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Work by: Mayumi Ogihara

I’m a fantasy illustrator and colouring page designer from Canada, originally from Japan. If you enjoy my colouring pages, join my Patreon at

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This artist has left the following prompts:

Moonlight Dance
Winged Witch
Midnight Magic
Winter Rose
Mermaid's Wish
Once Upon a Time
The most beautiful fairy wings
Celtic Princess
Moonlight on Snow
sword maiden
magical charachters or creatures
Dazzling Smile
Heart of a Lion
Fur Coat
Sparkling Snow
Evergreen Fairy
Mermaid's Christmas
Mrs. Claus
Shining Star
Flutters of Butterfly Wings
Hellebore (Christmas Rose)
Forbidden Love
Witch's Enchanting Shoes
Crystal Ball
Morgan le Fay
The eyes that are clear as the sea
Antique Doll
Pandra's Box
Hide and Seek
Wish Upon A Star
Mermaid with her little fish friends
Four Leaf Clover
Spring Fairy with Cute Freckles
Wicked Smile
Fairies and their enchanting forest
Mischief Managed
Dance with Butterflies
Liquid Gold
Witch Mermaid
Light and Shadow
Rainbow Colored Dream
A dress made of phoenix feathers
Let your Mind Soar
Sun, Moon and Stars
Mismatched Couple
An Untold Story
Ruby and Sapphire
Sparkling Scales
Once Upon a Time
Happily Ever After
Joan of Arc
Eye of a Dragon
Pretty Tavern Wench
Celtic Myths and Legends
Magical Spirit
Nimue, Lady of the Lake
Dark Moon
Where Rainbow Ends
Jewelled Crown
Glow in the Night
Mermaid's Kiss
Beautiful Creature
A prince rescued by a princess
Madam Butterfly
Ocean's Treasure
Goddess of Light
Goddess of Shadow
Eye Candy
Mermaid that dwells in dark water
Mother Nature
Headpiece of an elven princess
Medieval dress
Dragon's Bride
Elegant Beauty
Armful of Flowers
Angel Whispers
Soft Feathers
Summer Dress
Love Story
Summer of Fantasy World
Wedding of Fairy Prince and Princess
A Moment of Silence
Fly Away
Yin and Yang
Art Nouveau
Tribal Makeup
Mermaid with a Pearl Earring
Unlikely Friends
Beautiful Elf in Silken Robe
Unicorn and Angel
Fairies showing off their beautiful wings
King of Merfolk
Beautifully decorated fan
Dance in Autumn Leaves
The prettiest/cutest night creature
Mermaid's Masquerade Ball
Too cute to be scary
Piercing Grey Eyes
Love Song of Phantom
Morning Star
Luna Moth Fairy and the Moon
Kiss it better
Elegant Black Dress
Mischievous Pixie
Sunset over an autumn forest
Fairy Dust
Elemental Magic
One Thousand and One Nights (Arabian Nights)
Mermaid meets Angel
Ghost lover
Halloween Fantasy Land
Vampire Prince
Venomous beauty
Mermaid's First Snow
Halloween Angel
Whisper in Autumn Mist
Wrapped in So;
Wrapped in Silk
Myths and Legends
Snow Flower
Feather Touch
Cuddling Season
Where sky and ocean meet
Pearl Mermaid
Twinkle Star
Snow Angel
If you were a princess, what would she look like?
Winter Night
Snow Ball Fight
Trapped in Crystal
Jack Frost
Mysterious Princess
Snow Butterfly
Love Potion
You Are My Sunshine
Beautiful gypsy girl
Mermaid and her prince
Angel's Kiss
Enchanted Mirror
Wild Magic
Fairy with rainbow coloured wings
Mermaid with cute freckles
Storm of petals
Celestial Nymphs
Sea Nymphs
Land Nymphs
Wood Nymphs
Underworld Nymphs
Marine Blue
Spring Tea Party
Something that makes you smile
Celtic Knot
Splash of Colour
Songbird and Butterfly
Tulip Fairy
Blown on the Wind
Spring Rain
Eyes that tell thousand stories
Teardrops and Rainbow
The Fragment of a Dream
Hide and Seek
Great Adventure
Dedicate this sketch to someone you care about
Mirror, mirror...
