tattoo
Dragon king
The grimoire
Spirit of the ancient forest
Here comes the witch
Mermaid's precious amulet
Queen of the moon
Dreaming mermaid
Summer spell
Mermaid with a fish crown
Unicorn magic
Hidden in the forest
Prince of the ocean
Abyssal mermaid
Conjuring the storm
Magical orb
fairy dance
Draw your favorite fantasy character
Queen of Magic
map of a fantasy kingdom
dark and dangerous mermaid
Funniest witch hat
old mage
soul of the forest
Mysterious moon
Black diamond
Autumn Equinoxe
The little witch, the fox and the mushrooms
A creature
Little dragon gets back to School
Magic is around us
The old wizard
Bubbly cauldron and potions bottles
Pirate ship
Candles,pumpkins and a lonely black cat
Night of the witch
October moon
Pixies houses
A night full of shadows
A black unicorn under a white full moon
Beautiful witch
Evil eyes
Here come the goblins
Mischievous mushroom fairies
The Alchemist
Other World
mushrooms castle
Cristal amulet
Dark night spell
Storm angel
Old soul
The prophetess
Winter queen and king
Dark magician
fairy and vampire couple
dancing in the sun
dark mage spellbook
mermaid's necklace
witch's potion
fantasy violonist
age of the dragon
call of magic
the warrior queen
Queen of the forest
Witch familiar
Shy fairy
Beautiful face hidding a dark soul
Book of secrets
A very old dragon
Mermaid's bath
Snail ride
Witch's favorite wand
Enchanted eyes
Bewitching smile
Cute little vampire doll
Twisted tale
Once upon a full moon night
Summer beauty
Flower's enchantment
Queen of bees
Fairy and mermaid meeting on the beach
Butterflies garden
Dragonfly rider
Magic of the forest
Crescent moon princesq
Pearls and amethyst
Crystals and pentacles
The witch's strangest assistant
Fairies at the beach
Little dragon's first flying lesson
The prophetess
A golblin face carved in an old gnarled tree
Guardian of the ancient woods
Summer and autumn sisters
Raven magic
Runes and magic mirror
The princess and the wolf
Design your own magical grimoire cover
Keeper of the last summer lights
Ivy and cristals crown
Autumn glow
Light as a feather
Harvest moon witch
Draw the map of an enchanted kingdom
The queen of hearts meets the evil queen
Animal totem
Wild rose fairy
The owl, the wand and the book of spells
Sisters of dawn and twilight
Castle in the mist
All Hallow's eve bride
Under a blood moon
Forgotten spell
The shy little wizard
Dragon in training
The cute hugs monster
An unknown creature
Flower's masquerade
A fairy and her hedgehog friend
Winter secret
Underwater castle
Moon witch
ancient magic
goddess of the stars
castle in the trees
design your magic wand
the mermaid queen and the faery king
the pirate prince
dragon's throne
the raven king
The magician and the owl
Silvan elf
Seashell talisman
Moon and stars princess
Butterflies fairy
Butterfly on a rose flower
A mysterious fairy
Born from magic
My heart is yours
lotus flower mermaid
broom flying lesson
storm fairy
witch's holiday
Gothic fairy tale
Purple roses and butterflies
Summer king and Autumn queen
I can feel autumn in the air..
Poseidon's throne
Wolf princess
Raven night
Born from the sea
Lost in a mysterious forest
Moon,crystals and flowers
Season of the witch
Toadstools, black cat and potion bottles
Autumn leaves masquerade
Autumn fairy queen
Magic of Mabon
The prince and the wolf
The witch and the owl
The enchantress and her raven
Rise of the phoenix
Night sky
Shining star crown
Pumpkin patch fairy
Autumn magic
Witch's star
All Hallow's Eve spell
Halloween fox
Haunted house
Magic in her eyes
King of light and queen of shadow
Ivy and oak
The wolf and the dragon
Celtic raven
Poisonous apple
Crown of moon and stars
a dress of snow and ice
Queen of the night
Twilight fairy
A crown of holly and ivy
Frost patterns
Little witch and her owlin friend
The most delicate wings
Under the light of the stars
magical owl
potion bottle
celtic fox
witchy fairy
silver eyes
rebirth of the phoenix
night of the dragon
Enchanted key and locket
Portal to a magical world
Moon unicorn
Eclipse fairy
Steampunk flying machine
The Fairy tree
Cute fluffy monster
Pink flower
Portal to a fantasy realm
Coral and seashell palace
Blue and purple butterdly
Blue and purple butterfly
Sweet robot friend
Colorful fish
4 elements amulet
Cute mice family
Storm fairy
Narwhal mermaid queen
Magical garden
Nested in the heart of a flower
Poppy fairy
Butterflies spell
Seashell throne
Fern pixie
Summer fairy queen
Roses and enchanted castle
The king of the sun meets the queen of the stars
Tropical mermaid
Hibiscus flower fairy
Summer dragon
Moon dragon
Autumn equinoxe
Pumpkins, apples and a black kitty
Mabon magic
All Hallow's Eve full moon
Jack o'lantern glow
Cute little treater witch or wizard
Mysterious black cat
All Hallow's Eve faery
Dark roses blooming
Witch fashion : Halloween hat
Halloween tattoo design
Totem animal
Door to an enchanted forest
Under a magical autumn glow
The tiny fairy and the owl
Hidden under a mushroom
The last autumn leaves
The Winter Fae is coming
Mysterious wizard hat

This artist has comments on the following prompts for Sketch Fest #129:

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