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Sketch Fest #129 will run March 26-28! (Today's date: 2021-03-05 14:25:24)

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Work by: Afke

I am from the tiny Netherlands. I am a self-taught artist from childhood on, did a few years of illustrative design and I will always continue to search and learn. I love drawing animals and nature in general, and I love trolls, elves, monsters, other weird creatures and dinosaurs. I use Copic markers -- not just for colouring, I love to sketch with them as well. Other tools most used for drawing are graphite pencils and ink. I like knitting, and working with polymer clay, and my new love is rubbercarving (for stamps).

You can find me mostly on Instagram; I have an account for drawing and one for crafting.

About my ACEOs: please check this page to see which ones are still available. They are up for trade as well as for sale, please email me at afke11 @ for either. If you'd like to buy one, I'll add it as a product here at SF (in case it expired) and email you the link.
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This artist has left the following prompts:

Inside out
On the other side
All I want
Troll beauty
Thrown away
In my pocket
Sometimes I feel like screaming
Chocolate fun
Hidden land
Mouse boy
Under the stairs
No ordinairy flower
Your favorite vegetable
Water brings life
Table for Three
Zoot Suit Zombie
Is this new?
Bottoms up
Zebra Looks
Peacock Pretty
When I grow up
Selfportrait -- a clown version of yourself
Selfportrait -- your animal self
Endangered Kitten
Cheetah with a mustache
Cat available
Selfportrait -- Camouflage
Knitted fantasy costume
Snowflake on your nose
Caught in ice
A smile that melts your heart
A fairy's tail
A small bird in the snow
White Blanket
Love in the Forest
Sweet Honey
It's not easy being green
Selfportrait -- together with one of your own characters
Something pink
Nice big sweater
My future's so bright, I gotta wear shades
Never trust a bald barber
I can still see you
It's half mine
Last days of the Winter Queen
Cheer me up
Raining in my heart
I don't speak human
Mr Blue Sky
I only see in front of me, will you watch my back?
There is always a way
Heart-shape spotted fur
No real wings
An odd house
Monster in the backyard
Love at worst sight
Silent flight
Fantasy landscape
Little Zombie Child
Something Green
Your favorite animal when you were a child together with your favorite animal today
Tangerine Kitty's #Dumb ways to die#
All the dishes rattle in the cupboard when the elephants arrive
Spinning around
Talking to the Moon
No ordinary vegetable
Lion lost
A Bird made of Flowers
Something from your hometown
Free as a... Bike
Bloom & Doom
Purring Squirrel:
Drained of all color
Ink Stain
Apple Bear
More Balloons
Not my fault
The monster in me
King of the Teddybears
Too much sun
Flower Beads
What's in this box?
Hidden between the clovers
Little Ugly Duckling
Show me your bellybutton
It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!!
The girl in the red dress
Three Sisters
Unlikely Hero
Right on the nose
These Troll Hands
Tiny Toes
Dance in the Dark
Viking Brothers
A Smurf House
Follow the Curve
Zombie Kiss
Game Over
Strange Sushi
Bulky Beard
Freaky Face
Tasty Tendril
Eerie Evening
Weird Walrus
Evil Enchantment
Lion Love
Blue Bear
Mandala (color your mood)
Even More Goodies
Excellent Mosquito Gadget
Enable Master Growl
Extra Mobile Granny
Energetic Misunderstood Girl
Eerie Monster Gap
Enchanted Mice Game
Eleven Mothers Grieving
Eastern Mountain Gypsy
Eat Melon Gumdrops
Encounter Men Gutted
Elephant Met Granddaughter
Elegant Modern Goggles
Ever Miss Glowworm
Eight Moonlit Gnomes
The perfect mess
Song for the wicked
Eyes in the dark
I feel it in my bones
Spooky forest
Red hands
An unlocked diary (or box)
Lots of Birds
Loving the rain
Water all around me
Just dance
Banana Boots
Polar Beauty
Happy Monday
Warm heart
Winter wonderful
Not that kind of elf
Magnificent Magpie
Ridiculous Robin
Stupid Sparrow
Swooning Swan
Phoney Pheasant
Cheerful Chicken
Happy Hawk
Funny Falcon
Take me to the stars tonight
Where does this door go
Waiting for Winter
Lots of green, with a hint of red
In my arms
No one
Foxy Fox
Take my hand
Hidden in the basement
Birthday Bird
Big nose
Time for all the monsters to come out and play!
Blue star
Dressed for a party
The prettiest turtle
Empty marker
Not done yet
An Eagle of the East
A Walrus of the West
A Narwal of the North
