Welcome to Your #EMGSketchFest Saturday Afternoon!

It’s Saturday afternoon, y’all, and you know what that means – it’s another Sketch Fest Saturday! We’ve been having a grand time over in the Sketch Fest gallery, with folks sharing a belly-baring earthdrragon, unicorns galore, sexy ladies, a sleeping moon princess, and even a hippocampicorn! Don’t believe me? Take a look at the featured illustrations below and then dive in to Sketch Fest #99!

“Sun Queen” by RCoots

This is RCoots’ first Sketch Fest, and they submitted this exciting and promising sketch. Here’s what they said about “Sun Queen“: “Thought more about the sun as stars than our sun in particular. When I give this shade and color, she’ll have dark skin with stars scattered over her shoulders and solar flares as her ‘clothing’. She’s holding stars in each of the major color/temp classifications over her head.”

“sun fae” by Julie Rabischung

From Julie Rabischung: “To celebrate the opening of Sketchfest and yesterday’s Summer solstice/ First day of summer ! Thank you Heather for the lovely prompt.” Julie’s sun fae is resplendent in colored pencils, markers and ink gel pens on 4×6 bristol. The original sketch is available for only $12!

“Queen of Bees” by Kathy Nutt

Kathy Nutt’s first sketch this weekend is of a “Queen of Bees” from Julie Rabischung’s prompt, a gorgeous and sweet beginning of royal flora and fauna. This is a WIP and she uploaded a high contrast digital copy of her pencil sketch.

“Unifun Girl” by Elisa Ferguson

Unicorn girls just want to have fun, and this rainbow unicorn girl doubly so! Or, as artist Elisa Ferguson put it, “Some girls are out for fun, this girl is out for tons of it. Unicorns make everything magical.” She’s not wrong!

“Pearls and Amethyst” by ElmaBree

ElmaBree drew this quick little gem inspired by Julie Rabischung’s prompt “Pearls and Amethyst.”

That’s it for now, and we hope you enjoyed these featured illustrations! Tell the artists what you think and head on over to the Sketch Fest #99 gallery to comment on their artwork. You can also register to suggest some prompts of your own, or even get creative with us!

Just remember: when talking about Sketch Fest on social media this weekend, make sure you use our official hashtag of #EMGSketchFest! And click back to our blog later to enjoy some more featured illustrations.

Counting Down This Sketch Fest Sunday

#EMGSketchFest 98 will soon come to an end, but that’s no reason to cut short your creative jam! Come on by, claim a prompt, and upload your creation once an hour’s up. It’s perfectly allowed.

Let’s do a few featured illustrations to inspire you!

Oceanid by Mayumi Ogihara

Mayumi Ogihara drew this “Oceanid” with her pensive eyes and expression nearly yearning. Col-Erase brown, white charcoal, and acrylic on 5″ x 7″ toned paper. You can purchase the original sketch for $27.

Vampire Doll by Amy Sue Stirland

Sketch Fest is for all types of creations – artwork, jewelry, sculpture, and even dolls! Amy Sue Stirland started work on this charmingly excited vampire doll: “18” bendable muslin doll. I didn’t get as far as I wanted to in the hour and I might have gone over. Those darn ears. Still to come. Dapper outfit and a flow-y cape.”

Angler Fish Mermaid by Kathy Nutt

We love this weird, disturbing “Angler Fish Mermaid“! Inspired by PeggyB, Kathy Nutt drew this in Micron pen.

Snoozing Cheetah by Afke van Herpt

This happily “Snoozing Cheetah” was drawn by Afke van Herpt in white and black ink on 2.5″ x 3.5″ colored card. You can pick up the original for $17!

Before Monsoon by Maria J. William

Inspired by Mayumi Ogihara’s “Mermaid wearing historical Asian jewelry” prompt, Maria J. William drew “Before Monsoon” in colored pencil, white charcoal, and white acrylic on 6″ x 8″ toned paper. You can purchase prints or even the original – starting at $7 and going up to $40 for the colored pencil drawing.