Moon basing mermaid
Cheeky little fairy
Wings of dreams
Stained glass
Flower Tiara
Crescent Moon
Wood nymph plays hide-and-seek with fairies
Moon and Star Crown
Gateway to a Magical Forest
Mysterious Glow in the Deep Sea
Mermaid's Fancy Tail
Embraced by Angel Wings
Is this a dream?
East Meets West
Ordinary Miracle -
Lucky Charm
Little Princess
Mermaid's Dilemma
Ribbons and Pearls
Dramatic Lighting
Fairies' Costume Party
Dragon's Egg
Braided Hair
Wishing Well
As blue as the ocean
Falling from sky
Embrace the night
Rose Garden
Wings of Lace
A very special moment
Butterflies and Flowers
Fairy and Hummingbird
Cute as a button
White Veil
Queen Guinevere
the grass is always greener on the other side
Sun's Ray
Awkward Moment
Tropical Fish
Witch Queen's Wand
Fairy Queen's Elegant Wings
Mermaid Queen's Delicate Headdress
Siren's Promise
Wild Princess
Through Looking Glass
Imaginary Friend
What lurks under your bed
Touch of Autumn
A Magic Feather
Delicate fairy's wings glow in the moonlight
Protector of the Secret Garden
Underwater Forest
Chinese Red Lantern
Storm Within You
Witch in Training
Forest of Dreams
Sparkling Wings
A Small Miracle
Perched on Crescent Moon
Secret Meeting
Innocent Love
Veil of Night
Gathering of Fae Folk
Black Knight
Ancient World
Mysterious fruits on a magical tree
Stardust Collector
Can I have my feather back, please?
You're not camouflaged, by the way...
Beautiful Halloween makeup/face paintiing
My Undead Friends
Head in the Clouds
Sepia Coloured Memory
Masked Hunter
Dancing in the Rain
Timeless Ocean
Swirly Pattern
I can't help it!!
Earth Tones
In Angel's Arms
Sorry to break the news, but...
The City Witch and the Country Witch
When yo mix two potions...
Music Box
Unexpected Gift
Beyond the Horizon
Winter Mermaid
Hot Chocolate and Marshmallow
Belly Dancer
Little fairy sleeping in soft and fluffy bed
Winter is coming
Pinecone Fairy
The brightest star in the sky
Cutest Halloween Costume
Winter's Tale
Silver Fox
Winter fairy's bad hair day
Gift of Giving
Create a sketch with a splash of your favourite colour
Dreamy Night
Winter Bride
Wish List
You are naughty!
Woodland elf in a winter outfit
Mischievous Snow Fairy
Cute elf's magical hat
Steaming mug of hot chocolate
Miracle all around us
The Wildest Dream
Hold me tight
Whispers of Night
Vampire in Love
Animal Spirit
Night and Day
The Sun and The Wind
Jewelled Wings
Spring Flowers
Jekyll and Hyde
"Reading Rainbow" theme song (
Little Fairy's First Flying Lesson
My Best Friend is a Mythical Creature
Make a Wish
Mermaid's Nightmare
Chinese New Year
Roses are blue.. violets are..... red?
Midnight Visitor
Shaman's Necklace
Tickled Pink
Victorian dress
Fairy tale: an alternate ending
An angel with the most beautiful blue eyes
An elven prince with long silver hair
Puppy eyes
Cherry blossoms
High up in the sky
Silver Green
Lost in Fairyland
Innocent Beauty
A cute little mermaid girl
Happy Birthday, Edward!
