Seven for Sketch Fest Sunday

Our August Sketch Fest has ended, but that doesn’t mean the gallery’s complete! Participants may still upload works to prompts they claimed, so be sure to take some time exploring the full gallery.

To rev up your interest, enjoy these featured illustrations before you head over there.

“Mask” by Rosie Wells

Rosie Wells created “Mask,” a digital sketch worthy of the “Summer Masquerade” of Mayumi Ogihara’s prompt.

“Summer Meets Autumn” by Rowan Lewgalon

Summer Meets Autumn” is Rowan Lewgalon’s finished sketch of an earlier artwork she uploaded, depicting the summer boughs tangling with autumn foliage in a glowing and sun-pierced forest.

“Maned Wolf” by Afke van Herpt

Using Scratch Magic note paper, Afke van Herpt drew the elegant curiosity of a maned wolf in colorful strokes.

Untilted by Kir Talmage

This pencil and watercolor sketch by Kir Talmage is untitled, giving us the mysterious profile of a “wolf princess” (as divined from Julie Rabischung’s prompt). Kir says, “I need to do more warm-up pieces like this. Get past the easy ideas and practice practice practice.”

“Autumn Druid” by Tricia Danby

Drawing on the prompt of the same name left by Rosie Wells, Tricia sketched out and began filling in this “Autumn Druid” beneath a blue sky and standing stones.

“Dark Fae” by Milkycat

Milkycat sketched and inked this summery and mischievous “Dark Fae” (inspired by Julie Cooper’s “Dark Fairy” prompt), and you can snag the original for only $10!

“Gossamer Beauty” by Linzi Fay

Inspired by Tricia Danby’s prompt, Linzi Fay drew this serene and enchanting “Gossamer Beauty.” She’s offering the original graphite, white charcoal, and white paint sketch on tan toned paper for only $18.

That’s it for this evening’s featured illustrations! Click through to the main gallery to do some shopping and leave some comments for our artists. Be sure to come back to the blog tomorrow and discover when September’s Sketch Fest will be held!

Welcome to EMG Sketch Fest #112!

It’s Sketch Fest Saturday, and we hope you’re enjoying a creative weekend! 20 creators have joined us so far, spending one hour on various artistic pursuits then sharing what they’ve made in our gallery.

Time for us to feature a few of these artworks – before you jump over to the full gallery and explore for yourselves.

“Protection Inc” by Ellen Million

Ellen Million, the founder of Sketch Fest, had the first upload this month! In this sketch, she’s roughing in the illustration for a bookplate design for the Protection Inc. book series.

“Enchanted Roses” by Julie Rabischung

When Julie Rabischung saw Natta’s prompt of “Enchanted roses,” she said, “I couldn’t resist this prompt!! Roses are my favorite flowers.” Using watercolors, colored pencils, and white gouache, she created this trio of blooming roses amidst sparkles of magic. You can purchase the original 4″ x 6″ sketch for $18, or snag a print for $7.

“Autumn Colored Mermaid” by Jenny Heidewald

Inspired by Mayumi Ogihara’s prompt of “Autumn Coloured Mermaid,” Jenny Heidewald sketched this mermaid with a starfish in her flowing tresses.

“Pegasus” by Jill Britt

This pretty prancing pegasus is being sketched by Jill Britt, inspired by Linda Sayegh’s “Pegasus flight” prompt.

Letesha Gaither took Afke van Herpt’s prompt of “Eyes telling a story” and drew this evocative eye telling “Aged Stories.”

3 Pumpkin Softies by Amy Sue Stirland

Amy Sue Stirland used her time to create these three lovely pumpkin softies! Inspired by Heather Kilgore’s “Where are my pumpkins?” prompt, Amy said, “I needed new softies in my blue and grey autumn tones. What a great prompt!!”

That’s it on our featured illustrations tonight! Hop on over to Sketch Fest #112 to see more and shop the gallery. And don’t forget to drop by the blog tomorrow for more.