Are you inspired? Click over to the gallery to discover more, and contribute something yourself! If you don’t feel like creating, leave comments to cheer on our participants.

Don’t forget to check back on our blog tomorrow – we’ll have one last #EMGSketchFest 98 post and announce next month’s Sketch Fest dates!

Welcome to EMGSketchFest 94 Sunday!

Have you been following Sketch Fest 94? There’s been some gorgeous work added to the gallery, spanning topics as diverse as fluffy dragons, ice princesses, and abstract concepts. There’s even a dragon made of pipe cleaners!

Let’s jump into some featured illustrations:

“Golden Light and Trees” by Ellen Million

Ellen Million’s first addition to this Sketch Fest is this ACEO art card, colored pencil on tinted paper, capturing that gorgeous feeling of golden light filtering through tree branches. $15 for the original!


“Fluffy” by Unky Lastrange

Unky Lastrange took Erich Heidewald’s prompt of “fluff dragon” and turned it into this floating bit of adorability: “Fluffy,” a graphite sketch.

“Lonely Egret” by Renee Erickson

Renee Erickson painted this beautiful and lonesome egret, prompted by our resident bird-guy Peter C.M. van Herpt. She’s offering the original 11″ x 14″ oil on canvas painting for $150!

“Arctic Flames” by Peter C.M. van Herpt

Peter himself has run hot and cold in his illustrations for Sketch Fest 94 – with perhaps both qualities being reflected here in “Arctic Flames“! Carré pastel on Mi-Teintes.

“Ice Unicorn” by Kathy Nutt

Our last featured illustration for now is “Ice Unicorn” by Kathy Nutt! Inspired by Mayumi Ogihara’s prompt, Kathy spent less than an hour sketching this beauty in faint pencil. She darkened it a bit in GIMP so she wouldn’t end up with a partial inked sketch when the first hour’s time was up.

There’s still an hour left in #EMGSketchFest 94! Hop on over to the gallery to marvel and shop!

Sketch Festing the Night Away

Are you a fan of spooky fun? You have got to check out #EMGSketchFest 92! I’m serious – since it’s October, we have a ton of fun and spooky creations in the gallery. You can even pick up prints or original art of fantastic witches, ethereal owls, or even a gothic mermaid!

Okay, enough chatter. Let’s skip to the featured illustrations for the evening!

“Cute Ghost” by Nicole Madden

Nicole Madden brings us this ghostly cutie based on Sarah Alden’s “cute ghost” prompt. The bow-wearing ghosties are adorable, and we love the stripes and stitched-mouth look on her main figure!

“Colourful Leaves” by Peter C.M. Van Herpt

Peter captured the taste of autumn with this gorgeous pile of autumn leaves – look at the depth, and the richness of the colors! Derwent Colour Soft on Mi-Teintes.

“New Moon Unicorn” by Kathy Nutt

Kathy Nutt’s “New Moon Unicorn” is a celebration of stylized lines and wild beauty. All captured by Micron pen! An inspired interpretation of Beth “Boo” Moore’s “Dark Unicorn” prompt.

“Bewitching” by Maria J. William

We opened with a ghost; how can we not close with a witch? Maria J. William drew this bewitching beauty with colored pencils and white charcoal on toned paper. The original and prints are available!

We’re signing off for the night, but feel free to keep rocking #EMGSketchFest by visiting the gallery and even creating! (Don’t forget to use our official hashtag, #EMGSketchFest when posting to social media.)

Welcome to Sketch Fest Saturday 92!

Have you been enjoying your Saturday afternoon? We have! There are some spectacularly creative pieces in the #EMGSketchFest 92 gallery that you’re really missing out on if you haven’t been participating.

You don’t have to create anything to join in Sketch Fest – you can just turn up to admire the gallery and share your thoughts on social media! (Use our official hashtag, #EMGSketchFest, if you do.) And if you do create, it doesn’t have to be paintings or sketches – you can do sculpting, knitting, crochet, jewelry-making, whatever you’d like!