Crystal Ball
The Mythology of the Constellations
Egyptian Makeup
Forest of Hope
Gypsy Mermaid
The most precious thing in the whole world
Princess Buttercup
Apple Blossom Fairy
The cutest bookworm
I love chocolate!
Pretty in Blue
Sun's Rays
Bluebell Fairy
Chocolate Fairy
A Sweet Moment
Doll Face
Rosy Cheeks
Enchanted Mirror
Queen Bee
Fairy Dream
Pink Parasol
Other side of the door
Hummingbird Dragon
Night Owl
Indigo Fantasy
Long Pretty Hair
Jewelled Dress
King of Spades
Magical Moment
One of a kind
Cute Kitten
Lavender Fairy
Turquoise Mermaid
Golden Angel
Armful of Love
Dragonfly Fairy
Grimm's Fairy Tale
Andersen's Fairy Tale
Aesop's Fable
Sunflowers and Bubbles
Mermaid's Secret
Made of moonlight and stars
Tropical Mermaid
Snow in Summer
The Sun Fairy
The Moon Fairy
Great Adventure
Amazing Underwater World
Merman's Kiss
Fragile as Sea Foam
Black and White
Classic Beauty
Floral Pattern
Sparkling Fairy Dust
Queen of Dragons
Learning a new magic spell
Ghost Moon
Echoes at the bottom of the ocean
Brighter than the Sun
Brown Eyed Girl
Your Wildest Dream
Lovesick Witch
Music Box
Made of Moonlight
Ethereal Mermaid
Winged Witch
In the shadow of the night
The most beautiful vampiress
Arrival of Autumn
Eternal Love
You're My Best Friend
Hocus Pocus
Guardian Angel
A black cat with a witch hat
Autumn Colours
Emerald Green Eyes
Mushrooms and Autumn Leaves
Elven Jewellery
Harvest Moon
Warrior Princess
Jewelled Dagger
Witch's party dress
It's high time for a cup of cocoa
Midnight Magic
Worrior Witch
Eyes of a Vampire
Grim Reaper
Mermaid Ghost
Halloween BJD
Black Knight
The Ghost Queen of a Haunted Castle
Your take on Corpse Bride
Autumn Festival
White Christmas
Gift of Love
Fairy's Winter Dress
Snow Queen
Icicle Crown
Robe of Feathers
Magical Winter Night
Owl Rider
Elven Girl's Fancy Christmas Hairdo
Sparkling Wings
Heart Earrings
Forest of Magical Creatures
Cindy Lou Who
Cute elf with an attitude
Gingerbread House
Poinsettia Fairy
Winter Mermaid
Snowflake Fairy
Goddess of the North
Magical Creature of Winter Wonderland
Use your favourite Christmas Carol or Christmas Movie as an inspiration
Gift of Winter
Mrs. Claus
Christmas Party at Santa's Workshop
Gentle Light of Winter Morning
It Sparkles!!
Fantasy makeup
Kissed by an angel
Bosom Friends
Elegant black lace
Handsome guy with a cute dimple
A mermaid who loves making jewellery
Caribbean Blue
Through the sands of time
I'm eternally yours
What do you see in the mirror
Handful of Petals
Hot and Cold
Midnight Magic of Secret Garden
Time Capsule
Decorated with Pearls and Shells
Dreams come true
Colouring Page
Mermaid with unusual look
Pirate Prince
Sweet Pea Flowers
Wedding Gown
Vampire's Easter Egg Hunt
Golden Wings
Dragon's Egg
Art Nouveau
Beautiful swirly design
Bunny & Eddy (Edward Cammarota)
Fancy Easter Egg Design
Earthy Colours
Easter Mermaid
Your husband/brother/father/or any male figure close to you as a super hero
Crystal Clear Eyes
Pirate's Treasure Map
Moon Dust and Unicorn Tears
Nine Tailed Fox
Dragon Shapeshifter
What's hidden is a treasure chest
Mermaid Hair
Ethereal Ocean
Fairy's Wings Makeover
Cherry Blossom Dream
Pearl Mermaid
Magical Key
The Door of the Secret Garden
Sleeping Fairy
Bouquet of Roses
Splash of Red
Kissable ♡
Pretty Lavender Coloured Dress
Alice in Underwater Land

Butterfly Princess
Snowdrop Fairy
Integrate a word (letters) "LOVE" in your sketch
Rad Race
Your take on Peter Pan and Wendy
Heart-Shaped Balloons
I Love Hot Chocolate!
