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Sketch Fest #129 will run March 26-28! (Today's date: 2021-03-05 15:02:23)

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Work by: Kathy Nutt

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This artist has left the following prompts:

the silliest thing that scares you
your favourite mask
self portrait as an animal
What colour is my aura?
My family comes from royal blood
Death of Winter
A Chimera of another colour
Sky Deity
Midsummer dreams
your favourite dinosaur
scarred beauty
She loves the way Puccini lays down a tune
Seeds of the new moon
invisible dragon realizes it's been seen!
kittens with mittens
Spring Dryad
your Totem
The Magic the Gathering Card you wish existed
What my spirit guide told me
Yourself as a Dungeons and Dragons character
Baby Zebra
Ranting and Raven
Angry Ogre chasing Fairies
Musical Fairy Band
Faerie Orbs
snake familiar
american dipper bird
tiny spider
self portrait as a Playing Card
self portrait as a Tarot Card
Spirit Horse
Spirit Dragon
Spirit Deer
octopus making origami
Winter is still here.
Year of the
Colourful Clouds
Wild Cat
Shadow Journey
The Happiest Blues
Joy to the Moon
Things are Hatching like Crazy!
she only "looks" like a cat
dipping foot in the cool water
Are there Fairies in Texas?
New Moon Gifts
secret identity revealed
Maple Leaf in Texas
Where's the snow?
Is it the year of the goat or year of the sheep?
This black cat has secret stripes
Arctic Mermaid
Yule Greenman
night song
senior citizen hero
all the cat is, is eyes
Too many Butterflies
breath of spring
the zombies are thawing
Acorn Princess
What is this love thing you speak of?
Monster Valentine
Fire Monkey
Candle lantern
Dragonfly hybrid
How you doing Kitty Cat?
hot mess
The crows have it
Serephim sans serif
One continuous line
Coloured lines
Animal line
This kitty doesn't purr...
Angelic Weather
A kinder gentler tornado
Eclipse of the Moon
Enter the Kitty!
Natural Workplace
proud mysterious cat
putting out fire
for decorative purposes only
steaming bowl of magic
Winter Holiday in the Seelie Court
Winter Holiday in the UnSeelie Court
Enter the Snow Man
Not that Kind of Angel
broom needs more power
cephalopod dreams
learning to breathe fire
twinkle in the eyes
Deserving of a Curse
My Little Chimera
Swirling Light
Late Bloomer
Luck Symbol Animal
Get back to work Broom!
What is the gargoyle afraid of?
Living Fossil
Science vs Magic
Still Life vs Real Life
design your own Magic the Gathering card
new growth
Fairy boat
Who are we going to get next?
Bee Being
fossil of a mythical creature
Living Fossil
message in the bones and rock
The incoming storm looks like a dragon
Mezmer Eyes
cicada fairy
New Moon on Sunday
Telling a secret without words
Summer King
Wings on High
The rains that save the forest
Just a little bit creepy
Visitation of the Others
Necromancer Dancer
The moon is a musical instrument
Cephalopod Inker
Dark Eyes
Stormy Skies
Crow Royalty
Key to an unknown lock
She keeps her halo hidden well.
Crystal Cave of Hidden Lights
Silhouette on the Moon
All Inclusive Holiday Celebration
Etherial Growth
Rise to the Challenge
Alien Aurora
Tentacle Heart
Thing that Man should not know, but it wants to know you
New Moon Saint Patricks
Guardian of the Clan
Tribal Gardian
spectrum of growth
We’re your friend ‘til the bitter end
New Moon Magic
Jimmy Hen Party
Deep Sea Fishing
Sailing on a Cloud
Weather Shaman
Guardian of the Water Clan
Water Wind Weather
scientific botanical illustration of a fantasy plant
scientific zoological illustration of a fantasy creature
Seelie Court high festival time
kitten dreams
Moon Garden
Harvest Celebration
Blessed Rains
Smoke Demons
Bird of Paradise
Bird of Armageddon
Bird of Happiness
Bird of Sorrow
something Unseelie this way comes
Dark of the moon creature
Out from under the Rock
When the cold wind considers blowing.
What the cat sees
Saint of Fallen Leaves
The Unseelie Court is now in Session
Late season blossom
We celebrate the light in the darkest time of year
Frosty New Moon
La Befana
Soloist Angel on High
the Metaphysical store is not there
Black cat
Tiefling Paladin
Where is my mind?
Salmon of Wisdom
Storm Season
A mystery seed blooms
New moon magic
Black Cat Grey Cat
Deep Blue Merfolk
Aquatic Garden
Heavenly Deep
The cat has other plans for my time
Basket Case
Page from a magibotanist's field guide
magical virus cell structure
Quantum field of Unicorns
Things I’ve found in the garden
Oak in the Garden
Sky Dance
Ancient Eyes
What you see in the Clouds
new house new home
eyes of fire
Wings of Wind
Friendly river bear causing havoc
Super Hero Squirrel
Scary Make-up
Call of the Banshee
The Keening Woman
Sacred Geometry
Non Euclidean Geometry
La Befana
Sunset in Winter
The Old Oak
Out of Place, Out of Time
Stars aligned
Magical Herb Garden
Most unusual bouquet
Glitter scares demons
Butterfly Gardener
Shield Mandala
Protection Spell
Saint George and the Dragon
Hollow Heart
Curls of Cats
Junk to you, Treasure to me
Our Lady of the Creepy Crawlies
A new celestial object unexplained by known physics
Dance party in Radiology
Fear in the Deep
Your favourite person
Your favourite animal
A thing man was not meant to know.
befriending the Gorgon
Samhain's Moon
A new kind of Bus
The Healed Heart
When Stars Align
Elemental Dragon
Planetary Dance
FeyTech’s company logo
Corvid Cacophony
When colours collide.
Self portrait as a fantasy being.
bird of a different feather
horse of more than one colour
the rare many tailed particolored......
my energy field
if I lived where the last tv show I watched was
Tea time at the end of time
Year of the Metal Ox
Dragon of Compassion
Karma Eater
The strength of long hair
What I saw in the garden
we meet again
cosmic phoenix
Dream message

This artist has comments on the following prompts for Sketch Fest #129:

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