Celebrating EMG Sketch Fest 116

We celebrated the last EMG Sketch Fest of the year this past weekend, with plenty of lovely holiday-inspired illustrations – along with some fiber and light art! Check out these featured illustrations, then take a turn through the full gallery.

“Christmas Unicorn” by Ellen Million

The first illustration submitted to our 116th Sketch Fest is from Ellen Million, founder of our feast: a “Christmas Unicorn” in colored pencils on colored paper. ACEO.

“Yule Wolf” by Julie Rabischung

We have another seasonally-appropriate creature with Julie Rabischung’s “Yule Wolf,” drawn in colored pencils and white gouache on toned 5″ x 7″ paper. You can snag the original for only $18!

Rosie Wells’ “Wee Man” was quite popular! This sketch of a tomte with a “Happy New Year” sign drew quite a few admiring glances.

“Christmas Unicorn” by Linda Sayegh

We have another gorgeous unicorn by Linda Sayegh – her “Christmas Unicorn” is all decked out for Christmas and drawn in colored pencils, Sharpie paint pens, and panpastels on Toned Canson Mi-Tientes 6″ x 8″ paper. The original illustration can be purchased for $50.

“The Cartographer” by Becca Moore

Becca Moore gave us “The Cartographer,” writing “She may map the destination, but in her heart, it’s the journey that keeps her going.” The original drawing in ink and marker on 8.5″ x 11″ cardstock can be picked up for just $35.

That’s it for tonight – head on over to the #EMGSketchFest gallery to leave some comments for our artists and do some shopping. Then come back to the blog tomorrow for additional highlights!

Turn back your clocks and enjoy more Sketch Fest!

It’s Sketch Fest Saturday night – and also time to turn your clocks back if you live in the US! Enjoy an extra hour of creativity this weekend, make some art, and share some comments with all our Sketch Fest participants.

Let’s take a look at some featured illustrations:

“The Little Mouse and Her Toadstool House” by Julie Rabischung

Julie Rabischung submitted the first piece of art this weekend! Her charming illustration of “the little mouse and her toadstool house” was created with colored pencils and ink on 4″x6″ toned paper.

“Christmas Stag Bust” by Tam

Tam is getting into the winter holiday spirit early with this “Christmas Stag Bust,” described as “With candle like horns and a wreath of holly the stag uses the North Star to guide its way.”

“Leaf Fox” by Kathy Nutt

You can just feel the autumn wind this “Leaf Fox” is cavorting in! This illustration by Kathy Nutt is “metallic ink wash over coloured pencil and micron pen.” The colors also match her “Fallen Colours” piece, so those two pieces are now a set.

“Wolf and Dragon” by Julie Cooper

Julie Cooper sketched in the beginning of this matched and curious pair – check back for more work on it tomorrow!

“Crown of Moon and Stars” by Jenna Wing-hu

Crown of Moon and Stars” by Jenna Wing-hu is a “quick sketch on gessoed hardboard with graphite and white colored pencil.” Mysterious and radiant!

Have you enjoyed this preview? Don’t forget to click through to the full Sketch Fest gallery! Enjoy the art, and come back soon.

Autumn thrives at EMG Sketch Fest 114!

This autumn day brought a breath of fresh air and fallen leaves, foxy tea and decorated pumpkins to EMG Sketch Fest #114. I hope you’ve joined us and have been leaving prompts and comments for the artists – if not, there’s still time! Sketch Fest runs through 12 PM AKT tomorrow and it’s free to register on the site.

In the meantime, enjoy these featured illustrations:

“There’s Magic in Her Eyes” by Miss FionaB

Miss FionaB took pride of place with the first illustration in our gallery! This is her second submitted piece – the sketch “There’s Magic in Her Eyes” was inspired by Julie Rabischung’s prompt.

“Autumn Magic” by Jill Britt

Remember that breath of fresh air I mentioned? You can feel it emanating from Jill Britt’s sketch of these playful foxes, full of movement and enjoyment of the autumnal weather.

“Noble Curcubits” by Tallulah Cunningham

This proud and pensive noblewoman is in her element – “Noble Curcubits” by Tallulah Cunningham was inspired by Deborah J. Brannon’s prompt of “The Pumpkin Duchess.” Tallulah wrote, “I do like me some pumpkin based costumery.” As do we! (For those wondering about the title, cucurbits is a name for the gourd family of plants which includes the pumpkin.

