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Sketch Fest #129 will run March 26-28! (Today's date: 2021-02-26 22:34:47)

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Work by: ElmaBree

I'm new at fantasy art, but i love it! Oh and my name is MaryElaine. I'm a VERY self-taught artist. I'm also a mother which is my first love. I really enjoy creating art, I'm so blessed to have found it!
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This artist has left the following prompts:

Mary's New Born Son
Hear the Bells
Twisted Christmas
Candy Cane Bandits (these r characters from the book I'm reading to my son)
Queen of the Winter Court
secret staircase
A hungry Fairy
A vintage fairy
A Heavy Metal Punk Fairy
The Bees Knees!
The Green Mill
Tree and Axman
Fairy Homework
You and I, chased by Zombies, but one of us has got to go, and it ain't gonna br me!
Love Ya, but I'm scraficing ya ;]
Lancelot his head held high said "I AM TRIED FOR LOVE!"
King Arther wept as he called the rath of God on the Lovers who had betrayed Him
The Days of Avalon
The Inner Pluse
Easter Bonnet
Tree Dwelers Ice Tea
Tree Dewellers Ice Tea
Elf Hallow Cafe
Whimsical Whirl
Storybook Tree
Fae Whimsical Water Works
Fae Money
Fae Poppin Dots
Hungry little beast child
An Eat Machine
Fairy drinking a slupie!!!
Elf Beer
Mermaid Super Splash slide
God its HOT!
Solar Flares
Captain America minus the costume
A Fairy Wedding Dress
A Fairy enjoying a Slupie
Peacock Ring
Fairy Iron Queen
should have put a ring on it!
Greenman Bobble Head
Angry Birds! (LOL)
Somebody's Watching Me.....
Enough with the WINTER! YUCK!
Where is MY CAR?! (dedicated to Kristin LOL)
Hot Cheetos Pixie!!
Wash the Kitchen floor Fairies
Mummy Goddess
I filled the sugar bowl with ants
I put a tack on teacher's chair
I'm getting nittin for christmas because, I ain't been nuttin but BAD!
The Gothis Christmas Lighted House.
The Elf On The Ipod.....
Princess Pointessta
We Need a Little Christmas
Baby its Cold Outside
Christmas Zombies
A HumBug Tree
Homework Dragons
squelling pig flying down a tight rope crashing (annoying commercial)
Elf with IPAD2
Gold mine Elf
A Cure for Love
The Cone of Shame ( for Ellen)
Lord Sin
Duke of Dare
That Delious Kiss
TheEvil Cat
Dead Meat and Target
Fairy Pickers
Tree Shepherd's Daughter
Mother Tree
Green Earth Magic
Alaskan Guppy
Cyper Guppy
The Huntsman
Snow White
Posioned Apple
What the He$$ r u lookin at!
a kitten who think is a puppy ( got the idea from hubby calls our kitten a puppy)
Surfing Dogs
Ruby Red
The Special Heroes of the Day
Micheal Phelps is a fish....
Gabby is a squirrel with a Gold Meda
Bad Kitty!
Whooo, R U???
I have a headache in my eyeball.
Royal Red
Bombastic Blue
Tell Tale Heart
The Raven
50 Shades of Pink
Corpose Groom
A Blue Moon
Halloween Fairy
Waiting for "The Walking Dead"
iPhone 5 Lover
Are You My Mother? (my boys favorate story)
Emma Swan in a DRESS!
Snow White's Wedding Gown
A Knights Tmpler
a lavender wedding dress
ruffles and lace
Daryl of Walking Dead
taking a human heart
zombies eating BBQ
Black Dhalia
trapped in the snow! oh no!
one litle snowflake
That Evil Elf
something stuck up in the chimmny
old fashion santa
mr. north
the gaurdians of Christmas
Baby its cold outside
The Polar Express
Snowmen Playing at Night
A Griswald Christmas
Home Alone
The Santa Clause
Cherubs in Heaven
Baby its cold outside!
Santa Paws
Santa on a Surf Board
Christmas Mouse
I wear a crystal heart.
Crystal Blue
A crystal tear
A crystal fairy
Snow White's Wedding Gown
Ash Wednesday
Fat Tuesday
Fasting for Lent
The Ghost of a White Rose
Spring Snow
The Flower said: " Why the hell is it Snowing!"
Apple Blossoms
The wonderful smell of Lilacs
A Hevenly Dress
"You had me at Hello"
I have my eye on you
The Winter Fey Prince and The Summer Fey Princess dance.
a female wood elf
Guyliner wearing Hook!
The Shadow
I need new leaves to wear!
a teenage merDude
sun bathing fairies
shoo fly
somewhere beyond the sea
sand dollar
Fresh water pearls
The Dragon Lord
Dragon Lord
ALove By The Sea
My Queen of Dreams
"She walks in beauty, like the night, Of cloudless climes and stary skies, And all the best of dark and bright"
Moonlight Sonnota
King Edward IV
Elizabeth Woodville
Richard III
The Princes in the Tower
5 little owls
5 little ghosts
I know an old lady who sallowed a...(Halloween theme)
A crooked little house
The Four Horsemen
Zombie Fairy
Ghost Cats
Lost Girl
The Hessian
Scary Godmother
Salem Witch Trails
Baby Christmas
Santa Baby
Snow Drop
Christmas Down Under
Eating a Veggiemit sandwich (this for Kat, because I LOVE that song)
The Queen of Winter, OFF WITH HER HEAD!
Peter Rabbit
Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cotton-tail
Tom Kitten
Jemima Puddle-Duck
Something inspirational about cancer
Inspirational on Autism
The Trumpet player
The Evil Queen
The Stepmother
The Mermaid Witch
The Book Thief
"It wasn't always mine"

