Your EMG Stories: Apis Teicher

We continue celebrating 25 years in business with today’s entry in our EMG Story series. Wondering what we’re doing? Start here with our introduction.

Now, we’re turning the mic over to Apis Teicher as she tells us her EMG Story:

“What are you looking at?” by Apis Teicher

“I found EMG when I was living and working in Japan about 16 years ago. I was recently married, still adjusting to life and work in a new country and feeling a little out of my element. Because we didn’t really have much of a social life there yet, I gave myself permission to dive headfirst into my art. I’d always set it aside, as I felt guilty indulging, but I thought that the time we were going to be overseas gave me ample opportunity to work on it whenever I wasn’t at my full time job.  I discovered the local anime store also stocked a magnificent amount of art supplies, and fell in love with copic markers.  I began to sketch, to learn, to enjoy them — and one day found EMG and decided to be brave and send in some of my work to them.  Not long after I got a reply – Ellen liked my work, in particular a marker doodle I had of Ogopogo, a Canadian mythical creature. We began our professional association then, and soon became friends. Ellen and EMG were a lifeline during those years so far away; they were there too as I later became a mother and had to figure out how to get back to my art. Between articles, sketchfests and her incredible support and community creation for artists EMG kept me sane, and helped through many lonely times.  Ellen and her wonderful creation helped me see the community beyond, and that I was a part of something. I’m not around it as much as life has pulled me in so many other directions, but that sense of belonging  I will always treasure.

Thank you Ellen!!”

You and our community has been a lifeline over the years as well, and our appreciation runs all the way down to our bedrock. Thank you, Apis!

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