Leisurely EMGSketchFest 96 Sunday

There’s only about 15 minutes left in #EMGSketchFest 96! There is so much fantastic art in our gallery of hairy unicorns, swamp mermaids, flower dreams and more – you must check it out! Let’s take a peek at some of these amazing illustrations.

“Or A Love Spell?…” by Janna Prosvirina

Inspired by Julie Rabischung’s prompt “witch’s potion,” Janna Prosvirina dreamed up this lovestruck witch. “Or A Love Spell?” is ink on paper and you can purchase the original sketch for only $12.

“Diamond Queen” by Mayumi Ogihara

This gorgeous in-progress sketch by Mayumi Ogihara is called “Diamond Queen.”┬áCol-Erase brown and white charcoal on 5×7 toned paper.

“Raven New Moon” by Kathy Nutt

Kathy Nutt took Tara N. Colna’s prompt of “Raven Moon” and gave us “Raven New Moon,” a complete Micron pen line drawing on bristol.

“Shamrock” by Jenny Heidewald

Jenny Heidewald celebrated St. Patrick’s Day through “Shamrock,” a clover-bedecked redheaded elf in Micron pen on 2.5 x 3.5 inch Bristol paper. She’s also offering a limited time special price of $6 instead of $10 on the original drawing!

“very hairy unicorn” by Heather Kilgore

Our last featured illustration for now is a “very hairy unicorn” by Heather Kilgore. This has been one of our favorite prompts this Sketch Fest! (Thanks, Becca!) Heather’s offering original drawing, graphite on 4×6 cream drawing paper, for just $25.

Hurry on over to the #EMGSketchFest 96 gallery! There’s still time to inspire or be inspired.