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Sketch Fest #109 will run May 10-12! (Today's date: 2019-05-25 10:55:21)

Sketch Fest has ended! Stay tuned for the next event!

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The Sound of the Ocean~ 1 sketches~ 2 claims
Starfish~ 1 sketches~ 4 claims
Under the Sea~ 1 claims
Musical colors
Caffeine pixie
Fairy Well
Once in a blue moon
All in black
Mummy magic
Veiled~ 1 sketches~ 1 claims
On the fire escape
A tale of the tide~ 1 claims
Maybe if I only take one ...?
In need of a good scrubbing
Stuck together~ 1 sketches~ 1 claims
The Cave~ 1 claims
Merfolk Moving
Mermaid of the Mountain
Musical Mermaid~ 1 sketches~ 2 claims
Pretty Pebbles
If you're small enough, a patch of moss is a forest
Water Fairy~ 1 claims
Living Flame~ 1 claims
Labyrinth Butterfly
Stardew~ 1 sketches~ 2 claims
Well of Inspiration
Under sea cristal cave~ 1 sketches~ 1 claims
Moonlight over a lake~ 3 sketches~ 6 claims
Cat in amongst the flowers~ 1 sketches~ 1 claims
Foxglove Fairy~ 2 sketches~ 3 claims
Dandylion ~ 1 sketches~ 1 claims
Under the umbrella ~ 2 sketches~ 2 claims
Waves crashing into rocks on a beach
Leopard Dragon, Owl and Cat
Mysterious Forest
My little pony~ 1 sketches~ 2 claims
White Raven~ 2 sketches~ 2 claims
Fantasy Crossbreeds (ie cat dragon, or hedgehog unicorn)~ 3 sketches~ 4 claims
Mixed Up Fairytales
Ladybug dancing
Joy & Happiness fairies
Fairy wishes
Mermaids blowing bubbles~ 1 sketches~ 2 claims
Dragon breath ~ 1 claims
Plague Doctor
Huginn and Muninn~ 1 sketches~ 1 claims
Fallen Angel~ 2 sketches~ 3 claims
The cat has other plans for my time
Heavenly Deep
Aquatic Garden~ 1 sketches~ 1 claims
Deep Blue Merfolk
Lightning Beast
The Werewolf at Home
Fire and Blood
Mind Full of Snakes
Room Full of Nightmares
The Abhorsen~ 1 sketches~ 1 claims
Thunderstorm Steed
Ocean Eyes~ 1 sketches~ 2 claims
Serpent Queen
Mystic Owl~ 1 sketches~ 1 claims
Silver Vixen
Blue Haired Mermaid ~ 2 sketches~ 5 claims
Call of the Sea
Ocean Dreams~ 2 sketches~ 3 claims
Wool fairy ~ 1 sketches~ 3 claims
Circle of life
Cow horn art
Light bulb fairy
Caught in the rain
May flowers~ 1 claims
A Dolphin ride~ 1 sketches~ 1 claims
Mermaid's Lagoon~ 1 sketches~ 2 claims
This is my shell!~ 1 claims
Mermaid's treasure
Mermaid Moon~ 1 sketches~ 4 claims
Butterflies fairy~ 1 sketches~ 1 claims
Moon and stars princess~ 1 sketches~ 3 claims
Seashell talisman
Silvan elf~ 1 sketches~ 2 claims
The magician and the owl
Clearing the Way for New Things
The Magick of Spring

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