Featured Artist: Tiffany Toland-Scott

Welcome to Ellen Million Graphic’s Featured Artist of the Week! Each week, we select an EMG artist and share their work and history. We hope you enjoy getting to see incredible artists this way.

“Sand Witch”

This week, we’re spotlighting Tiffany Toland-Scott! Hailing from the Cascade foothills, she’s been a full-time artist since she was 17 and sold out her first art show. She’s been inspired by the mythic from childhood, and counts American folklore, Southern Gothic media, and Victorian cemeteries among her inspirations. Her work has been featured and published all over the world, and you can explore art both haunting and beautiful at her website at www.epiphany.gallery.

“Wreath of Moths and Butterflies”

Tiffany’s been a Portrait Adoption contributor since 2008, contributing popular figures that appear caught mid-movement. She’s also been a dedicated contributor to Sketch Fest since 2010, crafting remarkable sketches in the single hour allowed and then adding finished paintings later – you simply must wander through her Sketch Fest gallery!

There are two Portrait Adoption pieces included in her featured illustrations, and we invite you to explore more at her pages over on EMG as linked below.

“Lost Books”








Tiffany’s Portrait Adoption gallery.

Tiffany’s Sketch Fest gallery.

The pieces featured above are:

Sand Witch.
Wreath of Moths and Butterflies.
Lost Books.
Portrait Adoption, with some customization available.
Another Portrait Adoption, with some limited customization available.