Your EMG Stories: Aurora Drake Nelson

We continue celebrating 25 years in business with today’s entry in our EMG Story series. Wondering what we’re doing? Start here with our introduction.

Queen’s Own Border by Ellen Million

Now, let’s listen to Aurora Drake Nelson as she tells us her EMG Story:

“My early memories of EMG might be a little different, as I go back to the early days.

My first association with EMG was as a hand drawn ad in a newsletter. Stationery! And more! We were a group of fans of Mercedes Lackey in the nineties, known for having penpals, so stationery was vital.

The next time EMG came across my radar I was the one running a newsletter and a zine, and I needed ads. Ellen came to the rescue, and supplied me with lovely ads for as long as I ran newsletters. Eventually we started writing and became friends. And eventually I started ordering art and bookmarks.

To me EMG is a tale of friendship. I made a friend, but I also got lovely art along the way. I still perk up when I find out there are bookmarks on offer and buy way too many of them, and I’ve gotten some nice artwork out of a couple of Sketch Fests. Whenever I see EMG it feels like coming home, because these are my people.”

We are SO HAPPY to be your people, Aurora! Thank you so much for being with us along this journey.

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