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I have been drawing for as long as I can remember. It is what I love to do and it is what my family has always encouraged me to pursue. I am mostly self-taught at this point. One of my greatest joys as an artist is experimenting with new mediums. In particular I enjoy watercolor, oil pastels, markers, shading pencils, crayons - you get the idea. Digital painting is the newest addition to my repertoire. My favorite subjects include flowers, landscapes, birds, and most mythological creatures. Especially dragons.
A new passion of mine has been to travel the world and experience as much of its wonder as I can. I have already gotten as far as Honduras and Cuba, where I have tried to gather as much inspiration from their beauty as I can.
Among the long list of other artists that have inspired my art and I are: the artists of the Italian Renaissance, James Gurney, Thomas Cole, Toni DiTerlizzi, Lee Hammond, Meredith Dillman, and Mark Crilley.
My goal as an artist is to inspire others to do what they love, art or otherwise.
So far my art has been featured on posters for a local festival, included in-game in an online computer game, commissioned for private collections, and published in four different adult fantasy coloring books by Ellen Million Graphics.
Besides these I now have two self-published coloring books available. A collection of flowers: and a collection of dragons:
Also, I now have an artist FB page! Feel free to stop by at
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