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The credits I bought don't show up in my account yet!

Ellen has to manually add the credits to your account! As soon as she gets your completed payment, she will take care of that. Be sure to plan ahead and stock your account before Sketch Fest, because she does sleep sometimes!

I bought a sketch from Sketch Fest using 'Buy Instantly,' but now I've changed my mind, or it was a mistake; can I get my credits back?

You may ask Ellen - she may feel benevolent if the artist hasn't sent the sketch yet. But the best practice is not to click on the button unless you're sure!

What if I buy credits but no sketches I want are available?

Your credits will not expire, and you can spend them at the next Sketch Fest, or any future Fest, or use them to buy coloring books, anthologies, subscriptions, portrait adoptions or anything else you'd like at EMG. You may also request a refund on unspent credits, if you request it within 48 hours!

General Credits

Earned general credits can be cashed out at any time. These credits are earned by artists for royalties in coloring books or anthologies, or for Portrait Adoption sales, or from partial donations here at Sketch Fest.

Spending-Only Credits

These credits are available only for spending at EMG, and can be earned for writing articles at EMG-Zine, or by purchasing them above. They cannot be cashed out.

These credits may be spent in any area of the EMG empire, for available Sketch Fest sketches, coloring books or subscriptions at EMG-Zine, Torn World, or Fantastic Portfolios. Spending credits at these places adds towards our donation goals.

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