Picture Rocks
Purple Roses
Deep, Blue
The Cross
White Birch Trees
The Hat
"Hey Now, Your An All Star"
Iron Queen
Zombie Boyfriend
The Children's Tears
In honor of the Starfish
Sorrows of War
Sorrows of The Sea
The Coming
Little Spider Witch
Queen of Clubs
Queen of Spades
Queen of Diamonds
Pumpkin Patch
Sister sister
Halloween House
"We are Young!" "Well Younger!"
The House is ALIVE!
My ZoDEAD Bridegroom
My little Girl's Dead of the Dead
Snoopy and the Red Baron
Marshmallow Moon
My Zombie Bridegroom
My sweet Honey Bee
you are always on my mind
tears in my eyes
the colors of Fall
the howling of the wind
Five Little Ghosts Sitting on a Fence
If I was a flower growing wild and free all I'd wana be is your sweet honey bee!
Snow Bunnies!!!
colorful snow
Christmas Ruby Tears
three Christmas Ghosts
The Greatest Joy
Victim Of Love!!!!
Come and Get Your Love
I'm a Love Machine!
You're the Inspiration!
Stairway To Heaven
Mary, oh what a sweet girl, lips like strawberry pie!
The Birds, the bees and the monkees!
When Love comes knocking at your door!
Time for me to Fly now!
I'm hooked on a feeling!
Ain't no mountain high enough!
Bad Girl's
Mr. Blue Sky
Jungle Love!
Pink Dress
Fantasy Wedding Gown
Whit and Red Rose Dress
Snow Hite and Rose Red
Fairy Water
White Cabbage Rose
Rose Gold
Daryl Dixon
May Day (which happens to be my 50th birthday!)
Queen of May (which is really me)
Beltane ( which I am sure was made for me!)
Earth Day!
Lily of the Valley
Woman in gold
Queen of May
A May Fairy
...and the clock ticks on
Pink Hair
Enchanted Tree
How Can I Keep From Singing
Those Ears!
A Succulent Garden
Flower Cage
Summer Kisses
Sunshine Smile
bare feet
blossoms in her hair
Magic Swan
Magical Koi