A Squid of the South
A storm is gathering
A Beauty and a Beast - gender swap
Day of the King
North Pole
King Prawn
King Fisher
Queen Bee
Spider Queen
Piglet with a bow
Oozing Orange
Ugly prettiness
It's in the bag
(s)he dances with stars
(s)he runs with horses
Starved for attention
He ate my heart
Embedded in his mind
The dove is dead
The book came alive
Shovel, bucket, broom; Turn into a mushroom!
Dinosaur Blood
Orange drenched
Counting stars
Summer fruit
Mad about the boy
Cookies & Dirt!
Things I lost
Oh so small
Two bears making a sandwich
Your favorite color
Blue light
My roots
Family quirk
Raging fire
Girl in bloom
I want more!
Something hiding in the basement
Lazy Sunday
Ladybug & Butterfly
Written in red pen
Photographs are lies
Magic Beans
Starless Night
Light in a Bottle
Roses in my Hands
Hedgehog Hat
Zombie hotline
These hands of mine
A Monument for the Elephant
Red Coral
Bloody mouth
Too late!
Painted Dogs
Hiding under the stairs
Shadow on the moon
Pencil as a weapon
Three Lions looking up (is that an airplane?)
Holding on to autumn
Sun in my eyes
Something to play with
An interesting looking spiderweb
The lion in the witch's wardrobe
Black thoughts
A monster trying to dress up as... you?
The location where you do your artsy stuff
Selfportrait -- Crazy faces!
Selfportrait -- together with one of your own characters
Selfportrait -- Royal
Selfportrait -- Villainous
A majestic looking animal
Sleeping animal
Romance & Danger
Dance with a stranger
Chubby hug
What's in the box?
I'm not an addict
Jigsaw puzzle madness
Bloody nose
We sure are cute for two ugly people
This black cat just got lucky
Doors to Elsewhere
Candlelight Carcasses
Dolphin & Seal friends
Wannabe Unicorn
These glasses don't fit
Saber-toothed Tiger at the Dentist
Socks, socks, socks everywhere!
Flowers in unusual places
Troll BFFs
A cupboard of collectibles
This glass is half broken
Old lady cat
The Tiring Twosome
Oldfashioned puppet / toy
My daddy is stronger than your daddy
Selfportrait -- Minion
Selfportrait -- Gustav Klimt style
Spotted Belly
Cat & Box: the Battle
First King
Orange colored animals
High in a tree
Tag, you're it!
Hey, watch it! I'm flying here!
Blue light
White feathers
Red flowers
Nature kicked his ass
A tiny bird in a big world
Blue stone
White mouse
Red bug
True story
A child's fantasy
If this was a movie...
Exciting news!
Unbelievable Horror
Orange crush
There's four of us
Hugs heal
The tiniest bird
Those stains belong there
Mother of all storms
Urban artist
The Youngest & The Oldest
Night swimming
First choice
Broken heart
A very hungry cat
King of the lions
Strange noises
The ultimate treehouse
Dogs and their owners
Happy banana
Dancing princess
Wiggly toes
What's that, on the roof?
Design your own flag
That cushion doesn't belong there
Striped hair / fur
Otter business
Watch from your window
Long hallway
Lost in translation
The prettiest ears!
Draw/paint your favorite material to work with, with that material
Light from a different direction
Glow in the dark
Perfect Little Nails
Hair to wear
Beauty Mask
Take off your mask
You have a funny head
Bad hair day
Pink Elephant
Ninja Fairy
Tickle Attack!
Pain, lots of pain!
Fire-engine red hair
Helmet hair
A thousand buttons
Harnessed horse
Piercing green eyes
Change the stars
Silly girl
A private dance
A nice bearded fellow
The Giraffe Queen
An old mouse
Hmmm... blood.
Empty bottle
Wet feet
Pretty ears
Selfportrait -- Toddler you
Myth busters
Reflection in water
Witches brew
Tiny Cupcakes
Tiny Pumpkins
A Tiny Elephant
I like all things tiny
A Giant Guinea Pig
A giant shoe in your room
A Giantess in your street
Ghost Car
Selfportrait -- Ghost
Little bug, big head
Follow your feet
Traveling without moving
Show me your teeth
A Bag of Stars
Just take it off!
Bear with me
A Kiss on the Nose
Dots olé!
Too bright
Full Circle
Born to die
I love the blue stuff
Pretty Kitty
10 p.m.
Best day ever!
Completely drained
Focussed kitty
Bird in the hand
Nuts about you
A face made of stone
A face in the night
Puppies play rough
Pink insect
On the rooftop
Shine your light on me
Written in stone
Love me like I'm not made of stone
Roses have thorns
Among the flowers
He made her out of snow
Stars in his hands
Stars on her dress
She made him out of snow
Little green creatures
Off with his head!
Tomorrow you'll find me a grave man
All that glisters is not gold
A man can die but once
The earth has music for those who listen
Eyes, look your last
I see fire
