Saturday Night Sketch Fest with Prizes!

We’re nearing 150 pieces posted in the #EMGSketchFest 100 gallery, which is stuffed full of amazement and enchantment – where else can you see fine examples of acrylic pouring mingling with bubbles and mermaids or green man sculpture hanging out with pencil sketches of pegasi and horned women? We’ve got it all!

Including some winners of our 100th Celebration prizes! Read on for their names and a sneak peek of great art you’ll encounter in the gallery.

“Fox Flower” by Jenny Heidewald

Smile at Jenny Heidewald’s “Fox Flower,” an enchanting piece that suggests a tale of whimsy and joy. Jenny is also the winner of our First Hurdle Artist prize for being the first participant to upload 5 pieces to the gallery!

“Shadows and Lace” by Katerina Koukiotis

Shadows and Lace” by Katerina Koukiotis is an alluring portrait inspired by Jenny Heidewald’s prompt. Katerina had vintage and steampunk notions tumbling through her head when she read Jenny’s prompt! The original 5×7 graphite and charcoal powder sketch can be yours for only $25! You can also get an ACEO LE print for $6.

“Flowers in Her Hair” by Nathalie Reinholz

Inspired by Laura Macy’s “Putting Flowers in My Hair” prompt, Nathalie Reinholz painted this vibrant girl crowned with radiant flowers. Here’s what Natta said about her piece: “My version of ever after painting course. A bumble bee landed on the flowers while painting. I can be satisfied then!” Yes!

“Dashing Rake Sketch” by Kathryn Whiteford

Kathryn Whiteford knows how to draw a man too devilishly handsome for his own good! This rake also lived up to his reputation, even on paper, from what Kathryn had to say: “Augh, men! This guy was such a pain to draw and this is the second attempt of the sketch. Took the whole hour to get him to this point since I started and scrapped my first idea, then started again and finished here. As stubborn as he was, I do like how he ended up.” We do, too!

“Narwhal” by Afke van Herpt

Afke van Herpt sculpted this adorable narwhal from glittery polymer clay, inspired by Sarah Alden’s prompt. Afke explained, “The horn I made a couple of months ago (for a little unicorn workshop I gave). It will get a knitted body.” This narwhal was the first example of three-dimensional art uploaded to the gallery – so Ake wins our First 3D Artist prize!

Did you enjoy these featured pieces? There’s even more to admire in the complete #EMGSketchFest 100 gallery. Hop on over there and share your favorites on social media with our official hashtag.

Swords, horns, and rayguns: just another Saturday night!

Feeling a bit bored this Saturday night? Perfect reason to jump into #EMGSketchFest! Sign-up is free and you can choose either to inspire our artists, become one of those artists (create anything! it’s not just for drawing!), or both.

We’re having an amazing Saturday night, full up with a sword-wielding flower, a unicorn girl, a zero-g raygun-wielding scoundrel, colorful fairies and so much more – just check out our featured illustrations!

“Sword and Flower” by Selina Fenech

Selina Fenech spent 40 minutes creating this gorgeously atmospheric digital sketch – she used her Cintiq and Photoshop. Riffing on Mayumi Ogihara’s prompt “Sword and Flower” with this illustration, Selina commented, “I kinda forgot about the Rose part… I guess she could be the rose?” Sounds good to us! After all, a rose must have at least one thorn.

“Unicorn Girl Sketch” by Kathryn Whiteford

Kathryn Whiteford jumped in today after seeing Sarah Alden’s “Unicorngirl” prompt. Here’s what she wrote about her sketch: “After a week of writing very boring official documents, I needed some fun sketching time. Also, it’s been way too long since I took part in Sketch Fest, so here I am! 😀 This was the first prompt that really captured my attention. I’ll be adding some watercolour to this soon, but it may not be before SF ends. At least I did the sketch in time!” We’re so glad you had the time to join us, Kathryn!

“Space Girl” by Becca “Boo” Moore

We love the creative angle Becca “Boo” Moore took with her “Space Girl” illustration! Edward Cammarota prompted artists to create a “space girl doing a backflip shooting at an attacker” and this was Becca’s interpretation. “This was fun and challenging!” Becca noted. “I like the anti-gravity feel this ended up with!”

“Stone Dragon” by Jools62

We love this brief sketch of a “Stone Dragon” done by Jools62 today, inspired by Rebecca McCullough’s  prompt.

“Red Stockings, Black Dress” by Milkycat

Milkycat drew “Red Stocking, Black Dress” inspired by Edward Cammarota’s prompt, and captured a magical moment full of possibility – a sparkling backdrop, a swanky party, and a pensive expression all make you wonder what the story is here.

That’s it for tonight’s features! Now that you’re excited, don’t forget to visit the full gallery and leave some comments for our participants. Encourage someone’s creativity! And don’t forget to use our official hashtag, #EMGSketchFest, when sharing your favorite Sketch Fest moments on social media.