Your EMG Stories: Kathy Nutt

October marks 25 years of business for Ellen Million Graphics – we’re honored and delighted to reach this milestone, and it’s very much a longevity we never could have hoped for without all of you! Every customer, contributor, and participant in Ellen Million Graphics is special. We thank you all, whether you’ve just submitted a few prompts in Sketch Fest or have a full Portrait Adoption gallery or have published a coloring book with us. You all make this business shine.

And so! We’ve asked all of you to share your EMG Story with us, and we’re sharing 23 of those stories here on the blog throughout the month. Would you like to submit yours? Email Deborah here.

“Raven Crescent Moon” by Kathy Nutt, $65

Today, we’re sharing Kathy Nutt‘s story:

“I wanted to just say that I always have so much fun during Sketch Fest, and that it’s always inspirational, so I went to see how long ago I began participating and it’s been since Sketch Fest #22 (January, 2012)! Even after all that time it is something I look forward to, even if it’s just reading all the prompts and making a wish list of what I would like to draw from that list. I have a small pile of wish list papers on my desk from several past Sketch Fests. Perhaps one day I will DRAW ALL THE THINGS!! or maybe just keep adding to the pile. : ) I do try to get 2 to 3 images drawn every event that I participate in, and sometimes I even finish one! Thank you Ellen for the support and work you put into your community. It’s very much a place I like to be a part of.”

Thank you, Kathy! We appreciate your art and your spirit and your participation.

#EMGSketchFest 103, our 25th Anniversary Sketch Fest, will take place this weekend from October 5-7, starting at 12 PM AKT.