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Sketch Fest #129 will run March 26-28! (Today's date: 2021-03-06 02:59:30)

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Work by: Jenny Heidewald

I am one of those self-taught artists that has been drawing since I was little. I recall the exact moment I decided to be an artist, it was while watching my mom draw the hand of God reaching from the clouds to His followers. I was floored, it seemed to be magic, an image appearing out of nowhere. I thought to myself, "I want to do THAT!" I have worked in many mediums. My current favorite technique is working with colored micron pens, and coloring with watercolor and/or Photoshop. If you miss buying an original line version, I offer a limited run (3) of any of my Sketchfest ACEOs. These will be printed on watercolor or multimedia paper re inked with micron pens, hand painted, and numbered on the back. If interested in one that isn't been "activated", drop me a line via e-mail. :)
My other pages: Facebook art page, Deviant Art (go to the website link below), and Elfwood Tutorials I have written are at EMG-Zine .
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This artist has left the following prompts:

Squirrels Resist Medical Assistance . This is a real headline in newspaper:
African princess and her pet
Mostly Autumn ( this is actually a band name that I saw on Pandora, one the "similar artists" list)
"Take Me Away", song by 4 Strings :
Waiting for the first snow
A different kind of genie lamp
Pin-up: A Witchy Woman's fave stockings
Nuclear Cowboyz Freestyle Chaos!
Roller Girls
Different bird cat gryphon combos, say snow leopard and snowy owl, ocelot and goura victoria , a bobcat and a great horned owl, a turaco (bird)and a eyra(cat), a snow lynx and raven, a heron/stork and cheetah... (though I dunno how that would work for their eating habits)
Pixie Wild Flower :)
The belly dancer's magic
Space Babe (s) !!!!
Her eyes they shone like the diamonds, You'd think she was queen of the land, And her hair hung over her shoulders,Tied up with a black velvet band.
Leprechaun Magic ( A bit late, but we need some St. Patty's Day stuff! :) )
The Mists of Avalon (Yeah, I just got done with that book two weeks ago)
Mysteries of the druids
Pirate or piratess rock star
"Oh crap, the enchanted frogs can't work a calculator" I don't take credit for this one, it's an error I got on the site, I thought it would make a funny sketch though! :D
Jewels in her hair
Hot Pink Peg Leg
Your favorite character in a Tron outfit. :)
BAAZINGA! :D (Anyone else watch The Big Bang Theory?)
If I was a flower growing wild and free, all I'd want is you to be my sweet honey bee From Barry Louis Polisar - "All I Want Is You"
Hobo Chic
Dragon or Dinosaur Fetish
Dino Babe!
"That's Silly!"
Victorian Rabbit (so I can post the one I did last month, but it glitched and didn't post)
Sparkle Pop
Drama Llama
Cave gal with her pet dino
Sparkle Pop Pin-up
belly dancer
Winter Selkie
Innocent Moon ( it's the title of an instrumental by Will Ackerman: )
Mayans, the people in control of ending the world...because they were too lazy to keep going with their calender! :D
Baby Bump
"A gorilla chicken with a werewolf muzzle on it" : This is what I think I just heard come out of my computer speakers. There is a guy in the area that uses something that comes over our speakers now and again.
Fringe Fashion
At odds: Flapper in a Corset
Cowgirl Lolita ( Aw man, I wanna do this one!)
Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport
Blue Velvet
Corset Boots
The Red Queen
Cone of Shame
Anne of Green Gables
Frolic in the snow
"There are no happy endings, because nothing ever ends."
All that glitters...
Dork Daisies
Big Bad Bow
Bears eat Beets
Lil' Dragon
Valentine, I Love You ♥
Tigers waiting to be tamed
Bonnie Scottish Lass
Scottish Lolita
Silent Snow
Owl you need is love ♥
Change yer fate
Unexpected results
Steampunk Disney princess
Disney princesses but Scottish!
Magic, magic, do as you will...
Kitsune of the Stars
Kitsune Mischief
Kitsune of the Daggers
Cowgirl Sunshine
Winter Wolf
Autumn Fox
Summer Straw Hat
Dance of the Autumn Kitsune
Belly Dance Storm
Whatever Amy Wants To Draw ;)
Cat holding a hot dog ( for Ambyr, if she decides to participate :) )
Fox of the Fall Leaves
Fox of the Snows (arctic fox's are cute!)
Kitsune of many tails
Apple Pie! (It's a wonderful day for pie!)
Fox of the Spring Flowers
Fox of Summer Songs
Foxy Lady
Owl Summer
Doll of Winter
Parody: Gangnam Style ! XD
