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The Ellen Million Graphics collection of coloring books feature gorgeous linework by dozens of talented artists. Each staple-bound coloring book has a sturdy cover and moderate weight pages that can handle most medias, even markers and some light watercolor. Pages are printed one-sided.

Ordering on this page is suspended for the duration of our big Kickstarter Campaign! Click to support the printing of brand new coloring books for grown-ups!

Looking for more of the Ellen Million Graphics publications?

Tell Me a Story is a limited edition publication of Ellen's artwork with 100 pages of stories and artwork. Buy now: $20.00

The EMG-Zine Anthologies are softcover collections of the best articles, tutorials and walk-throughs about the Business of Fantasy Art. They are also available at Amazon.

Family Ties and Torn Skies is a collection of Torn World stories and artwork by a dozen creative contributors.

Out of print calendars and oracle cards are available at!.

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