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The Ellen Million Graphics collection of coloring books features gorgeous linework by dozens of talented artists. Each staple-bound coloring book has a sturdy, glossy cover and medium weight pages that can handle most media -- even markers and some light watercolor. Pages are printed one-sided.


20 pages of highly detailed artwork by Ellen Million. Gorgeous mermaids, unicorns, romance, fantasy, dragons, and magic. Difficulty level: Color at your own risk!

Buy Now: $9.50

Features work by: Ellen the Million ~

Midnight Gardens

A beautifully dark coloring book by Mitzi Sato-Wiuff. Gorgeously detailed, a very challenging collection. 20 pages.

Buy Now: $9.50

Features work by: Mitzi Sato-Wiuff ~

Apples and Roses

A coloring book of fairy tales. You'll find enchanting artwork that illustrates familiar fairy tales and fables, and imaginative new fairy tales that will inspire your own stories.

Buy Now: $9.50

Features work by: Katy Jones ~ Alex Perfilov ~ Boofrickityhoo ~ Layla Lawlor ~ Mandy R. ~ Selina Fenech ~ Mitzi Sato-Wiuff ~ Thrivis ~ Joanna Bromley ~ Jenny Heidewald ~ Maigan Lynn ~ Ellen the Million ~

Wings of Night

A dark fantasy coloring book, perfect for that Halloween mood at any time of the year.

Buy Now: $9.50

Features work by: Pierre Carles ~ Ang ~ Ellen the Million ~ Jenny Heidewald ~ Thrivis ~ Kelly Ganson ~ Alexandra Haley ~ Maigan Lynn ~ Alex Perfilov ~ Skarbog ~

Gardens and Goddesses, Volume 2

20 gorgeous, highly-detailed pages. Magical, mystical and flowery, this is a stunning follow-up to Mitzi's very popular first volume!

Buy Now: $9.50

Features work by: Mitzi Sato-Wiuff ~

Scheherazade's Shimmy

A coloring book of Arabian Night tales and bellydance beauties. 20 pages of exotic tales and fanciful bellydancers.

Buy Now: $9.50

Features work by: Samantha Nowak ~ Marianne ~ Mitzi Sato-Wiuff ~ Coty ~ Spearcarrier ~ Coriander Shea ~ Cas ~ Nicole Cadet ~ Be Mused Art ~ Ellen the Million ~ Thrivis ~ Erica Liszewski ~ Jenny Heidewald ~

Brain Celebration

A coloring book of zombies! 20 pages of the undead at their gory best. This coloring book features Elisa Chong, Ellen Million, Stefania Russo, Erika Harm, Nikki Burnette, Becca Moore, and Mitzi Sato-Wiuff. Artwork ranges from gorgeous (slightly rotting) pinup beauties to gory, violent, brain-eating frenzies, with moments of silly humor and nudity. Definitely not for the kiddies! Difficulty level: Challenging.

Buy Now: $9.50

Features work by: Thrivis ~ Pierre Carles ~ Stefania Russo ~ Nikki Burnette ~ Boofrickityhoo ~ Mitzi Sato-Wiuff ~ Ellen the Million ~ Elisa Chong ~

Fishpond Fantasies

20 pieces of mermaid art - and merman, and octomaid! This is a followup to our wildly popular Fishbowl Fantasies (now sold out).

Difficulty level: Pretty Darn Challenging

Buy Now: $9.50

Features work by: Natta ~ Tiffany Toland-Scott ~ Layla Lawlor ~ Inge Geertsma ~ Skarbog ~ Chandra Reyer ~ Thrivis ~ Deanna Bach-Talsma ~ Jenny Heidewald ~ Alexandra Haley ~ Joanna Bromley ~ Kelly Ganson ~ Ellen the Million ~ Boofrickityhoo ~ Maigan Lynn ~


The lines and dots of Ellen Million. Gryphons, unicorns, anthromorphic shamans, dryads and more are collected in this volume. 16 pages.

Difficulty level: Color at your own Risk!

Buy Now: $9.50

Features work by: Ellen the Million ~

Gardens and Goddesses

20 pages of stunning, detailed artwork by Mitzi Sato-wiuff.

Difficulty level: Color at Your Own Risk!

