Your EMG Stories: Lorna Cowie

We continue celebrating 25 years in business with today’s entry in our EMG Story series. Wondering what we’re doing? Start here with our introduction.

Now, let’s listen to Lorna Cowie as she tells us her EMG Story:

Portrait Adoption, $65

“I can’t remember how I came across Ellen or EMG. It was either looking through things for Elf-Quest, or portraits for my RPG characters, but anyway, I clearly stumbled into the path of this 100% awesome woman who had loads of ideas and was willing to froth crazily about them at me!

I remember contributing to the fanzine a few times, as I do love to write. I was so proud of them being published, and still keep them so I can read. My one about LARP I still give to new players who have no idea what it is! And I am sad to say, I still do have a bag of unwashed seashells. I have had to keep them out of the house due to the cats.

Portrait adoption was and is (when I get back to having time) a huge thing to me, as well as EMG colouring books and pages. Thanks to Ellen I now know how to create my own colouring pages and I sell quite a few digitally and physically. It’s not a massive earner by any means, but I simply love creating the perfectly odd picture that someone can colour in.

Torn World became a huge jumping point for my writing, and I still have many a story to finish off there. The characters we have created are so unique and lovable (or hate, your choice!), and the world is massive.

Do I consider this woman who I have never met a friend? Yes, yes I do. It can be months before we talk, but when we do it is like no time has passed. I am sad my own personal time is lacking to keep me involved as much as I want to, and I hope to fix this soon. I HEART YOU ELLEN!”

We heart you right back, Lorna! Thank you, thank you for being our friend and partner across so many EMG adventures!

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