Let’s feature some illustrations to get you stoked and clicking through to the full shebang:

“Look at My Mushrooms!” by Shelley M. Walker

Shelley M. Walker shared a fairy with fetching mushroom, flower, and grass foliage atop its adorable head. “Look at my mushrooms!” they cry. How can we not?

“The Queen of the Night” by Mayumi Ogihara

The Queen of the Night” and her compelling gaze is depicted courtesy of Mayumi Ogihara’s talent and Kathy Nutt’s “Crow Royalty” prompt! This work-in-progress is also up for grabs – Mayumi will be selling the original sketch for $27! 5×7-inch graphite sketch on Bristol.

“Crow Royalty” by Katerina Koukiotis

Speaking of “Crow Royalty,” Katerina Koukiotis brought us a chibi Jon Snow with tiny Ghost! He may know nothing, but we know he’s the most adorable Crow. 5×7-inch ink sketch.

“Ethereal Barn Owl” by Renee Erickson

You can almost feel the wind coming off of Renee Erickson’s “Ethereal Barn Owl“! Renee was inspired by Mayumi Ogihara’s prompt “Ethereal Owl”: “As soon as I read this prompt, the image of a barn owl with the back light filtering through it’s feathers came to mind. Thank you for the prompt Mayumi, I had fun painting this.” The original 12×16-inch oil on canvas may be available for purchase later, so check back!

“Black Unicorn Under a White Full Moon” by Amy Sue Stirland

Our last featured illustration for now is “Black Unicorn Under a White Full Moon” by Amy Sue Stirland! Amy’s notes read: “Doesn’t he look just majestic on that rise?!?” Yes. Yes, he does. “I was thinking of making him darker then realized that I liked being able to see his details. I might make an ACEO that has a full silhouette.” This 5×7-inch black and white pen inks and washes on tinted art paper can be purchased for $17!

We hope you enjoyed this little taste of #EMGSketchFest 92 – now get yourself to the full gallery and discover vampires, goblins, and foxes!

Night Owls, Let Me Sing You A Song

Good evening, all you night owls! Late, late evening, I know. It’s been a productive and creative day in the EMG Sketch Fest 91 gallery!

Let’s get right to the featured illustrations:

A rocking horse (Appaloosa) facing toward the viewer's left, with a teddy bear in a cowboy hat and neckerchief sitting astride it and holding the reins. Pencil sketch.
“In the Saddle” by Sally Gilroy

Sally Gilroy took Ellen Million’s “back in the saddle” prompt and turned it into this perfect children’s book-esque illustration. Now it just needs the storybook that frames this Cowboy Teddy’s moonlight ride on his trusty Appaloosa Rocking Horse!

A pencil sketch of a jack o'lantern. The pumpkin faces the viewer, though its eyes appear to look to the viewer's left. The jack o'lantern is wearing a witch's hat with the pointed tip curling to the viewer's right. The pumpkin also features a leafy vine curling to the viewer's left.
“Whimsical Jack o Lantern” by Cindy Hill

Another entry on the autumnal theme! Cindy Hill has sketched an adorably be-hatted jack o’lantern with just a hint of the zany.

A Photoshopped collage - a brunette with free flowing hair is walking through a forest clearing toward the viewer, with one foot forward. She looks to the viewer's left, and her left hand reaches out to almost cup the chin of a unicorn trailing behind her. The woman is wearing a flowing and silken purple garment. The forest floor is verdant; light slopes through the thin trees in the background.
“Maiden with the Flowing Hair” by Llynara

Welcome to Llynara! This is her first Sketch Fest, and she’s shared a stunning and enchanting scene that she developed in DAZ 3D and refined in Photoshop.

