Sketch Fest 100 Ends with a Bang!

#EMGSketchFest came to an explosive end earlier this evening with a flurry of creative activity, leaving us with over 7 pages of art! We’re delighted, excited, and can’t wait to share some final featured illustrations and the names of all our winners with you tomorrow.

We’ll announce the dates for #EMGSketchFest 101 in tomorrow’s post as well!

For now, we’d like to close out the night with a shout-out to all our new Sketch Fest participants – you’ll each be receiving a small Sketch Fest Newbie prize from Ellen Million to commemorate your first round in our creative jam!

“The End of Mourning” by Regina Mailloux

Regina Mailloux gave us this captivating sketch inspired by Katerina Koukiotis’ prompt “The Yellow Dress.” This illustration, “The End of Mourning” is a graphite sketch with gouache washes on 9×12 Canson watercolor paper. Regina’s made the original available for only $40!

“Her Black Sunflower” by Ellen Wilberg

Ellen Wilberg drew this lovely freckled woman with her black sunflower and attendant butterfly – all inspired by Cindy Hill’s prompt – in ink on 4×6 watercolor paper.

“The Lost Fox” by J. Ryan Decker

This whimsical sketch from J. Ryan Decker drew a chuckle – we love the homage to Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s The Little Prince and we do appreciate the humor in it!

And we’ve already featured a piece by our fourth newcomer – Ellen Moore’s  sculpted “The Green Man” was featured in our last post.

Come back tomorrow for our full After Action Report, to find out who’s taking home prizes, and to put the dates of our next Sketch Fest on your calendars!