Buy Now: $9.50

Features work by: Mitzi Sato-Wiuff ~

Art of the Business of Fantasy Art Vol 3

The best of the third year of EMG-Zine is collected here in a priceless resource for science fiction and fantasy artists and writers. Learn about licensing, time management, cyberfunded creativity, starting a home business, xenolinguistics, going green, handling burnout, color theory and much, much more. Tutorials, full-color example projects, and franky, funny advice will earn this volume a place of honor on your shelf. Cover art by Michele-lee Phelan.

Buy now: $22

Features work by: Eirewolf ~ Marina Bonomi ~ Mich ~ Melissa Findley ~ Janet Chui ~ toeknuckles ~ Elizabeth Barrette ~ Selina Fenech ~ Ursula Vernon ~ Missy ~

Steam Dreaming

19 pages of steampunk goodness! Clockwork dragons, mermaids and more.

Difficulty level: Pretty Darn Challenging.

Buy Now: $9.50

Features work by: Miss Megs ~ Jessica Douglas ~ Tiffany Toland-Scott ~ Thrivis ~ Grace Palmer ~ Ellen the Million ~ Chaz ~ Klawzie ~ Jenny Heidewald ~

Art of the Business of Fantasy Art Vol 2

The Art of the Business of Fantasy Art, Vol 2 is in stock now. With a gorgeous cover by Jessica Douglas, this volume includes full color walkthroughs, tutorials, discussion about self-publishing, pricing art, work for hire contracts, dealing with art directors, maximizing your workspace and minimizing your footprint on the earth. The writers include C.E.Murphy, Ursula Vernon, Janet Chui, Theresa Mather, Layla Lawlor and more. The very best of the articles from EMG-Zine 2007, stunningly laid out by Melissa Findley in a 92 page, 8.5 x 11 inch softcover. Edited by Jennifer Broschinsky, Megan Myers and Ellen Million.

Buy Now: $20.00

Features work by: Megan Myers ~ R Bail ~ Jessica Douglas ~ Layla Lawlor ~ Missy ~ Nicole Cadet ~ Ursula Vernon ~ Annie Rodrigue ~ Janet Chui ~

Goddesses of the World

Gina Marie takes us on a world-wide tour, introducing us to 20 gorgeous goddesses, with challenging coloring book illustrations that are rich in symbolism and setting.

Buy now: $9.50

Features work by: Gina ~

Songgryphons Coloring Book

More fluffy cuteness than you'd think you could pack into 14 pages! A unique 8 x 8 inch format, every page is single sided and has a different species of songgryphon with its specimen name.

Difficulty Level: Challenging.

Buy Now: $9.50

Features work by: Esther Brendel ~

Art of the Business of Fantasy Art - EMG-Zine Anthology 2006

The 2006 anthology of EMG-Zine, this collection is a treasure trove of information about art, writing, business, marketing as well as a showcase of the best from our fiction and artwork from 2006. Hysterical, serious and frightening by turn, this book is straight-forward dirt from the artists and writers in the trenches, and bound to become a dog-eared favorite. And hey, you can't go too wrong with something that starts with a chicken and an egg and ends with 'Let there be light!' 118 pages, 40 in color, glossy pages, 8.5 x 11, ISBN: 978-1-933603-15-5

Buy now: $30

Features work by: Sarah B. Seiter ~ Jayde ~ Joseph ~ Pierre Carles ~ Carmen ~ Maria ~ Jeff Ward ~ Kiriko Moth ~ Shelah ~ Jennifer Broschinsky ~ Jenny Heidewald ~ Shelah ~ Jennifer Broschinsky ~ Evelyn Wong ~ Niamh O'Connor ~ Tiziano Baracchi ~ Victoria Griffin ~ Laura Law ~ Patrick McEvoy ~ Mandy R. ~ Nicole Cadet ~ Deborah ~ Fyrebyrd ~ Valentin Schönbeck ~ Mich ~ Uneide ~ Crystal ~ Sylvia ~ Valerie Joanne Higgins ~ Cris ~ Joleen Flasher ~ Gretchen Sveda ~ Dawn Obrecht ~ Klawzie ~ Calypso ~ toeknuckles ~ Megan Myers ~ R Bail ~ Green Dragon ~ Missy ~ Ellen the Million ~ Liiga ~ Ursula Vernon ~ Janet Chui ~ Annie Rodrigue ~

The Dark Art of Robin Nunez

20 images by Robin Nunez that explore the darker side of fantasy. OUT OF PRINT, LIMITED STOCK.

Difficulty level: pretty darn challenging

Buy Now: $9.50

Features work by: Robin Nunez ~

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