So Long Sketch Fest Sunday

Are you still up and browsing the Internet? Excellent! Because we’ve got some great art to share with you from #EMGSketchFest 108. Buckle up and keep scrolling – then hop on over to our gallery and go shopping.

Silent Tears by Maria J. William

Maria J. William sketched “Silent Tears” in colored pencils, white charcoal, and white acrylic on toned paper. The 6×8 original is available for just $40 and prints at various sizes are available for $7-$10.

“I Am Ready!” by Katerina Koukiotis

Katerina Koukiotis’ Jon Snow is ready to go – as is she for the last season of Game of Thrones! This pencil sketch is on toned paper and measures 5×7. The original sketch is available for only $35.

April Bullet Journal by Amy Sue Stirland

Amy Sue Stirland shared the watercolor painting for April she did in her bullet journal – so adorable, and evocative of April showers! Watercolor and markers on journal paper.

Ceiling Flowers by Deirdre M. Murphy

Deirdre spent some time this weekend painting a medallion she bought: “It’s not a sketch, exactly, but I was arting with you all and wanted to share.” We’re happy that you did! The delicate colors are lovely.

Capricorn and Fishing Float by Tallulah Cunningham

About “Capricorn and Fishing Float,” Tallulah said, “I think this has been my favourite sketch this sketchfest. Yellow highlighter undersketch (done while I was walking the dog) and the copic and colour pencil worked over the top. The highlighter resists the copic – showing the underlying concept sketch in places.” This sketch is completely wonderful – and you could take the original home for $20.

Don’t forget to visit the full #EMGSketchFest 108 gallery. We’ll be back tomorrow with some final featured illustrations, and to announce the dates for May’s Sketch Fest.