“Falling Tea” by Sheryl Abid

Sheryl Abid sketched this gorgeous and intricate stack of tea cups with autumnal motifs against a backdrop of pumpkins and fallen leaves. Who’s ready for an autumn tea party?

“Sabrina’s First Spell” by Katerina Koukiotis

Our last featured illustration comes to us from Katerina Koukiotis and is full of palpable disappointment – inspired by the prompt, “Sabrina’s First Spell,” Katerina wrote, “This is something I’m working on and it fit this prompt very much, when spells don’t always work .”

Those are our featured illustrations for now – head over to the full gallery to explore more and leave our artists some much-deserved comments! Come back to the blog on Monday for more featured illustrations and the announcement of November’s Sketch Fest dates.

Remember, if you share sketches from Sketch Fest on social media, use our official hashtag: #EMGSketchFest.

September Sketch Fest Sunday

Happy Sketch Fest Sunday! We’re welcoming in autumn the best way we know how, by spending a day celebrating with creativity in one-hour sprints.

#EMGSketchFest 113 has ended, but there’s still much to do – enjoy the art, leave comments for the artists, and maybe pick up a print or an original of your favorite pieces.

Let’s do some featured illustrations:

“Season of the Witch” by Linzi Fay

Season of the Witch” by Linzi Fay is her “first witch of the season yay!” You can snag this magical sketch for only $20.

“Luminous” by Maria J. William

This vibrant piece by Maria J. William was inspired by Mayumi Ogihara’s prompt of “Azure Blue and Pumpkin Orange.” You can pick up the original colored pencil sketch of “Luminous” on toned paper for $40.

“The Witch and the Owl” by Jenna Wing-hu

This contemplative witch is judging you! “The Witch and the Owl” by Jenna Wing-hu is on 5″ x 7″ MDF board.

“Hygge in a fairy home” by Katinka Sárvári

You can feel the comfort in Katinka Sárvári’s “Hygge in a fairy home,” which she describes as “Firay mums happiness with their little babies in their lilly of the valley home.” This is Katinka’s first Sketch Fest!

“Starry, starry night” by Rowan Lewgalon

This soft, sweet fox sleeps amidst lovely greenery in Rowan Lewgalon’s “Starry, starry night.” She admits she loved working on this one!

“Acorn Princess” by Milkycat

This curious “Acorn Princess” looks ready for autumn to unfold. You can snag the original 5″ x 7″ illustration by Milkycat for $10.

“Dangerous Beauty” by Kathy Nutt

Feel the fear of this “Dangerous Beauty” coming for you! This rough pencil sketch by Kathy Nutt was inspired by Mayumi Ogihara’s prompt of “Dangerous and beautiful mermaid witch.”

We hope you enjoyed our featured illustrations – explore the full gallery, and keep checking back as artists may still add sketches that were in progress when #EMGSketchFest ended.

Come back tomorrow to discover October’s Sketch Fest dates!

September Sketch Fest Saturday

Welcome to this September’s Sketch Fest Saturday! It’s been a leisurely day full of creativity, evoking the autumnal spirit with hedgehogs and fairies and witches and more. We hope you’ve joined us in either leaving prompts or creating art – or both!

If not, you should definitely check out the #EMGSketchFest gallery – but admire these featured illustrations first.

“Black Cat” by Ellen Million

Ellen uploaded the first sketch to our gallery this month! She drew “Black Cat” as a bookplate sketch for the Zoe Chant Shifting Sands Resort series of books. You can purchase this sketch on the sticker paper bookplate for $10.

“A Prickly Fall Flower” by Hannah Stayton

This is Hannah Stayton’s first Sketch Fest, and she created this completely adorable autumnal hedgehog illustration in “A Prickly Fall Flower.” She describes them as a “Cute little garden buddy to help you clean up the flower beds.”

“A Witch’s Best Friend” by Jill Britt

Jill Britt sketched this provocative and eldritch witch and her tree in “A Witch’s Best Friend.”

“Moon Witch” by Tricia Danby

Tricia Danby created magic in her painting of “Moon Witch,” reveling in the moon’s phases.

“Moonlight” by Madison

Let’s end with another beautiful black cat: as Madison says of her illustration “Moonlight,” it shows “A black cat crowded on to a shelf between some potion bottles and some toadstools, looking out the window at a full moon.” She did this in 22 minutes.