Soft Fur and Feathres
Steampunk Mermaid
Summer Festival
Dress made of stardust
Sunflower Fairy
Magic is all around you
Butterfly Bouquet
Straw Hat
Pirate Fairy
Tinker Bell
Devilish Charm
Queen of Dragonfly
Secret Message
Crystal Blue
Cradle of Flowers
Monarch Butterfly Fairy
Song of a Siren
Magical Creature's Summer Camp
Adorable Baby Mermaid
The 12 Olympians
Moss Witch
Forest Spirit
Family Crest
Summer Rain
Stars Falling from the Sky
...and he unfurled his mighty wings
Elven armour
Remembering the past
King of Wolves
Queen of Hawks
White Dragon
Mermaid bathed in moonlight
Cradling in your hands
If this is a dream, please don't let me wake up!
Rainbow coloured cat
Your favourite character from a book/movie/TV show
Tooth Fairy
Your worst nightmare
Golden Leaves
Witch and Her Wicked Pet
Dragon's Treasure
Twilight Dream
All Hallow's Eve
Fallen Angel
Winged Witch
Sinfully Sweet
Sparkling Autumn Morning
Covered in Fairy Dust
Dragon Shapeshifter
Love Potion
Witch's Brew Recipe
Backfired Spell
Medusa goes on a blind date
Kiki and Jiji
Witch Princess
Vampire King
Gothic Mermaid
You Take My Breath Away
My Hero ♡
Colouring Page
Prince of Crows
In Between Day and Night
Winter Angel

Sun rays sparkle through frosty air
Santa's Workshop
Colours of Dreams
Ice Dragon
The Grinch
Swirly tattoo design
Lovely Companion
Historical Costume
Hatchling of a magical creature
Snowy Forest
Sparkly Christmas Ornaments
Winter Fairy Queen
Gift of Love
Create your own Christmas card design
Angel with Striking Blue Eyes
The Cutest Snowman
Winter Bride
I'm stuck in the snow globe!!
Penguin wearing a Santa hat
Magic in the Air
Cute Elf with Rosie Cheeks
Arctic Mermaid
Aurora Borealis
Beautiful Queen with her faithful magical creature
Warden of the Wild
Royal Messenger
Winged Warrior
Fairytale Village
Brilliant White Castle
Piercing Amber Eyes
Dragon Knight
The Sword Dance
A Dragon and His Little Fairy Friend
Magical Butterflies
Artificial Intelligence
Steampunk Assassin
Mermaid's Pearls and Golden Scales
Sketch something for Katerina 💖✨
Starry Ocean
Good vs Evil
Sexy mermaid
Wonder Woman
Snuggle Buddy
Colours of Love
Oops! I just drunk a love potion!!
It shines like stars
Ice Flower
Wind Flower
Fire Flower
Water Flower
Spring Forest
Pastel Coloured Beauty
Unicorn and Fairy
Pegasus and Angel
Mischievous mermaid and her tropical fish gang
A gift from a dragon
Princess Warrior
Your favourite Arthurian character
Magpie's treasure
Spring Bouquet
Silky Hair
Indigo Blue
Hyacinth Fairy
Diamond Wings
Night of Magic
Glowing on the ocean floor
Underwater Castle
As light as Feathers
Fantasy Easter Egg
Bird of Prey
Art Nouveau Steampunk
Mermaid Bride
Butterfly Garden
I do believe in fairies! I do, I do!
