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I was raised by feral cats in the dense woods of northern Minnesota. To repay my gratitude, I've been developing cat paintings in the last year and a half. When I was young I enjoyed drawing pictures of Mickey Mouse, dragons, and ravenous cyclopes clutching human prey in their monstrous hands.

Apparently things haven't changed much because I still draw and paint otherworldy subjects. Oh sure, I'll paint the occasional mundane still life just to remain tethered to reality, but after that, the imagination runs wild.

I studied fine arts at a central Minnesota college and at Alnwick University in England. I've worked for presses in central Minnesota and the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. My work has been exhibited, sold in galleries, and sold to private collectors.

Most of my work is primararily done in acrylic, acrylic gouache, and oils, with some work created in colored pencil, pastels, and hair tonic.
Two cats are accomodating enough to share our house with us, although they must be bribed with savory seafood before donning the colorful costumes they are required to wear while posing for my paintings.
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