Friday Night Hexin’ – We Mean, Sketchin’!

Welcome to #EMGSketchFest 102! We’re 10 hours into our creative jam this Friday night. Several artists have already submitted sketches to our gallery, so we’re┬árolling in curious characters, feathered friends, and a mischievous young witch.

New to Sketch Fest? Head over to the site and register for free – then you can participate! Create art of any type using prompts submitted by the community – the only rule is that you must work within 1-hour blocks and upload what you’ve finished at the end of that hour. If you don’t want to create, you can still leave comments cheering others on!

“Ooops” by Elisa Ferguson

Our first submitted piece of artwork this Sketch Fest was the uncolored version of “Ooops” by Elisa Ferguson. She was inspired by Mayumi Ogihara’s prompt, “Oops, I didn’t meant to put hex on you!”

Check out the full gallery and leave some comments for our artists here.

Come back tomorrow for more art features! And if you share your favorites on social media, be sure to use our official hashtag: #EMGSketchFest.