Your EMG Stories: Jennifer Broschinsky

We continue celebrating 25 years in business with today’s entry in our EMG Story series. Wondering what we’re doing? Start here with our introduction.

Now, we’re handing the mic over to Jennifer Broschinsky as she tells us her EMG Story:

“A Nest of Hair” by Jennifer Broschinsky

“When I first encountered EMG (back in the late 1990s), I was working a state office job, using my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree to be a secretary. I had little time to pursue my art, and was going through some ups and downs in my personal life. When I saw that there was a way to take my art and put it on products for people to buy, it gave me the impetus to create and submit some work! Even though I only made a few designs and they only sold a few copies, it was confidence-boosting for me.

Later I was able to collaborate with Ellen as editor of EMG-Zine. Seeing the writing and work of other creators, and working with Ellen to make their advice available to read, was inspiring! I value the time I spent working on the zine.

When EMG-Zine wrapped its final issue, I went on to pursue my fine art career. Since then, I have participated in several juried shows and had a couple of my own solo exhibits with my fine art — but I have also submitted work to the Portrait Adoption; I’ve popped into Sketch Fest now and then; and I’ve submitted drawings to Ellen’s coloring book projects.

I feel that my time with EMG really helped to give me the confidence to strike out on my own and pursue my own creative goals. Thanks so much, Ellen!”

Thank you, Jennifer! Our partners and customers putting so much confidence in us over the years has enriched our business and our lives. It means a lot that we could give you confidence as well!

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