That's what cats do.
Morning Star
Fairy and butterfly perched on daisy
Stained Glass
Realistic portrait of Princess Zelda
Wild Rose
Inside a Raindrop
Fansy Wings
Art Supply Shopping
Backlighting Effect
What cats do at night
Lavender Mermaid
So fragile...
Wild Imagination
Ferocious Tiny Warrior
A splash of your favourite colour
Elven Prince with Silver Eyes
Aquamarine Dream
Oasis where magical creatures live
One Fine Day
Bubble Fantasy
Summer Zodiac Sign
Night of Summer Garden
Ethereal nymph dancing in the moonlight
Sea Dragon and Mermaid
Turquoise Blue
Star-crossed lovers - The Seelie and The Unseelie
"I should like to give you... a thimble"
Beautiful mermaid from another planet
Meteor Shower
Beautiful Beast
Phoenix's Egg
Mysterious rain forest creature
Fairy Headdress
Mermaid Headdress
Ivy and Baby's-Breath
Deep Ocean Blue
Summer Masquerade
Magical Glow
Elven Amulet
Angel playing in clouds
Dragonfly Fairy
Summer meets Autumn
A dress made of autumn leaves
Sparkles with fairy dust
Magical lanterns
Witch Fairy
Autumn Elf
Autumn Mermaid
A witch and a dragon
A black cat and a pumpkin
Whimsical Jack-O-Lantern
Town Musician of Bremen
Fantasy Skyscape
Fantasy Mountainscape
Fantasy Waterscape
Fantasy Cityscape
The Great Pumpkin
Witch Bride
Bright light in the darkness
A match made in heaven
The most beautiful yet deadly poisonous
Treasure Hunter
Ethereal Owl
Cute little goblin
Mermaid with scales of night shades
Night Ocean
An itsy bitsy spider went up the...
I Spy...
The Last Butterfly
Potion Ingredients
Winter Constellations
Frosty Moon
Snow Pegasus
Snow Leopard
Starry Night Magic
Tender Loving Care
Little and soft
When you opened your eyes you saw...
Ice and Fire
The Chronicles of Narnia inspired sketch
A kitten and a puppy
Touch of Gold
Majestic Ica Dragon
Tough-girl Princess
Snowy Mermaid
Night of Christmas
Fairy Elf
Sparkly Snowflakes
Mischievous Christmas Fairy
Love, Hope, and Peace
Christmas Headpiece
Naughty & Nice
Diamond Dust
Moonlit Snow Castle
Ice Unicorn
Wings of Petals
Spring Masquerade Ball
Nestled in Flowers
Hummingbird Rider
Backlight effect
Mermaid Hair Accessory
Bees and Honey
A tiny secret door
Steampunk Mermaid
Dreaming of flying
Spring Flower Crown
Morning Twilight
Butterfly with wings of lace
Sketch a Disney princess as a warrior
The Moon Meets The Sun
Wild Hunter
Tender Love
The most unexpected moments
"Magic is all around, you just have to believe."
Daffodils and a fairy
Tinker Bell all grown up
It's hidden in the most unlikely place
Grim Reaper in love
Beautiful and Eerie
Mermaid dress decorated with the most beautiful mermaid scales
Prince of Merfolk
Rococo Mermaid
Fox Pearl
Peacock Queen
Your favourite era
Mermaid's Secret
Peony Fairy
Red Spider Lily Fairy
Nightmare caught in a dreamcatcher
Seashell Earrings
Ocean Flower
Wind Flower
Fire Flower
Mermaid wearing historical Asian jewellery and/or costume
King and/or Queen of High Elf
Fairy in Asian costume
White Nine-Tailed Fox
Anatomy study sketch
Mask with elegant and intricate design
Unicorn of Light
Unicorn of Shadows
Portrait of a Beauty
Sword and Flower
Goddess standing in a storm of petals
Born of Magic
Cute lavender fairy with lavender-flower-antennas
Charmed Forest
A male character with long hair
When our eyes met, time stopped...
