Welcome to #EMGSketchFest 100!

WELCOME TO #EMGSKETCHFEST 100, EVERYONE! We are so incredibly excited to have hit this milestone, and we’re blown away by the response we’ve had from our fantastic Sketch Fest community. So far this Sketch Fest Friday eve, we’ve got 21 participating artists and 47 pieces of art already uploaded in the gallery!

If you haven’t hopped over there yet, TREAT YO’SELF and do it. We also recommend sharing our event with all your friends – there are prizes to be won by artists, prompters, and commenters alike! Check it out:


Comments Keep Us Going – 5 people who leave comments during the Sketch Fest will be randomly selected to receive prizes.

Most Popular Prompt – The person who left the prompt with the most uploads at the end of Sketch Fest will receive a prize!

Super Supporter of Sketch Fest #100 – The person who purchases the highest value of art this Sketch Fest will receive a selection of ACEO prints by Katerina Art (one of each she does this Sketch Fest).

Most Creative Use of Prompt – The artist with the most creative use of a prompt this Sketch Fest will receive a prize.

Sketch-crazy! – The artist who submits the most sketches before Sketch Fest ends will receive a prize.

Opening Bell Artist – The first artist to submit a sketch will win a prize!

First Hurdle Artist – The first artist to submit five sketches this Sketch Fest will receive a prize!

First 3D Artist – The first artist to submit a 3-dimensional sketch or other work, such as sculpture, jewelry, crocheted piece, etc. will win a wee dragon charm by Whimsical Dreams Art! (In the event no 3D art is submitted, it will be awarded to the first dragon art.)

Collaboration – The best collaborative work, as selected by our guest judge, will receive an ACEO by Afke van Herpt and Ronja.

Submission by Someone 12 or Under – The best submission from a young artist, as selected by our guest judge, will win an ACEO by Afke van Herpt and Ronja!


  • A copy of From The Deep coloring book by Ellen Million
  • A coloring book of your choice by Selina Fenech
  • A 6×8 print with matching magnet by Maria William
  • A customized original 4×6 character portrait by Julie Rabischung
  • 2 mystery bags (3 ACEO prints each) by Mayumi Ogihara
  • A postcard of “Sea of Stars” and stickers by Nathalie Edelhirsch
  • A collection of 3 5×7 prints by Sarah Alden
  • 3 prints by Cindy Hill
  • An original ACEO of your choice by Jenny Heidewald
  • A 11×17 print, a 8.5 x 11 print, and choice of coloring sheet or bookmark by Sheryl Abid


Anyone may enter to win these #EMGSketchFest 100 prizes! Sketch Fest submissions must be uploaded at the site, not here on Facebook. Sketches must be uploaded by the end of the Sketch Fest, which will close at 5PM Alaska Time (9 PM ET). Contact us with any questions!


Our first winner is Milkycat, who won Opening Bell Artist with her 5×7 ink sketch WIP inspired by Mayumi Ogihara’s prompt, “Goddess stnading in a storm of petals.”

“Storm of Petals” by Milkycat

We can’t wait for her to finish “Storm of Petals!” The original will be available for purchase at $18!

That’s it for tonight, but remember – Sketch Fest doesn’t sleep! Check out the full gallery whenever you wish to see all the amazing art being shared, and don’t forget to leave comments for the artists! Also, when you share your faves on social media, make sure you use our official hashtag: #EMGSketchFest.

We’ll see you tomorrow!