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Artist Profile for: Spearcarrier

Author and creator of The Heavenly Bride, Katrina lives with cats, two dogs and a husband near a wild golf ball preserve. Various golf balls visit her back door hoping for a free handout of golf tee hard cereal.

Her current preferred artistic method is a mixed media style using 3D creation as a base. She is a firm advocate that people who do not understand how time consuming 3D work can be should give it a try themselves - while striving to create works of art that are mindful to composition as well as beauty. She is known to spend hours, days, and even weeks on a single 3D image.

Her creation processes aren't limited to just one method. She also likes painting digitally, choosing to do so mainly for her comics. Sometimes she also uses acrylic, oil, or watercolor. Really, it depends on her mood.

Her compositions have been used for book covers, personal artworks, and have been collected by Florida millionaires, school chums, and the odd celebrity. Her joy in life is telling stories, especially in comic book/manga format. She also really likes cheese.
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