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Artist Submission Guidelines
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Deadline for new titles: February 28, 2017.

The Ellen Million Graphics collection of coloring books feature gorgeous fantasy linework by dozens of talented artists. Each staple-bound coloring book has a sturdy cover and moderate weight pages that can handle most medias, even markers and some light watercolor. Pages are printed one-sided.

Artists must be registered through Ellen Million Graphics, and must agree to the coloring book terms. To register and read complete details of the contract, please contact me and I will set you up. EMG has gone paperless, so there is no need to mail a contract.

Artists may submit as many pages of artwork as they wish, for whatever projects are open at the moment. Usually, I will use only a handful of pieces from any single artist. If you are interested in having a solo coloring book printed, please contact me. Please note that EMG only publishes fantasy-related work (with the exception of the Coloring Alaska series, which is not accepting unsolicited submissions at this time).

Artwork is selected for both quality and thematic fit, and the themes may be altered or expanded depending on the work submitted. For example, if I get 25 fantastic unicorns for the fantasy horses coloring book, and one pegasus... I will be narrowing the theme to unicorns. If I end up with just a few dragons and fantasy horses, I may expand the theme for a volume 3 of Dragons, Fairies and Fantasy Horses instead of publishing individual titles.

Highly detailed work with a background is preferred, and the work should fill a letter-sized page, with clean, even inking (completely white background) and creative, well-executed subjects. Orientation should be portrait (except where indicated).

Work may be previously published, or available digitally, and does not need to be created specifically for this project. Please indicate in your artwork notes where else it is currently available or where else it has been published.

Payment is by royalty of $0.05 per page per copy sold retail and $0.025 per page per copy sold wholesale. Fees accrue until payment is requested and are paid out via Paypal at no charge (though you may be charged fees to receive the money).

Projects close when enough work of good quality has been submitted to put together the desired title (20 pages). Ideally, I have 30 or 40 pieces to pick from, so I can create a book that is cohesive in style and theme. I give two weeks notice once this happens, then select from the submitted pieces. Sign up for email updates and watch our Facebook page. The number of submissions listed below may give you a sense of how close we are to putting a title together.

Open Projects
A Medley of MenBeefcake! Hunky men of any fantasy or paranormal type. Knights, royalty, shifters, magicians, part-men (centaurs, mermen), mythological figures, heros... nothing naughty should be showing, but bare chests are encouraged (though not required). *ahem* "Bulges" should not be the focus of the piece, and should remain tasteful. 6
Coloring AlaskaThis project is by invitation only. 20
Natural MagicA pagan and magical collection, witch-friendly, but with an emphasis on traditional pagan and Wiccan topics, rather than Halloween-style witches. Tarot, spells, rituals, brooms, scrying bowls, standing stones, greenmen, candles, and herbcraft are a few ideas for this. Cats encouraged, black or otherwise! 22
Fantasy CatsBig cats, little cats, fairy cats, angel cats, cat familiars, cats with other fantasy critters... any cats of fantasy! 20
Individual Coloring BooksI periodically publish coloring books by a single artist - usually only one or two a year. To submit your work for consideration, please provide a .zip file with 25-30 pieces that are thematically similar. These files may be less than print quality, and may be watermarked, but should be large enough to see clearly. The preview image may be any single image, or a composite. 93
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