Welcome to #EMGSketchFest 96!

Welcome to #EMGSketchFest 96, everyone – the first SketchFest of 2018! This is your Friday night sneak peek at the gallery to get you excited and lure you on in: spend some time with us this weekend. Admire the art, submit a prompt, and maybe even join in and create something yourself! It doesn’t have to be a drawing – any kind of creation from textiles to jewelry to photographs and more qualify for SketchFest.

On to the peek!

“Among the Flower” by Sally Gilroy

The very first work submitted to #EMGSketchFest 96 is from Sally Gilroy, with this expressive deer “Among the flowers.”

There are over a dozen sketches in the gallery already, featuring fairies riding hummingbirds, dragonriders, mermaids, a fantasy fiddler and more! We’ll have another round of featured illustrations tomorrow so check back then – or go explore on your own now.

That’s it from us tonight. See you tomorrow!