Your EMG Stories: Jenny Heidewald

We continue celebrating 25 years in business with today’s entry in our EMG Story series. Wondering what we’re doing? Start here with our introduction.

Now, we’re turning the mic over to Jenny Heidewald so she can tell us her EMG Story:

Portrait Adoption, $83

“I should begin at the beginning… I think I have known Ellen as long as my husband, to whom I’ve now been married fourteen years!

I met Ellen through Elfwood, back in 1999, when I was just poking around through the galleries. I contacted her about becoming one of her EMG artists making cards and stationery. She was very kind in guiding me on how to make stationery pages that would fit the needs of EMG, mainly fill the page and make borders around the edges—you can’t just stuff a drawing in the corner. This really helped me with the design and flow of my art.

Portrait Adoption was one of the biggest helps to me in my artistic career, as the forums were a safe place for us PA artists to gather. I learned a lot from my fellow artists; we could ask for redlines of our art when we knew something was a bit off, but couldn’t figure out what. Sadly, we all kind of drifted away from the forums, but PA is still a great site, and I, too, intend to get back into making art for it.

I also did a series of tutorial articles for EMG-Zine; those were a lot of work, because to this day I feel like I must Research-to-Death! any subjects I write about. I was late on the deadline quite a few times (sorry, Ellen!), but I learned a lot of interesting things, and it forced me to expand my techniques. The hardest was the “Reflections” tutorial! I learned you can’t just flip the image around—it is a different angle, and that must be reflected in the art. My writing has improved through those articles, too, but semicolons are still a bit iffy for me! My husband kept lecturing me about them, when I forced him to edit my tutorials.

One of the other projects I enjoyed working on are the coloring books. I’ve had a lot of fun thinking of unique subjects, and really getting into inking, one of my favorite techniques.

I haven’t done too much with Torn World, but I enjoy contributing when I am able. Some of my personal favorite art have resulted from TW subjects.

Sketch Fest is The Best Thing EVER!!! I have participated in every single one (I was late posting one month, so the sketch is in the next month); though I haven’t been as active lately what with life events, I still really enjoy it. Seeing all the different art and artists come together is great; I like how even folks who don’t draw can participate by posting prompts. Sketch Fest—it’s addictive. 🙂

Ellen, you have always amazed me with how productive and brave you are when approaching new projects. Some didn’t make it, but you are not afraid to try, or at least have a conversation about it. I am always willing to try any project you conjure up (I have a tendency towards being a lazy bum, but, if it’s for Ellen, break out the pencil and pens!)

You have been one of the greatest influences in my life, and I wouldn’t be the artist I am today without you! I am SO grateful that you have never given up or given in, and keep coming up with “crazy” artistic schemes to involve me with! I don’t know if I ever told you, but I feel you are like a big sister to me, and I am honored to call you my friend.

Congratulations on 25 years of Ellen Million Graphics! I am grateful I’ve gotten to share 19 years of the journey with you, and hopefully many, many more. (It had better, you know I need my SF fix every month. 😉 )”

Thank you for that thoughtful reflection on your journey with EMG so far, Jenny! We look forward to many more projects and Sketch Fests and years with your creativity and participation.

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