Glass Wings
Spirit of Phoenix
Golden Butterfly
Steampunk Cat
Woman with cat's eyes
Morgan le Fay
Sparkles like diamonds
Keeper of Secrets
Dark Moon
Mermaid and Unicorn
Victorian Steampunk
Wandering Minstrel
Beautiful Ghost
Luna Moth Fairy
Fallen Angel
Fire Fairy
Water Fairy
Forest Fairy
Ice Fairy
Arrival of Autumn
Autumn Butterfly
Serpent Queen
Turn one of your art supplies into a magical item
Blood Red
Mermaid with autumn-coloured sparkly scales
Witch's unusual pet
The Last Mermaid
Sea Witch
All Hallows Eve
Oops, I didn't meant to put hex on you!
Autumn Bride
The first day of magical school
Charmed Necklace
The Book of Spells
Fantasy Cityscape
Fantasy Moonscape
Ghost Mermaid
Haunted Tree
Pumpkin Fairy
Ethereal beauty of a vampire
The window to the soul
Witches' Flying Lesson
Dragon Berry
Whisper Blossom
The thing I captured at night
Magical night sky
Lunimous being
Autumn meets Winter
Snow Blossoms
Bouquet of Hearts
Inspired by a love song
Gothic Valentines
Aphrodite and her lover
Chinese New Year
A Stolen Kiss
That's a cute hatchling... but WHAT is it???
Love potion in a beautiful bottle
Moon Rose
A mysterious creature that lives in an ancient ruin
Cute and Sexy
Evening Star
Art Nouveau Mermaid
Emperor of the Sun
Empress of the Moon
Ocean Angel
The Monkey King
Flower Dragon
Resting Her Wings
Crown of Flowers and Pearls
Keeper of the Ocean
Floral Tattoo
Azure Eyes
Steampunk Hummingbird
Cherry Blossoms and Butterflies
Coral Mermaid
Rococo Fairy
Midnight Blue Wings
Peacock Dress
Shimmering Beauty
Exotic Smokey Eyes
Haku Lei
Tears of a Unicorn
Dragon Hunter
Peony Princess
A figment of imagination
Beautiful Belly Dancer
Studio Ghibli inspired sketch
Retro Fashion
Sword and Shield
Foxglove Fairy
Seashell Crown
Moon Fox
Pearl Fairy
Petals of Fire Flower
Water Lily Goddess
Butterfly Garden
Ocean Stars
Magical Underwater Creature
Cute Nerdy Fairy
The most unusual mermaid
Her hair blowing gently in the breeze...
What's in that box?
Jewelled Dragon
Gothic Elf
Flowers glowing in the dark
Romantic Goth
Autumn Coloured Mermaid
Summer Meets Autumn
Starry Night
Believe in Magic
Summer Masquerade
Guardian of the Ancient Tree
Spirit of Wild Animals
In the depth of the forbidden forest
Dragonfly Fairy
Elven Warrior Princess
Bejewelled with Sapphier
Historical Fantasy Costume
Joan of Arc
Gypsy Dancer
Elixir of Immortality
Ghost Butterfly
Goddess of Autumn
Are you ready for Inktober?