A slender fairy woman poofs her tangled and leaf-strewn hair with one hand while her other hand curls back to touch her bare shoulder. Her fitted gown is made of autumnal leaves and accented with berries. The fairy has moth-like wings, four lobes relaxed in partial extension around her. Mushrooms litter the suggestion of ground about her gown-hidden feet. Ink sketch in progress.
“Lady of the Autumn Forest” by Mitzi Sato-Wiuff

Mitzi Sato-Wiuff has delivered autumnal royalty with her “Lady of the Autumn Forest” work-in-progress! If you’re interested in purchasing the original, contact her! She may or may not be adding color.

A set of branches curves in an backwards E shape, supporting a magpie on the lowest branch. The magpie's back is to the viewer, and it looks over its shoulder to the viewer's left. The magpie holds a small key in its beak. 11 keys of various ornateness and sizes dangle from ribbon and chains and rings from various branches. Ink drawing.
“Collector of Keys” of Kathy Nutt

This magpie just really gets what Sketch Fest is all about – a collection of shinies in all different shapes and sizes! Thanks for summing up this festival of creativity so eloquently, Kathy Nutt!

We’re off to bed, perchance to dream – of more art tomorrow!

Fairies, beasts, and witches, oh my!

It’s the August Sketch Fest Saturday, and we’re here to share some of the marvelous art that’s been posted to the #EMGSketchFest gallery since it began yesterday. Have you been visiting, prompting, admiring, creating? If the answer is no, let me tempt you!

A colorful illustration of a diminutive, skinny humanoid being with a mushroom cap for a hat and a bindle over their shoulder, walking to the left through sparse grass.
“The Lonely Mr. Shroom” by Julie Rabischung

Julie Rabischung drew the charming Mr. Shroom, about which she says: “Meet the grumpy and lonely Mr Shroom! I had so much fun drawing him!! He definitely needs more work but I might draw him again and invent him some adventures… ” The original drawing is colored pencils and ink on a 4″ x 6″ piece of Bristol, and is available for $12.

A barrel-chested antelope walks to the right. Its mane and tail are flowering branches, and the sun burns in the distance beyond the antelope's head making a sort of halo. Decorative lines and whorls adorn the antelope's back.
“Beautiful Beast” by Kathy Nutt

Kathy Nutt sketched this fantastic fellow – or, as she put it, a “[m]agical antelope of the forest.” He’s a handsome beast indeed, and the mane and tail of flowering branches is inspired.

A miniature humanoid creature resembling a plump child sits facing the viewer among white flowers, his eyes closed. He's wearing a mushroom cap for a hat, and magical lights dance around him. Drawn on brown paper with limited colors.
“Don’t Forget” by Joanna Bromley

Using the prompt “lonely mushroom,” Joanna Bromley sketched this mushroom-hatted fairy creature. The original sketch is an ink illustration on 3.5″ x 5″ Kraft paper. You can purchase it for $32!

An elongated and stylized human figure with a simplistic face of eyes and mouth only faces the viewer in a long black dress with an Empire waist and a striped skirt. The skirt is gathered at the figure's shin with a black band adorned with black roses. A pointed hat sits on her head, adorned with black roses and trailing black ribbons. Black roses float in the background.
“Black Rose” by ElmaBree

ElmaBree added this little witch, telling us: “The Little Black Rose Witch [is] drawn with chameleon color tone pencils on mixed media paper.” You can pick up a 5″ x 7″ print of this tiny witch for $10.

A bust of a woman on brown-toned paper, she faces the viewer with hair unbound - bangs fall over her right eye; she has tilted eyes and a small mouth and her head is surrounded by vague flowers filling the upper background of the paper.
“Soul of the Forest” by Maria J. William

Maria J. William sketched this fresh-eyed woman of the forest in graphite, white charcoal, and white ink on 6″ x 8″ toned paper. She’s offering the original drawing for $40 and glossy prints for $10.

We’ve also debuted a robust new search feature at the Sketch Fest site – you can search by subject, media, style, and more.

Enjoy the weekend, and don’t forget – use our hashtag #EMGSketchFest on your social media!