Now, head on over to the gallery and leave some comments for our artists! It’s not too late to sign up and participate on Sunday, either.

Don’t forget to use our official hashtag, #EMGSketchFest, when sharing your thoughts on social media.

Seven for Sketch Fest Sunday

Our August Sketch Fest has ended, but that doesn’t mean the gallery’s complete! Participants may still upload works to prompts they claimed, so be sure to take some time exploring the full gallery.

To rev up your interest, enjoy these featured illustrations before you head over there.

“Mask” by Rosie Wells

Rosie Wells created “Mask,” a digital sketch worthy of the “Summer Masquerade” of Mayumi Ogihara’s prompt.

“Summer Meets Autumn” by Rowan Lewgalon

Summer Meets Autumn” is Rowan Lewgalon’s finished sketch of an earlier artwork she uploaded, depicting the summer boughs tangling with autumn foliage in a glowing and sun-pierced forest.

“Maned Wolf” by Afke van Herpt

Using Scratch Magic note paper, Afke van Herpt drew the elegant curiosity of a maned wolf in colorful strokes.

Untilted by Kir Talmage

This pencil and watercolor sketch by Kir Talmage is untitled, giving us the mysterious profile of a “wolf princess” (as divined from Julie Rabischung’s prompt). Kir says, “I need to do more warm-up pieces like this. Get past the easy ideas and practice practice practice.”

“Autumn Druid” by Tricia Danby

Drawing on the prompt of the same name left by Rosie Wells, Tricia sketched out and began filling in this “Autumn Druid” beneath a blue sky and standing stones.

“Dark Fae” by Milkycat

Milkycat sketched and inked this summery and mischievous “Dark Fae” (inspired by Julie Cooper’s “Dark Fairy” prompt), and you can snag the original for only $10!

“Gossamer Beauty” by Linzi Fay

Inspired by Tricia Danby’s prompt, Linzi Fay drew this serene and enchanting “Gossamer Beauty.” She’s offering the original graphite, white charcoal, and white paint sketch on tan toned paper for only $18.

That’s it for this evening’s featured illustrations! Click through to the main gallery to do some shopping and leave some comments for our artists. Be sure to come back to the blog tomorrow and discover when September’s Sketch Fest will be held!

Welcome to EMG Sketch Fest #112!

It’s Sketch Fest Saturday, and we hope you’re enjoying a creative weekend! 20 creators have joined us so far, spending one hour on various artistic pursuits then sharing what they’ve made in our gallery.

Time for us to feature a few of these artworks – before you jump over to the full gallery and explore for yourselves.

“Protection Inc” by Ellen Million

Ellen Million, the founder of Sketch Fest, had the first upload this month! In this sketch, she’s roughing in the illustration for a bookplate design for the Protection Inc. book series.

“Enchanted Roses” by Julie Rabischung

When Julie Rabischung saw Natta’s prompt of “Enchanted roses,” she said, “I couldn’t resist this prompt!! Roses are my favorite flowers.” Using watercolors, colored pencils, and white gouache, she created this trio of blooming roses amidst sparkles of magic. You can purchase the original 4″ x 6″ sketch for $18, or snag a print for $7.

“Autumn Colored Mermaid” by Jenny Heidewald

Inspired by Mayumi Ogihara’s prompt of “Autumn Coloured Mermaid,” Jenny Heidewald sketched this mermaid with a starfish in her flowing tresses.

“Pegasus” by Jill Britt

This pretty prancing pegasus is being sketched by Jill Britt, inspired by Linda Sayegh’s “Pegasus flight” prompt.

Letesha Gaither took Afke van Herpt’s prompt of “Eyes telling a story” and drew this evocative eye telling “Aged Stories.”

3 Pumpkin Softies by Amy Sue Stirland

Amy Sue Stirland used her time to create these three lovely pumpkin softies! Inspired by Heather Kilgore’s “Where are my pumpkins?” prompt, Amy said, “I needed new softies in my blue and grey autumn tones. What a great prompt!!”

That’s it on our featured illustrations tonight! Hop on over to Sketch Fest #112 to see more and shop the gallery. And don’t forget to drop by the blog tomorrow for more.

We sketched the weekend away!

We celebrated EMG Sketch Fest 110 this past weekend, and all our attendees had a lovely time! There are dozens of sketches and other creations uploaded to the gallery and several items for sale as well.

