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Born in Griffith, Australia, in 1969, Michele-lee has been painting seriously for only a handful of years. Many told her a career in art was an unattainable dream. But Michele-lee believes that some dreams are more than just dreams; they are destiny, and it was her destiny to become a fantasy artist/illustrator.
The last five years have been spent in learning the necessary skills and techniques, and developing her bold, colourful style. Michele-lee loves painting dragons, elves, faeries, unicorns and more. Her primary mediums are watercolours, watercolour pencils, gouache, pen and ink, and digital.
Michele-lee has been a professional illustrator for two years. She works on a personal commission and work for hire basis. She paints everything from RPG Character Portraits to Fantasy Pet Portraits. Recently, her first cover illustration, for the fantasy epic 'The Ancient Mirrors Chronicles' by Jayel Gibson, appeared in print. The second book, also featuring cover artwork by Michele-lee, is due for release late 2005.
Her goal of becoming more focused on book cover art and internal illustration comes closer with every brushstroke. Michele-lee is proof that dreams should never be forgotten for sometimes they are more than just a dream ... they are destiny.
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