Milkweeds and Monarchs
Those Ears!
The Night of the Wild Fairy Dance
Singer in the stream
I am a Rock
The King's Sword
Second star to the right
Fly to your Heart
Love and Hopes and Prayers for our Friends in France
Christmas Decorated Fairy House
Zentangle Christmas
The Prayer
The Christ Child
The North Pole
Yule Time Fairy Parade
Te Unseelie Queen of Winter
Poinsettia Crown
Magical Christmas Castle
There is No Singing at The North Pole!
Candy Cane Forest
Hot Chocolate
Snowflakes on my tongue
Dancing for Degas
Queen of the moths
Ice cream queen
Feathers in her hair
Fish in Space
Turtle Island
Heart made of Stone
Freshwater Mermaid
The Bee Queen
The Lorax
Glamorous Life
Sound of Silence
Dancing Degas
Raseberry Barret
The Sounds of Color
Dancing for Degas
A Lady of Secrets
The Forbidden Queen
Sister Queens
Cinderella's Dress
Midnight Witch
Sliver Spring
The Forever Queen
She's a Wildflower
Shadow of the Crown
Lady of Spring
Mother Nature Awakens
Bay Hearts
Moose Jaw ( this is for Maigan Lynn)
Green eyed lady
Her frozen hear
the look of a Broken Heart
Dish washing fairies
SuperBowel Fairies
Fish Faires
Garbage faires
a Fish out of Water
Fairy Hearts
Lucifer is on Vacation
The Passion of Christ
Lady of the Seas.
queen of the Swamp
Night Lights
Ice Cream Fairy
Primrose Petals
an imp
Season of Love
Love Potions
I can't help falling in love with you.
The Handmaiden Wonders
In the Early Dawn
a bed if roses
Celestial Fairy
Runestone fairy
Witch wind
Witch water
Witch fire
Weaver of Spells
Hawthorne Tree
A fire drake
A Salem Witch
Time spinner
Shakespeare's Witches
My Witches Boots
Holiday Mermaid
Autumn's End
Winter's Beginning
Flowers of the Holy Night
Advent Wreath
Arch Angel Gabreil
Stand together with heard and and love
Standing in heart and hand and love
Gaurdain Angel over Developmental Disorders
The Sadness over comes me
frolicking flamingos
fairies at the beech
Jungle Fairies
I love the whole world, its such an awesome place
lemur eyes
The Passion
Fairy driving test.
There must be something there that wasn't there before
My sweet fat cat
This is my pet
The girl who chased the moon
Garden Spells
Temperament Apple Tree
The Peach Keeper
Sugar Queen
Whimsy Witches

Magical dress
"It begins with the absence and desire'
Blood and fear
It begins with the discovery of witches
Friday Night Lights!!!
Little Darling
Diana, Goddess of the Hunt
The White Stag
The Tree Shepherd’s Daughter
Farewell to Autumn
Harvest Moon
Bare Forest
Majestic Deer
The Last Leaf
The Gales of November
The First Frost
The Watchmaker
Rewrite the Stars
The Brightest Colors Fill My Head
The House We’re Going to Build
The World We Desire
Light It Up
Dancing on Air
The shape of water
Hela the Goddess Of Death
All the colors
My witches third eye
The Aloneness
Spring River Nymph
Snow on Roses
Butterfly Fairy
Dress made of Flowers
Dairy Cream Fairy
A mother’s broken heart 💔
Love Bird and his Goth girlfriend
Girl on fire
Summer Witch
Tree of Life
The Tree Shepherd’s Daughter
Looking Glass Wars
Hot, Hot, Hot!!
Cheerleader and Football player Fairies
Marching Band Elf
AP Witch Student
Goulash Art Student
Ghostly Drama Student
Gnome Computer Student
Five Little Pumpkins
White witch
Practical Magic
Rowan Tree
Garden of Spells
Rihana (from the Fleetwood Mac Song)
Love of my Life
Matthew de Clairmont
Diana Bishop
Jack Frost
Father Christmas
St. Lucia
Snow Queen
Advent Wreath
Matthew Clairmont
A Discovery of Witches
Diana, the Huntress
The Ice Prince
March Hare
Shamrock Dress
Female Superhero
International Women's Day
Joyous Yellow
Fairy Dust
Water sprite
Clap if you believe
You can fly
Spread your wings
Dancing on moonbeams
Find your star
Powerful Magic
Hocus Pocus
Book of Shadows
Rose Gold Hair
Pumpkin Scarecrow
The Witching Hour
Fire Witch
Earth Witch
Water Witch
Wind Witch
White Stag
Potion Making
Birch Trees in the Fall
All Souls Day
Color of the wind
Littlest reindeer
Winter Hat
Evergreen Tree
Get Well, Katerina
Magical cardinal
Blue Bird
Robin in Winter
Blue Jay
Red tipped blackbird
Lily of the Valley
The Secret Door
Four Leaf Cover
Spring fawns
Black-eyed Susans
Snap dragons
Apple Blossoms
The Flower Prom
The All Night Bug Party
Shaw does in the Night
Autumn Crown
Fire in her eyes
Dancing Princess
Water witch
Fire witch
Earth witch
Wind witch
Ice witch
Sunflower witch
Autumn Candle
Autumn Crown
Love, actually
Disney Dinosaur
Spell caster
Haunted House
Snow cone

This artist has comments on the following prompts for Sketch Fest #129:

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