Happy Sketch Fest Weekend!

Happy Sketch Fest Saturday night, everyone! We hope you’ll join us in being creative for the rest of the weekend – enjoy these featured illustrations from the gallery tonight.

"Butterfly Faerie" by Linda Sayegh
“Butterfly Faerie” by Linda Sayegh

Linda Sayegh uploaded the first piece to our gallery this weekend! “Butterfly Faerie” depicts “[a] little Fae sitting among some Butterflies.” This 5″x7″ illustration is done in colored pencils, sharpie paint pen, and white marker on grey Canson Mi-Tientes paper.

"Huginn and Muninn" by Julie Rabischung
“Huginn and Muninn” by Julie Rabischung

Huginn and Muninn” are mythically engaging in ink, markers, and colored pencils on toned paper. Julie Rabischung, inspired by Julie Cooper’s prompt, says, “I couldn’t resist the raven’s call!”

"Lion fish" by Shell
“Lion fish” by Shell

Shell drew this adorable “pokey lion fish swimming in coral,” inspired by Kathy Nutt’s prompt “Aquatic Garden.”

"Veiled" by Amy Sue Stirland
“Veiled” by Amy Sue Stirland

Inspired by Mikka, Amy Sue Stirland painted “Veiled” in gouache on mixed media paper. 5.5″x8.5″.

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