Featured Artist: Nicole Cadet

Welcome to Ellen Million Graphic’s Featured Artist of the Week! Each week, we select an EMG artist and share their work and history. We hope you enjoy getting to see incredible artists this way.

This week, we’re proud to spotlight Australian artist Nicole Cadet! Nicole’s been a student of fantasy art since first discovering libraries at a young age. She’s particularly intrigued by medieval and mythical imagery, and that interest weaves through her fantasy art in pomp and pageantry, and the wild or whimsical glory of the fae. You can explore more of her art, find her Etsy shop, and learn about commissioning Nicole at her website: www.nicolecadet.com.

Nicole has contributed art to EMG-Zine, and we’re featuring her “Rose Unicorn” piece today in honor of National Unicorn Day! (This is apparently a thing in the US, and we’re not complaining!) She also has a good array of portraits available for adoption, ranging from Star Wars Jedi to a number of elves and a well-armored fellow. Nicole has also been an enthusiastic participant in Sketch Fests since 2010, leaving many prompts for fellow artists and creating fantastic sketches herself. A couple of her original sketches are even available for purchase at her Sketch Fest gallery.  

We invite you to explore more at her pages over on EMG as linked below:

Nicole’s Sketch Fest page.

Nicole’s Portrait Adoption page.

Here are the illustrations featured above:

Portrait Adoption, available now. 
Earth Goddess,” by Nicole Cadet, original sketch available for purchase.
Another Portrait Adoption, available now and quite popular. 
Queen of Diamonds,” by Nicole Cadet. 
Rose Unicorn” by Nicole Cadet, featured in EMG-Zine: “Unicorns.” (April 2008)

Featured Artist: Casandra Ciocian

Welcome to Ellen Million Graphic’s Featured Artist of the Week! Each week, we select an EMG artist and share their work and history. We hope you enjoy getting to see incredible artists this way.

This week, we turn the spotlight on Casandra Ciocian! Casandra joins us from Cluj Napoca, Romania, where she has worked with digital illustration and animation studio Deveo Media Illustration, providing artwork for children’s book series HUDSON AND ME by Nicola Preskett. Over at her Behance gallery, she features her work in background studies and fantasy illlustration. You can see that at this link.

Casandra has been a prolific portrait artist since 2008, and is responsible for over 100 portraits in EMG’s Portrait Adoption program! Her work spans characters of multiple races and ages and has been very popular, resulting in dozens of portraits placed with players. All of her portraits capture layers in their featured characters, providing adopters with prime story fodder. She’s also joined in on Sketch Fest weekends, and has contributed a coloring book page to Scheherezade’s Shimmy. (We gave away a free sample page from that book earlier this week! Scroll down to see it.)

We invite you to explore more at her pages over on EMG as linked below:

Casandra’s Portrait Adoption gallery.

Casandra’s Sketch Fest gallery.

Coloring books ft. Casandra’s work: Scheherezade’s Shimmy.

The pieces featured above are:
Portrait Adoption, available now. 
second Portrait Adoption, likewise available. 
Heart of Winter.”
Protector of the Secret Garden 
third Portrait Adoption, also available.

Saturday? More like SketcherDay!

We’re over 24 hours in to #EMGSketchFest 106! Have you been by the gallery yet? We’ve got 18 participants so far who’ve contributed over 40 creations to the gallery – including unicorns and mermaids and baby dragons. There’s even sculpture!

Check out our five featured creations below, then hop on over there – and, if you’re not registered, sign up! It’s free, and you can leave prompts for the participants and comment to encourage them. You can even get in on sketching or knitting or crafting or writing yourself.

“Snow Unicorn in Tack” by Ellen Million

First up, we have a sketch from the founder of our Sketch Fest feast, Ellen Million! Drawing on Nicole Madden’s wintry prompt of “Unicorn in a snowy scenery,” Ellen Million said about her ACEO pencil sketch: “Well, I didn’t get the snowy scenery in, but maybe it’s snowing really hard…” You can snap up the original drawing for only $5!

“Batty for You Valentine” by Jill Britt

This sweet little bat was sketched by Jill Britt, inspired by Rosie Wells!

“Kitsune” by Linda Sayegh

Linda Sayegh drew this gorgeous fox – or “Kitsune” – with colored pencils and sharpie paint pen on toned Canson Mi-Tientes acid-free paper. 5×7 inches.

“Two of Hearts” by Maria Gonzalez

Sarah Alden left the prompt “Little Hearts” and Maria Gonzalez spun that seed into this lovely and fanciful 4×6 inches sketch. Titled “Two of Hearts,” this drawing was done in colored pencils on toned paper and the original is available for $18!

“Viola” by Lorna Cowie

Lorna Cowie, inspired by Sarah Alden’s prompt “Violet Flowers,” drew these violet flowers and amethyst crystals in the style of her coloring pages.

Loving these illustrations? Head over to the full gallery and enjoy some more! When you share on social media, make sure to use our official hashtag: #EMGSketchFest.

Stay Up Late & Get Creative!

It’s a Sketch Fest Saturday night, and you know what that means – we’re staying up late and getting creative! We’re over here gossiping away over a bevy of choice prompts – and by gossiping, I mean mulling them over and making art. You’re missing out if you don’t join in. If you don’t feel like creating something yourself, our participants would love comments cheering them on.

Pride of first sketch in #EMGSketchFest 106 goes to Julie Rabischung!

Little Dragonlings of Winter and Spring

Julie gave us this adorable and whimsical pair of dragonlings, one embodying the new life and blooming moments of Spring while the other captures the whimsical and cozy essence of Winter. If this one makes you “aww…!”, don’t sleep on it – the original painting is available for purchase and it’s only $15. 5×7 original ink pen sketch on Bristol.

Check out the rest of the gallery, where you’ll find another two dozen pieces waiting to be discovered. Share your favorites on social media, and be sure to use our hashtag #EMGSketchFest when you do.