Featured Artist: Mitzi Sato-Wiuff

Welcome to Ellen Million Graphic’s Featured Artist of the Week! Each week, we select an EMG artist and share their work and history. We hope you enjoy getting to see incredible artists this way.

This week, our spotlight turns upon the gleaming and diligent Mitzi Satu-Wiuff! Mitzi is originally from Japan and, while she now lives in Colorado, creates work imbued with the cultural spirit of her homeland. She identifies shojo manga, tattoo art, and woodblock prints from Japan as distinct influences upon her work. Her passion for ballet also shows in the arrested movement of her painted and sketched figures, and her erstwhile focus on landscapes and florals brings a remarkable layered detail to her current work in fantasy art. Read more about her, her work and honors in art, and see her galleries at www.aurorawings.com.

Mitzi has worked with Ellen Million Graphics since she first achieved her dream of publishing a coloring book with us in 2011: you can still find Gardening and Goddesses (along with a second volume!) in our storefront linked below. She’s also been a staunch supporter of EMG, and a gleeful participant in Sketch Fests – her Sketch Fest gallery is filled with adorable sprites, nature-bedecked ladies, and macabre beauties.  

We invite you to explore more at her pages over on EMG as linked below:

Mitzi’s Sketch Fest gallery.

Her Coloring Books, available via EMG:
Christmas Sprites
Garden Sprites
Midnight Gardens
Gardens and Goddesses, Vol. 2
Gardens and Goddesses, Vol. 1.

Her work is also featured in the coloring books Apples and RosesBrain Celebration, and Scheherezade’s Shimmy. Check out all the current EMG coloring book titles on their redesigned page.

The illustrations featured above are:

Bone Queen.”
Sakura Fubuki – Urei.”
Day of the Dead Marigold Sprite.”
Las Calaveras,” the cover to her Midnight Gardens coloring book.
Honey Bee Sprite.”

Sketching Away A Sunday Afternoon

Wow. Our artists have just been blowing us away, helping us celebrate #EMGSketchFest 100 in true style! We can’t get over all the remarkable portraits, funny and whimsical illustrations, 3D art and so much more – there’s acrylic pouring in the gallery, everyone! It’s amazing!

You MUST check it out – and let us tease you into clicking over there.

“Sunshine” by Monika Holloway

The sheer amount of character Monika Holloway captures in “Sunshine” simply radiates off the page. Graphic pencil on 7×9 cotton paper.

“Bubbles” by Elisa Ferguson

Elisa Ferguson’s “Bubbles” captivates us with its vibrant colors! Here’s what Elisa said about this piece: “Bubbles float through all water, but they really like mermaids! This red haired beauty really likes her bubbles.”

“Koi Mermaid” by Becca “Boo” Moore

A “Koi Mermaid” gives a coy flick of her tail in this sketch by Becca “Boo” Moore. “I enjoy drawing mermaids and koi, so whenever I can combine them, I’m happy!” Becca commented. The colored version of this is available for only $25!

“Remembrance” by Mitzi Sato-Wiuff

Mitzi Sato-Wiuff’s “Remembrance” makes us pause at the wistfulness so artfully captured in the graceful line of her neck, her lowered eyelids, and her parted lips. Sakura Micron in sepia on 5×7 Bristol vellum.

“Seahorse” by Elma Bree

This “Seahorse” from Elma Bree looks like it’s rather been caught out of turn! Those bubbles and that eye look surprised. Elma said she’ll be finishing the 5×7 sketch on watercolor paper with watercolor markers. You can pick up the original for $8!

“A Green Man” by Ellen Moore

We love to see people playing with three-dimensional art, and this greenman from Sketch Fest newcomer Ellen Moore puts a smile on our faces! This fellow was made with Sculpey and measures 2×2.5. Ellen thinks it might end up being a brooch or a necklace.

“Moon Princess” by Mayumi Ogihara

Our last featured illustration for now is this gorgeous portrait from Mayumi Ogihara – this “Moon Princess” glows pensively under the lambent light of the moon. This illustration was done in Col-Erase brown, white charcoal, and white acrylic paint on 5×7 toned paper. You can purchase the original sketch for only $30!

What are you waiting for? Hop on over to the #EMGSketchFest 100 gallery and celebrate the rest of Sketch Fest with us! Leave comments for the artists, share your favorite pieces with your friends (makes sure to use our official hashtag on social media), and register now so you can participate in next Sketch Fest as well. There’s just over an hour to go!

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Night Owls, Let Me Sing You A Song

Good evening, all you night owls! Late, late evening, I know. It’s been a productive and creative day in the EMG Sketch Fest 91 gallery!

Let’s get right to the featured illustrations:

A rocking horse (Appaloosa) facing toward the viewer's left, with a teddy bear in a cowboy hat and neckerchief sitting astride it and holding the reins. Pencil sketch.
“In the Saddle” by Sally Gilroy

Sally Gilroy took Ellen Million’s “back in the saddle” prompt and turned it into this perfect children’s book-esque illustration. Now it just needs the storybook that frames this Cowboy Teddy’s moonlight ride on his trusty Appaloosa Rocking Horse!

A pencil sketch of a jack o'lantern. The pumpkin faces the viewer, though its eyes appear to look to the viewer's left. The jack o'lantern is wearing a witch's hat with the pointed tip curling to the viewer's right. The pumpkin also features a leafy vine curling to the viewer's left.
“Whimsical Jack o Lantern” by Cindy Hill

Another entry on the autumnal theme! Cindy Hill has sketched an adorably be-hatted jack o’lantern with just a hint of the zany.

A Photoshopped collage - a brunette with free flowing hair is walking through a forest clearing toward the viewer, with one foot forward. She looks to the viewer's left, and her left hand reaches out to almost cup the chin of a unicorn trailing behind her. The woman is wearing a flowing and silken purple garment. The forest floor is verdant; light slopes through the thin trees in the background.
“Maiden with the Flowing Hair” by Llynara

Welcome to Llynara! This is her first Sketch Fest, and she’s shared a stunning and enchanting scene that she developed in DAZ 3D and refined in Photoshop.

A slender fairy woman poofs her tangled and leaf-strewn hair with one hand while her other hand curls back to touch her bare shoulder. Her fitted gown is made of autumnal leaves and accented with berries. The fairy has moth-like wings, four lobes relaxed in partial extension around her. Mushrooms litter the suggestion of ground about her gown-hidden feet. Ink sketch in progress.
“Lady of the Autumn Forest” by Mitzi Sato-Wiuff

Mitzi Sato-Wiuff has delivered autumnal royalty with her “Lady of the Autumn Forest” work-in-progress! If you’re interested in purchasing the original, contact her! She may or may not be adding color.

A set of branches curves in an backwards E shape, supporting a magpie on the lowest branch. The magpie's back is to the viewer, and it looks over its shoulder to the viewer's left. The magpie holds a small key in its beak. 11 keys of various ornateness and sizes dangle from ribbon and chains and rings from various branches. Ink drawing.
“Collector of Keys” of Kathy Nutt

This magpie just really gets what Sketch Fest is all about – a collection of shinies in all different shapes and sizes! Thanks for summing up this festival of creativity so eloquently, Kathy Nutt!

We’re off to bed, perchance to dream – of more art tomorrow!