Featured Artist: Apis Teicher

Welcome to Ellen Million Graphics’ Featured Artist of the Week! Each week (or so), we select an EMG artist and share their work and history. We hope you enjoy getting to see incredible artists this way.

“Edyk – Ophelia Underwater”
“Birka: Winter Skies”

This week, our spotlight turn to illuminate that artist of the playfully whimsical and magically detailed, Apis Teicher! Apis joins us from BC, Canada, was born in Colombia and has lived in several other countries including the United States and Japan. She started drawing when she was just 4-years-old! “I drew a Martian invasion of Earth on three of the walls of my room,” Apis confessed. “When my grandma caught me she didn’t get mad, but instead gave me a stack of papers and asked me to use that instead.” While she’s mostly self-taught, she’s taken some art classes at the University of Los Andes and completed a degree in 3D Animation from the Vancouver Film School. She experiments plenty on her own as well, and taken courses and workshops over the years. Her primary inspiration flows from her interested in mythology and nature, particularly marine subjects, microscopic creatures, and plants. She loves working with markers and coloring digitally. “There is a certain fluidity to markers that I enjoy, but I love being able to easily correct mistakes and backtrack a few steps when working digitally,” she said. When she’s not creating heart, she enjoys reading, making films with her actor son, and learning crochet. You can discover more about Apis and her art at her website.

“What are you looking at?”

Apis has been a great friend to EMG for over a decade! You can find her art and writing published in several issues of EMG-Zine, and she has her own creator page over at Torn World where her worldbuilding has resulted in several portraits. She’s also participated in Sketch Fests over the last several years, filling her gallery with illustrations of kitsune, flying pigs, elves of all types, feathered folk, and so much more. If you’d like to color one of her amazing merfolk, you can find her work in our coloring book Fishtank Fantasies. She’s even in one of our early publications: Art of the Business of Fantasy Art, Vol. 1! We invite you to explore her work at EMG via the links below.

“Three Ravens”

Apis’ Sketchfest gallery.

Apis’ Torn World creator page.

Apis’ work is featured in the following EMG publications:
Fishtank Fantasies
Art of the Business of Fantasy Art, Vol. 1

Apis has the following writing and art published in EMG-Zine:
Edyk – Ophelia Underwater” in EMG-Zine: “Water” (August 2006)
Invictus” with Amy Edwards in EMG-Zine: “Water” (August 2006)
To Tread Water” in EMG-Zine: “Water” (August 2006)
Huggable Art: A Plushie Tutorial” in EMG-Zine: “Swine” (February 2007)
All that Comes” in EMG-Zine: “Blades” (September 2008)
Winter of the Unseelie” in EMG-Zine: “Ice” (November 2008)
Mist and Shadow” in EMG-Zine: “Bards” (October 2010)
Hagen” in EMG-Zine: “Centaurs” (March 2012)

“The Waka Waka’s Fairy Lights”