Mermaid Warrior
Fairy Tale PRINCE
Azure Blue and Pumpkin Orange
Dress made of autumn leaves and berries
Starry Night Dream
Henna design
Dragon Hatchling
Witch's elegant dress robe
Dangerous and beautiful mermaid witch
Spider Lily Fae
Crown of Asters and Autumn Leaves
Witch Queen
Warlock King
Haunted Forest
When the Clock Strikes Twelve
Masked Warrior
Under the Harvest Moon
Spider Silk Dress
Black and Orange
Nightmare in a Bottle
Sugar Skull Makeup
A Secret Message
Autumn Clown
Wrapped in a warm blanket
Guardian of the Shadows
Guardian of the Light
Moon Bathing
Little Princess and a Teddy Bear
Glass Wings
Spirit of Winter Wonderland
Camellia in Her Hair
Ice Flower
Waiting for Spring
A magical flower blooming in snow
The Witcher
Purple eyes and blue eyeshadow
Floral colouring page
Witch of the Light
Witch of the Darkness
Princess of Dragons
Shimmering Gold
Venus meets the Moon
Wings of a Magical Creature
Spring Rain
Your own wonderland
Soft as feathers, warm as spring breeze
Dreamy Ethereal Dress
Starry Crown
Dragon Fairy
You are perfectly imperfect
Whisper of Spring
Gothic Mermaid Queen
Lantern Festival
Flower Festival
Celestial Mermaid
Pretty Seashell
Something Blue
I spy...
Treasure Chest
My pet bumblebee
Snail Rider
Design a book cover of your favourite story (no fan art please!)
Oriental Fairy
Queen of Peacocks
Flower Mermaid
Polka dot
Wild Hourse
Wild horse
Cute bunny with dandelion
Magnificent Pearl Crown
Tears of a Mermaid
On the wings of a butterfly
Winged Unicorn
The world beneath the ocean's surface
Black Unicorn
Gathering Pearls
War Unicorn
Imaginary Friend
Celtic Warrior
Family Crest
Tough Princess
Fish swimming in the sky
Born of Water
Born of Fire
Floral Delight
Monarch Butterfly Queen
Summer King
Magical Firefly Garden
When Night Meets Day
Fantasy Face Painting
The Siren's Song
Summer Witch
Playful Fairy
The most fragile
Strangely Beautiful
Wild Butterfly
The Milky Way
Elemental Dragons
Floral Head Wreath
Seashell Necklace
Secret of the Ocean
Mysterious Night-Blooming Flower
Summer Night Masquerade Ball
Flower Dragon
Magnificent Creature
Beautiful and Powerful
Happily Ever After
Flower Lantern
The Nine-Tailed Fox
Galaxy Hair
Northern Lights Mermaid
Spooky pumpkin carriage
Fairy tale princess on Halloween night
Gothic princess
A fairy with autumn coloured hair and sparkly wings
The bearer of light
Steampunk Halloween
The most beautiful animal
Winter's Gift
Winter Masquerade Ball
Autumn Feathers
Braided Hair
Viking Princess
Autumn Garden Fairy
Lovely black Cat
The Raven Rider
Witch's black dress with lace and feathers
Book of Magic Spells
Playful Pixie
Flamboyant Fairy
Elegant Elf
Mysterious Mermaid
Wicked Witch
Elegant lady hat for Christmas
Gingerbread fairy house
Cute elf with sparkly cheeks
Ice Flower
Birth Stones
Golden Crown
Warm and Cozy
Snow Dance
The Lady of the White Castle
Northern Lights Magic
Snowflake on her nose
Cardinal and Holly
Snow Owl and Poinsettia
The Cat in the Santa Hat
Snowy Dragon
Sun Rays in Winter Forest
Winter Constellation
Snow Bird
Frost Fairy
Winter Angel
Ice Flower
Starlight Festival
White King / Queen
Beautiful Christmas Ornament
Cutest Santa's Helper
Naughty and Nice List
Winter Elven Princess
Ice Goddess
Magic of Winter Wonderland
Sunshine smile
Love is in the air
High Tea
You favourite hero / heroine
Handsome goblin
Helleborus Fae
Beautiful fairy wings
Firece fairy warrior
Woodland fairy
Flower fairy
Water fairy
Magical elven dress
Cute fairy hairstyle
Exquisite mermaid jewellery

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