The feeling you get from Finnish band Pmmp's song "Lautturi"! (Katerina, you should take a listen to this song, you might like it :) )
Cinderella's pumpkin coach reminiscing
Eyes of the Fox ( Yeah, I am obsessed with foxes right now...)
Voodoo Spell
Urth Rat
Secret of the Snow
Star Devil
Leaping Fox
Mystical Kitsune ( Corianderrrr...;) )
Marketing Ninja
Super Ellen
Kitsune Moon
Li'l Hot Stuff
girls in swirls
Tooth Faerie (too bad I don't get $$ for fillings! Hey Tooth Faerie, you need to give us more $$ from our baby teeth so we can save up for that!)
Celtic Night
Swirling Winter
Winter Solstice Dance
The Mystery of the Flamingos
Star Bling
Owl Waltz
Fox Tango
Flamingo Flamenco
Bear Polka
The Star's Daughter
Star Fox
Snow Drops
Steampunk: Cogs - in random places not connected to anything! *lol* ( for Lisa)
"absurdly huge armored galoot fighting side by side with an elfin female in scanty but strategically placed chain mail.' Usually standing on a heap of bodies." -By Michael Whelan
Sooo, how do you like that spring snow?
Snow Flower
Dance of the Snowflakes
sirena (I was posting to Ellen's LJ and this was one of the "PROVE U IZ HUMAN!" things I had to type to post my post. :D
Redraw a sketch you made the very first Sketchfest!
Night Sparklies :)
Starry Eyed
Wee Chickens
Sassy Spring Tease
BABY NUMBAT ! ♥♥♥ Numbats are an endangered Australian marsupial with an estimated population of less than 1,000 individuals. :( here is a video from Perth Zoo, where they are working on bringing these beautiful critters back from the brink: WARNING: BABY NUMBAT EATING! Prepare to pass out from cuteness! :)
Quoll : Another endangered Australian animal, this one is the second largest surviving carnivorous marsupial.
Thylacine AKA: Tasmanian Tiger. The largest carnivorous marsupial, now extinct ( though there are many reports of sightings). There is a program working on cloning one from DNA recovered from a fetus that had been preserved in alcohol. Here is combined footage of the last known living thylacine/s.
Bilby( also known as the Rabbit-eared Bandicoot), another endangered marsupial :
Dreamtime (this is a really cool animation in the Aboriginal art style, the kangaroos are cute!) :
Australian Faerie
Deep Blue Mystery
Hula Skirt of Stars
Water Stars
The Wizard of the Edge
Stellar Steampunk
Arabian Steampunk
Late Winter, Early Spring ( instrumental:
Let me be the end of your rainbow, let me be the stars up above. (Dreamland Express: John Denver: )
secret and filled with dreams
a spaceship captain who wears tight pants
wide lips and a dark, stormy night.
Star Struck ( I thought of a picture for this right when I woke up :) )
Kangaroos... that live in TREES! (Really! They are tree kangaroos. :))
Unicorn Waterfall
Spring is alive In Carolina, Deep in the forest, Where the foxfire glows
Whisper the wind over the water, Whisper the wind all through the night, Whisper the wind along the canyon, Whisper the wind into the night - John Denver Foxfire Suite ( third song )
A Unicorn and the Moon not getting along on their photo shoot.
More Cowbell! (We've had a distinctive lack lately!)
Elvish Moon Goddess (Afke ;) )
Burgundy Ribbon Warrior/ess
Woodchuck! :D
Wild moon
Winter Sunflower
Birds of Frost
Limpid Eyes
Crystal Queen
The Hour of the Pumpkin
Autumn Dress
Mushroom Dress
Dancing on Leaves
Kitty bitty, kitty cat, meow meow, that's that ( I used to say this to one of our cats, she was Wild and would usually give me a glare or hiss at me, and run off. *haha* )
Spiderweb corset
Witch Hat
Sail Away
Softly Blowing Snow
Cutie Witch
Cute Autumn Stockings
Hay bales
Autumn Rose
You Drive Me Crazy!
Witch Hazel
Kitsune of the silks
What Does the Kitsune Say
Snow Moon
Black haired beauty
Snowflake swirls
Winter Steam Punk fashion
Icy Winter Eyes
Snowflake Dress
Snow Bird
Gone Too Soon
Anyone want to draw a baby numbat? :) They are cute marsupials!
Fancy meeting you here
Pansy Wind
Spring is budding
Penguin Spring
Spring Kitsune ( ;) )
Winter still clings to the heart
Sexy Cowgirl
The Moon and the Night Spirit
The Eternal Forest
Celtic Mists
Snow Wolf
Arctic Kitsune (For Corie :) )
"There is melancholy in the wind and sorrow in the grass" Charles Kuralt
"The four winds I carry on my head, the colors of nature on my chest. The sun is my little father, the earth my mother." Nils Aslak Valkeapää
Everything’s ok (hey!) cuz I’m on vacation ( Rhett and Link song:
My Hair Goes Up, My Hair Goes Down ( Rhett and Link song:
Witchy Moon
Vampires, you know you wanna draw some ;)
Digging for Dinner ( because I want to draw this prompt but it won't let my husband post it)
