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Sketch Fest #129 will run March 26-28! (Today's date: 2024-06-20 14:13:30)

Sketch Fest has ended! Stay tuned for the next event!

The Sketch Fest Finish Fest Finale!

Sketch Fest is coming to an end

Sketch Fest has had a long, strong life, and I am so proud of how much beautiful artwork it has inspired. People who didn't think they could draw found their footing as artists. The site gave people a platform for sales, and a place to make connections. It was a wonderful project, and I will miss it.

But all things have life cycles, and Sketch Fest has been dwindling in activity for some time now. I, personally, hate it when things fade away into obscurity, lingering past their time. So, we're doing one final blow-out, to celebrate all the wonderful things parts of the project.

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Finish Fest

Between March 21-28, there will be a Finish Fest Finale! Take this opportunity to go back through your own galleries and find sketches that you started that you still want to finish. Set aside a little time to polish them off at last. Upload print files if you'd like to participate in our last ACEO print sale!

I have five challenges planned for this work, with prizes! Artist can submit finished work here at the site - be sure to check the box if you are entering one of the challenges.

Some special notes for the Finish Fest Challenges: They do not have time limits. I will collect all entries and award prizes at the end of the Final Fest, noon AKT on March 28. You can spend five minutes or five hours on the Finish Fest Challenges. Of course, they should be based on a Sketch Fest piece, not just a random thing from your sketchbook. You do not have to enter every challenge...but there may be an extra prize for those people who do! You may submit more than one entry per challenge.


Congratulations to our first winner, Lorna Cowie, for the Finish Fest Challenge #1: Redraw! Check out her redo, and the original piece, here.

She also gets a special mention for having the first sketch posted in our Sketch Fest Finale! She has won 2 PDF coloring books from Becca Moore!

Our second award is for the Finish Fest Challenge #2: Change Mediums!

Afke took a pencil sketch to a 2-sided carved print block.

And check out the print that came off of it!

She won: 2 stickers, 2 aceos, 2 5x7 art prints and 1 original art piece (donated by Elisa Ferguson)

Our third award is for the Finish Fest Challenge: Make it a Friend, and our winner is Tricia Danby with her piece Praise the Moon.

It is a companion to Praise the Sun.

Tricia has won digital coloring pages (donated by Jenny Heidewald)

Our fourth award, for the gesture sketch category, goes to Kir Talmage, for her Bouquet of Anemones!

She has won 2 PDF coloring books of her choice. (donated by Samantha J. Lewis)

Our fifth award is for a portrait, and this goes to The Art of Mayumi Ogihara for Spellcaster.

She has won: 1 MILLION DOLLAR chocolate bar, a sea monster coloring book, and a grab bag of ACEO prints. (donated by Ellen Million, international)

The sixth award is in the tiny category, and goes to a tiny kitten by Deirdre / Wyld_dandelyon.

She wins digital coloring pages by Jenny Heidewald!

Our seventh award goes to Samantha J. Lewis for the grayscale category. True story, I could not decide between two of the submissions (judging these awards has been one of the hardest things EVER), and then I realized that they were both by the same person and I could pick them both. :P

Last Chance

and Birbs (I may be slightly partial to the subject!)

She has won one package of small letter-sized artwork (donated by Kathy Nutt, international)!

Our eighth award is for black and white, and goes to Maigan Lynn, for her Seashells and Pearls piece.

She has won 1 original 4x4 miniature oil painting with desktop easel (donated by Regina Mailloux, international)

Our ninth award is the color category, and the prize goes to Tallulah Cunningham for Nomming Ice Cream.

She has won a PDF coloring book. (donated by Linda Sayegh)

Our tenth award is for the most creative interpretation of the prompt, and it goes to Erich Heidewald for Chicken Time.

He has won 1 pdf coloring book and 3 ACEO prints (donated by Katerina Koukiotis)

Our eleventh prize is for the most emotional piece, and it goes to Katerina Koukiotis for My Heart Awaits.

