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The Ellen Million Graphics collection of coloring books feature gorgeous linework by dozens of talented artists. Each staple-bound coloring book has a sturdy cover and moderate weight pages that can handle most medias, even markers and some light watercolor. Pages are printed one-sided. WARNING: There is a printing delay that is expected to last several months. Many titles may not be reprinted until late 2014, and many may not be reprinted at all.


20 incredibly detailed pieces of artwork by Ellen Million. Dragons, unicorns, angels, demons, mermaids, mythology, and magic in one amazing collection. Difficulty level: Color at your own risk!

(Please note that this is a second edition - it contains 6 fewer pieces than the Kickstarter edition)

Buy now: $9.50

Free coloring book download: Archivistrix, Ellen's older work!

Gardens and Goddesses

19 highly detailed pieces from Mitzi Sato-Wiuff. Fairies, spirits, mermaids and more grace this lovely stunning collection. Difficulty level: Color at your own risk (lots of gorgeous fine details!)

Buy now: $9.50 Back in print!

The Dark Art of Robin Nunez

20 pages of artwork by artist Robin Nunez exploring dark art and horror. Back in print after almost three years! Difficulty level: Pretty Darned Challenging.

Buy now: $9.50 OVERSTOCK SALE: $7.00

Snow-Unicorns and Steam Cities

Now available for pre-order, Torn World's first coloring book is an awesome introduction to the visual delight of this unique shared world. Highlighting the two distinct cultures of the north and south, this coloring book is actually a flip-book: one half focuses on the steam-powered culture of the Empire and the various lands it claims. Flip the book over entirely to meet the snow-unicorn riders that inhabit the far northern reaches of the continent, and get a taste for both cultures with a poem, a look at two celebrations, and a myth.

20 pages of artwork, punctuated with short written bits, all by the talented Torn World creators: Elizabeth Barrette, Lisa Cree, Jenny Heidewald, Holly Hutchison, Layla Lawlor, Ellen Million, Deirdre M. Murphy and Marika Purisima. Difficulty level: Pretty Darned Challenging.

Buy now: $9.50 SOLD OUT

Fishbowl Fantasies

First printed in 2003, this coloring book is now in the fourth printing of its second edition. 17 finely detailed mermaids (and one merman!) for coloring fanatics, featuring work by Jennie Seay, Robin Nunez, Victoria Griffin, Syvlia T. Stuart (Leung), Misti Turner, Roberta Stroud-Vaughan, Sarah B. Seiter, Audry Hodtwalker, Alethea Marti, Kelly Ganson, Ellen Million and Annie Rodrigue. Difficulty level: Pretty Darn Challening (many fine details)

SOLD OUT Misprinted copies with thin coverstock : $6.50

Dragons, Fairies and Fantasy Horses II

22 detailed scenes from Alice den Hollander, Carrie Hawks, Jenna Nilsson, Laura Melis, Erika Harm, and Ellen Million. Difficulty level: Pretty Darn Challenging (many fine details)


Steam Dreaming

19 scenes of steampunk ingenuity - mechanical dragons, machines for all purposes, trains, dirigibles, and more gears than you can fit in a seven story watch. Artists include Jenny Heidewald, Chella Reaves, Meg Baker, Jessica Douglas, Erika Harm, Carrie Hawks, Chaz Kemp, Grace Palmer, Tiffany Toland and Ellen Million. Difficulty level: Pretty Darn Challening (many fine details)

Buy now: $9.50

Fantastic Magic

15 fantasy coloring pages for all ages; unlike most of our coloring books, which are designed for adults, these are simpler scenes with easier lines. Fairies, wizards, dragons and more! Artists include Meredith Dillman, Katrina Joyner, E.D. Siffert, Jenny Heidewald, Mary Layton, Selina Fenech, M.R. Millard, Kimberly D. Phillips, and Jayde Hilliard. Difficulty level: Not Too Hard


Rum and Ruffians

18 pages of hilarious pirate goodness! Pirates! Wenches! Swag! Parrots! Arr! Artists include Hanna Engkvist, Chella Reaves, Al McConnell, Mary Layton, Laura Melis, Joanne Taylor, Robin Nunez, Jennie Seay, Ren Bail, Audry Hodtwalker, Sylvia T. Stuart (Leung) and Jenny Heidewald. Difficulty level: Pretty Darn Challenging


Fantasy Isn't Always Pretty

This coloring book is not for children! It contains nudity, violence, death, dark humor and other themes not intended for young audiences. If no-holds-barred gothic, dark fantasy and horror... and a sense of humor are your cup of tea, this is the perfect coloring book for you! Artists include Esther Brendel, Sarah B. Seiter, Claire Waller, Krista Cagg, Kelly Ganson, Erika Harm, Robin Nunez, R. Bail, Valentin Schonbeck and Ellen Million. Difficulty level: Pretty Darn Challenging


Scuffed up copy: $6.50


Esther Brendel's adorable Songgryphons are here collected into an adorable and enchanting field guide, complete with scientific names. Difficulty level: Challenging


The Faeries of Victoria Griffin II

The second collection of Victoria Griffin's enchanting fairies. Difficulty level: Challenging


Goddesses of the World

Go on a world-spanning voyage with Gina Marie, with a beautiful and richly symbolic collection of popular and lesser-known goddesses that span the world. Difficulty level: Pretty Darn Challenging



The lines and dots of Ellen Million. Gryphons, unicorns, anthromorphic shamans, dryads and more are collected in this volume. Difficulty level: Color at your own Risk!

Buy now: $9.50

Looking for more of the Ellen Million Graphics publications?

Tell Me a Story is a limited edition publication of Ellen's artwork with 100 pages of stories and artwork. Buy now: $20.00

The EMG-Zine Anthologies are softcover collections of the best articles, tutorials and walk-throughs about the Business of Fantasy Art. They are also available at Amazon.

Family Ties and Torn Skies is a collection of Torn World stories and artwork by a dozen creative contributors.

Out of print calendars and oracle cards are available at!.

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