Sleep time
Fantasy Baby
Home is where my friends are
Don't fear the Reaper
Dancing Skeleton
Riding on the Wind
Giant shoes
Magic beam
Run for your life!
First sign of trouble
Rainbow bridge
Taste your shadow
Hold on to your kite
Electric boobs
Paint your brows
Walrus sounds
I'm still dreaming
Prettiest wings on a creature that can't fly
Pangolin love (Google pangolins please!)
Wishing well
Green button
Crazy candy
Tiny creature in a tiny car (or on a tiny bike)
Coming to life
This shouldn't be glued together...
Issues with tissues
The wrong eggs
The wrong chicks
The kettle
Pretty Little Psycho
Hair up!
Confetti rain
Happy egg
Dark night
Something crawling
Ready when you are
Blue in the face
My bad
Hurry it up!
This usually can't be found at the beach
Can't breathe
Butterfly and friend
Mouse and friend
Lion and friend
Whale and friend
You and friend
Emotional Rollercoaster
Cloud Scratcher
Out of sight
Not up your nose!
Many different faces
Rainy days
Colourful leaves
Confused flower
Full of joy
Little puppet
Woman on fire
Love, time and death
My personal angel
Puppies are forever
My snowman and me
Words like butterflies
I love his little pink nose
Time for something new
Bring a friend
After diner
When doves cry
Something strange approaching
Maybe I'm just like my mother
Birthday Boy
Running 'til the sun catches up
Too early for strawberries
Oh, no! Glitter!
Ever since the watermelon...
New shoes!
Will you love me when I'm old and slow..?
My heart is melting
Stairs to the moon
Dancing alone
Not for you
The little spoon
Fancy Fountain
Best friends... or twins?
Lying to herself
Wolfs Head Inn
Sleeping on a flower bed
Waiting for rain...
Bring the pain!
I, Zombie
Cheese, please
Mommy, I can't sleep
Lost in the woods
Silence before the storm
Raining in my heart
Clowns are scary!
Ukulele Girl
Dear old friend
Rainbow beard
Only when it sleeps
Dancing Deity
Crying a waterfall
Make a skeleton cry
Sunflower Dance
I definitely see a shadow
The last snow?
Rainbow warrior
I love winter!
Where are you??
Wishing well
The Reaper
His eyes
Everybody cries
Portrait of your friend
Shiny & New
Green and pleasant land
Sing for me
Blue jeans
Pretty & Purple
Bubbles & Blue
Rocking & Red
Poppies & Pink
Llamas & Lavender
Feathers & Fuchsia
Otters & Orange
Giraffes & Green
Yarn & Yellow
Letters & Lime
Teacups & Teal
Balloons & Black
Ogre & Ochre
Moon & Magenta
Pigeons & Peach
Piglet & Purple
Guitar & Green
Meerkats & Maroon
The Cave
Stuck together
I've had my fun
I crumble
Ways to stay cool
Take my hand
Inner beauty
Eyes telling a story
Dinosaur Dreams
Wings made of words
Cool glasses
Is that a hint?
Fantasy animal in hibernation
Fairies in hibernation
New shoes
Snow Gnome
Selfportrait -- A Decade ending
Selfportrait -- Fantasy
Almost there
Owl really??
A gnome's comfy home
High in the sky
A black ring
Hedgehog in a bag
Mouse in a pocket
Bird on a hat
Snake on a jacket
Badger on a mug
Fox in boots
Owl in socks
Frog on stage
Cow in a tub
Lying in a meadow, surrounded by flowers
Behind the curtain(s)
What's inside your head?
What your desk looks like
Your favourite foreign word: Draw what it means
Creepy egg(s)
We better dance
Top of the rainbow
Big boots
All ears
In the spiders web
Tiny monster (under the bed)
Cheeky chick
No dinosaurs here
Oh my, what a big beak you have!
Don't stand in my way
I slay
Blood on your hands
Tiny voice in your head
Quiet Sunday morning
Thieving Magpie
Laughing Duck
Happiness is a butterfly
A singing ghost
This kiss
(A kid) Practising how to be a monkey
A mushroom house
I don't speak human
Spooky rabbit
Jackalope skeleton
Whale ghost
My puppet won't shut up
...And then I fell
Trick or Thumb
Hairy Halloween
Fear not! I is here!
Hocus pocus focus
Fantasy animal
Gruesome grin
Monster mashed potatoes
The smallest monster
I smell something fishy
It's a trap!
They are among us...
Something behind you
The blood is thick and juicy this year
It's hard wearing a facemask... when you're a ghost
If I pull up my shirt, you can see my ribs, and take out my heart
If you didn't have me, we'd still be looking for your head
Dead man walking
Sky beast
Dinosaur skeleton
Trick or Trump
She lives in daydreams with me
Mushroom house
A tiny monster
Holiday Gnome
Shouting in the void
Dangling from a tree
Sitting on a rooftop
Swinging from a branch
Dreaming on a windowsill

This artist has comments on the following prompts for Sketch Fest #129:

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