She has won: 2 stickers, 2 aceos, 2 5x7 art prints and 1 original art piece (donated by Elisa Ferguson)

Our twelfth award is a tie! For Most Creative Medium, we have papercut art from Sarah Aiston.

and BROWNIES for the prompt bittersweet from Mikka. (check out the final attached to that one for a photo you can just about smell...)

Sarah wins 1 digital flower skull coloring page. (donated by Lorna Cowie, international)

And Mikka will receive a PDF coloring book. (donated by Linda Sayegh)

Our fourteenth award (if you count the tie on twelve as two) is for our Super Supporter, Joolz62! Sketch Fest wouldn't have been what it was without our prompters and buyers, and we'll be highlighting and thanking our top four contributors with today's awards. Thank you so much for all the juicy inspiration, month after month! <3

She has won a PDF coloring book of her choice! (donated by Mayumi Ogihara)

Our fifteenth award goes to Sylvia Heidewald for her tireless support. Thank you for helping to keep the project (and our artists!) going for so long!

She has won a magnet, 3 bookmarks, and 1 5x7 art print. (donated by Samantha J. Lewis)

Our sixteenth award goes to Evelyn Henderson, faithful supporter of Sketch Fest for many years! Thank you so much for all of your sponsorship and beautiful prompts.

She has won a digital coloring page! (donated by Kathy Nutt)

Our seventeenth award goes to the incomparable Edward Cammarota! One of our earliest supporters, we love his amazing prompts and his unflagging backing. He's been a staple of the fest, and he gets a special mention for having the MOST prompts. Thank you for inspiring us, Edward!

He has won an unpainted Lizard miniature! (donated by Alex Bates, international)

I have two winners in the Storyteller category!

Maria William, for Quicksilver

and Sarah Alden, for Training Lesson.

I want to know the stories behind both of these pieces!

Maria has won a PDF coloring book from Mayumi Ogihara!

Sarah has won 2 PDF coloring books from Samantha J. Lewis!

For our funniest challenge, Kathy Nutt wins with her finished piece, Enchanted Search Frog.

She wins an awesome unpainted Lizard miniature (donated by Alex Bates, international)

We have two Showcase Finish Fest challenge winners!

Rowan Lewgalon and Linda Sayegh.

ALL of our Showcase submissions are amazing! Check out the featured four (ahem, mostly) from other artists!

Rowan has won 4 ACEO prints (donated by Jenny Heidewald, international) and an unpainted lizard miniature (donated by Alex Bates)

Linda has won 2 stickers, 2 aceos, 2 5x7 art prints and 1 original art piece (donated by Elisa Ferguson)

We have a special award for Star of Sketch Fest, going to Selina Fenech, who was one of our very first participants and she was one of our earliest sponsors, helping to bring the webpage into existence! See her full gallery here.

She has won a 1 MILLION DOLLAR chocolate bar, a bookmark, and a magnet, random design. (donated by Ellen Million, international)

Our final winner is a "lifetime" award to Jenny Heidewald , The Art Of​, who has been an absolute inspiration and a cornerstone of our fest. Not once, but twice, she did 100 sketches in a single fest, and she only Fest in all one hundred and twenty-nine of them. Her prompts are always wonderful, her sketches always full of energy and life, and her comments encouraging. She is our Super Star of Sketch Fest! See her full gallery (all 84 pages!) here!

She also gets a bonus mention for her fabulously funny entry into the Backtrack Finish Fest Challenge.

She has won a 1 MILLION DOLLAR chocolate bar, a grab bag of ACEO prints, one original ACEO, and a set of 10 Micron Pigma art pens. (donated by Ellen Million, international)

I wanted to give EVERYONE prizes, and I probably missed very deserving people and pieces (choosing was the hardest thing I've ever had to do!), but I hope you had fun with our final fest and our big blowout celebration!

Fantasy coloring books from Ellen Million Graphics A 48 hour creative jam for artists

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