How about a few highlights?

“Forget Me Not” by Juliana C Velasco

This delicate “Forget Me Not” flower is a rough sketch from Juliana C. Velasco in response to the prompt “May flower.”

“Crowned” by Jill Britt

Jill Britt plucked Mayumi Ogihara’s prompt, “Seashell Crown,” like the loveliest of beach-found treasure, sketching this lovely “Crowned” figure of spindrift and dreams.

“Peony” by Jenna Wing-hu

Peony” by Jenna Wing-hu is an intricately beautiful and delicate sketch of “a beautiful princess with a peony on top of her head.”

“Cthulhu dreaming in R’lyeh” by Kathy Nutt

Kathy played with acrylic paints this Sketch Fest, illustrating “Cthulhu dreaming in R’lyeh.” 12×12 gallery wrapped black canvas.

“King of the Nightmares” by Tesha Gaither

Tesha Gaither created this “King of the Nightmares” illustration – that is both wonderfully creepy and of great composition – in response to douggle’s “King of the monsters.”

Did you enjoy this peek into our latest Sketch Fest? Hit the gallery if you can’t wait to see more – and come back tomorrow to see what we feature then!

Happy Sketch Fest Weekend!

Happy Sketch Fest Saturday night, everyone! We hope you’ll join us in being creative for the rest of the weekend – enjoy these featured illustrations from the gallery tonight.

"Butterfly Faerie" by Linda Sayegh
“Butterfly Faerie” by Linda Sayegh

Linda Sayegh uploaded the first piece to our gallery this weekend! “Butterfly Faerie” depicts “[a] little Fae sitting among some Butterflies.” This 5″x7″ illustration is done in colored pencils, sharpie paint pen, and white marker on grey Canson Mi-Tientes paper.

"Huginn and Muninn" by Julie Rabischung
“Huginn and Muninn” by Julie Rabischung

Huginn and Muninn” are mythically engaging in ink, markers, and colored pencils on toned paper. Julie Rabischung, inspired by Julie Cooper’s prompt, says, “I couldn’t resist the raven’s call!”

"Lion fish" by Shell
“Lion fish” by Shell

Shell drew this adorable “pokey lion fish swimming in coral,” inspired by Kathy Nutt’s prompt “Aquatic Garden.”

"Veiled" by Amy Sue Stirland
“Veiled” by Amy Sue Stirland

Inspired by Mikka, Amy Sue Stirland painted “Veiled” in gouache on mixed media paper. 5.5″x8.5″.

Share your faves on social media, and don’t forget to use our official hashtag #EMGSketchFest.

So Long Sketch Fest Sunday

Are you still up and browsing the Internet? Excellent! Because we’ve got some great art to share with you from #EMGSketchFest 108. Buckle up and keep scrolling – then hop on over to our gallery and go shopping.

Silent Tears by Maria J. William

Maria J. William sketched “Silent Tears” in colored pencils, white charcoal, and white acrylic on toned paper. The 6×8 original is available for just $40 and prints at various sizes are available for $7-$10.

“I Am Ready!” by Katerina Koukiotis

Katerina Koukiotis’ Jon Snow is ready to go – as is she for the last season of Game of Thrones! This pencil sketch is on toned paper and measures 5×7. The original sketch is available for only $35.

April Bullet Journal by Amy Sue Stirland

Amy Sue Stirland shared the watercolor painting for April she did in her bullet journal – so adorable, and evocative of April showers! Watercolor and markers on journal paper.

Ceiling Flowers by Deirdre M. Murphy

Deirdre spent some time this weekend painting a medallion she bought: “It’s not a sketch, exactly, but I was arting with you all and wanted to share.” We’re happy that you did! The delicate colors are lovely.

Capricorn and Fishing Float by Tallulah Cunningham

About “Capricorn and Fishing Float,” Tallulah said, “I think this has been my favourite sketch this sketchfest. Yellow highlighter undersketch (done while I was walking the dog) and the copic and colour pencil worked over the top. The highlighter resists the copic – showing the underlying concept sketch in places.” This sketch is completely wonderful – and you could take the original home for $20.

Don’t forget to visit the full #EMGSketchFest 108 gallery. We’ll be back tomorrow with some final featured illustrations, and to announce the dates for May’s Sketch Fest.