We sketched the weekend away!

We celebrated EMG Sketch Fest 110 this past weekend, and all our attendees had a lovely time! There are dozens of sketches and other creations uploaded to the gallery and several items for sale as well.

How about a few highlights?

“Forget Me Not” by Juliana C Velasco

This delicate “Forget Me Not” flower is a rough sketch from Juliana C. Velasco in response to the prompt “May flower.”

“Crowned” by Jill Britt

Jill Britt plucked Mayumi Ogihara’s prompt, “Seashell Crown,” like the loveliest of beach-found treasure, sketching this lovely “Crowned” figure of spindrift and dreams.

“Peony” by Jenna Wing-hu

Peony” by Jenna Wing-hu is an intricately beautiful and delicate sketch of “a beautiful princess with a peony on top of her head.”

“Cthulhu dreaming in R’lyeh” by Kathy Nutt

Kathy played with acrylic paints this Sketch Fest, illustrating “Cthulhu dreaming in R’lyeh.” 12×12 gallery wrapped black canvas.

“King of the Nightmares” by Tesha Gaither

Tesha Gaither created this “King of the Nightmares” illustration – that is both wonderfully creepy and of great composition – in response to douggle’s “King of the monsters.”

Did you enjoy this peek into our latest Sketch Fest? Hit the gallery if you can’t wait to see more – and come back tomorrow to see what we feature then!