Bug Report (posting for my husband)
"Fantasy isn't just about wizards and silly wands. It's about seeing the world from new directions" - Sir Terry Pratchett - RIP :(
AT LAST, SIR TERRY, WE MUST WALK TOGETHER. Terry took Death's arm and followed him through the doors and on to the black desert under the endless night. The End. - Rhianna Pratchett's Twitter announcement of her father's passing
Shamrock Bellydance
Pi Day! 3.14.15 at 9:26:53
Just Jammin'
Easter Bilby
There was a noise. And it was a goat.
All Numbats All The Time
The Numbat and the Moon ( Numbats are a cute but critically endangered Australian Marsupial, only about 1,000 individuals are left in the wild. Go here to Mitzi Sato-Wiuff's fundraiser to learn more and donate to support Project Numbat:
Remembering You
Saturns Ring Hula Hoop
Comets fall as tears
Before My World Fell Down
“It was inevitable because Mercy was stacked like the proverbial rural brick lavatory. The bricks were piled to a five-foot four-inch height which tipped the scales at a compact and well-rounded one hundred and sixteen pounds.” From “The Square Root of Sex” by Ted Mark (which is what I wanted Alexander Mitchell to post, not just the title). Jenny's note: !!! Dude, did you SERIOUSLY just compare a beautiful woman to an outhouse?! hahaha
Easter Bilby
Centaur Romance ( Think Fantasia :) )
My Best Mermaid (I am fishing for coloring book pages for Ellen ;) )
Dance of the Alicorn
Cupid Wings
Journey of the Unicorn
Fluttery Pegasus
Unicorn Magic
Natural Magic
Moonlight mermaid
Dance of the Fireflies
Stork delivery, modernized
Ceasg ( Scottish mermaid, specifically half salmon, also known as "maid of the wave" or sea)
Can't be unhappy when you have a lap full of yarn.... my preccciooouusss...
Memories of Lilacs
I Must Knit!
Swirl of Winter
Fat Fox
Missing You
Not MY Daylight Saving Time! *grr* ( I grew up in AZ, which doesn't do this ****, now I live on the east coast, I call it Daylight Stupid time)
Cheese! Fireworks! Gifts!
Fancy Steampunk dress
Solar Eclipse
Star Gazing
Shadow of the Moon
Mystery of the Stars
The Introvert
Unseen Thylacine
Where Light Meets Dark
Moonlight Tiger ( I read this in reference to the Tasmanian tiger, or thylacine)
Dreaming of Saturn
Pumpkin Spice WHAT?
Bat Moon
Owl Star
Raccoon of Winter
Dance of the Moonlight
Frost Lace
Ballet of the Autumn Leaves
That bit of Spice
Elegant Coiffure
Out of Control
Red Lips
Perusing the Potion Book
Steampunk Halloween
Witchy Woman
Shower of Stars
Dance of the Twilight Fox
Snowy Forest
The night sky suddenly turns into a disco (Aurora Borealis) (saw this in a comment on an article about Finland and thought it a quaint description)
Otter Snow
Snow Bear
Agate Queen
Butterfly Dino
Caribou Queen
Dragons Just Wanna Have Fun
Fox Flower
Indigo Stars
Mermaid Conundrum
Angel with a Non Traditional Musical Instrument
Lil Fluff Fluff
Princess of the Moss
The Dreamy One
Star Trail
The Dashing Rake
Swamp Star
Romance by the Sea
Raindrop Moon
Shady Creek
Shadows and Lace
Sweet Smile
The Big Hullabaloo
Tiger Rider
She is the Darkness
The Crooked Moon
Root Beer Float
You are so cute, I have to cuddle you!
Autumnal Flowers
Autumn Stars
The Time of the Pumpkins
The Witch of the Chickens
It's a Shin! ATTACK! (thinking of the mind set of some roosters)
A Collection of Sparkling Stars (description I found of a bearded, booted Mille Fleur hen..they are so pretty, I want one (five)!)
A tiny bouquet of cheery flowers ( another mille fleur hen description)
A Collection of Sparkling Stars
Silent Night
Memories of You
Crèvecœur (Crevecoeur), French term for broken heart (Also a chicken breed)
Paint the Coop
Summer Fishin'
Straw hat
Star Line
The Dark Side
Those Cheekbones
Late to the Fan Zone (I just discovered BBCs Sherlock)
Chills and Fever ( Song version by Samantha Fish )
One moment, there, the next, gone
Sound of the Sea
Sugar Spaz
Dance of the Pumpkin
Ribboned Black Cat
Evening in the Pumpkin Patch
Autumnal Star
The Leaves are Falling
There Go the Leaves
Dragged Down
Into the Wild
Buttercup Among the Stars ( I lost my Princess Buttercup today, my sweet chicken. She as a Sicilian Buttercup)
They Always Fly Away
Chicken in the bread pan pickin' out dough
The Final Goodbye
Sapphire among Stars
Bibi Hendl (Chicken Yodeling) :D
Poultry in Motion
The Quiet Time
The Unicorn and the Hen
1920's witch
Little Pumpkin
Into The Woods
Into The Woods

This artist has comments on the following prompts for Sketch Fest #129:

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