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Sketch Fest #119 will run March 27-29! (Today's date: 2020-04-06 14:52:40)

Sketch Fest has ended! Stay tuned for the next event!

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Bibi Hendl (Chicken Yodeling) :D~ 1 sketches~ 2 claims
Wind in the Woodlands~ 1 sketches~ 2 claims
March of the Ants
Puffins ~ 1 claims
Dream Mermaid~ 1 sketches~ 3 claims
Galaxy~ 1 sketches~ 3 claims
Under a Crescent Moon ~ 1 sketches~ 2 claims
Playful Otter ~ 1 sketches~ 1 claims
Sea Turtles ~ 1 sketches~ 3 claims
Flowers In Her Hair~ 2 sketches~ 4 claims
Mossy Rock
Oversized Flowers~ 1 claims
Surrounded in Blossoms~ 1 sketches~ 3 claims
Succulent~ 1 sketches~ 1 claims
Best in the basement
Attic surprise
On the roof~ 1 sketches~ 1 claims
Geocaching (or letterboxing)
Rainy day games~ 1 sketches~ 1 claims
Favorite song
Birds and coffee~ 1 sketches~ 1 claims
troll cafe
Fairyland burger drive-through
the quest for toilet paper~ 1 claims
dinosaur disco
Chick-en.......... BUTT! Bawk-bawk-baw-bawkbawkbawk.....~ 1 sketches~ 2 claims
Chickens Self-Quarantining
Goddess of dragons
Mini moon~ 1 claims
Moon palace
Painting the walls
Most beautiful garden
Dragons drinking tea~ 1 sketches~ 2 claims
Queens and cats and raven bones~ 1 sketches~ 1 claims
A galaxy creature~ 1 claims
If Phoenixes Evolved Underwater, What Would They Look Like?~ 1 sketches~ 1 claims
Penguins on Vacation~ 1 sketches~ 1 claims
Steampunk paladin
Priest in an empty church
While thy willing soul transpires
Magic Egg~ 2 sketches~ 2 claims
Daffodil Fairy~ 1 sketches~ 2 claims
Crocus Fairy
Sakura Blossom Fairy
black capped chickadee~ 1 sketches~ 1 claims
embracing the storm~ 1 claims
Blessed are those who comfort
angels across the globe
Prayer for our Heroes
Prayers for our Heroes
Pray for the world~ 1 claims
Italian Beauty~ 1 claims
Draw Things you can't live without
calligraphy~ 4 sketches~ 5 claims
black and gold~ 1 sketches~ 1 claims
cactus~ 1 sketches~ 3 claims
behind the waterfall
Carry me home~ 1 sketches~ 2 claims
In nature~ 1 sketches~ 1 claims
Bloody kiss
Man with white long hair, yellow eyes and fangs~ 2 sketches~ 2 claims
Vampire priest
Caught in a Bubble
Grass weaving
Dancing for the Stars~ 1 sketches~ 1 claims
The Lime and the Coconut
The shiniest necklace
Summer beads~ 1 sketches~ 1 claims
Sparkling Gemstones
Summer Flying
Wolf fairy
Faerie with Dandelions
The Goddess of Spring-Persephone ~ 1 sketches~ 2 claims
The Goddess of Spring- Disney version
Bunnies with Spring/Easter theme~ 3 sketches~ 4 claims
Spring~ 1 sketches~ 2 claims
Your favourite foreign word: Draw what it means~ 1 sketches~ 3 claims
What your desk looks like
What's inside your head?~ 1 claims
Behind the curtain(s)
Lying in a meadow, surrounded by flowers~ 1 sketches~ 2 claims
bird goes a’courting~ 1 sketches~ 1 claims
Snow White~ 2 sketches~ 3 claims
Underneath the Blood Moon
Goldfish in a bowl
Mermaid with Rainbow scales and rainbow fins and tail~ 1 sketches~ 2 claims
Rainbow bumper car
4 elements amulet~ 1 claims
Colorful fish
Sweet robot friend~ 2 sketches~ 4 claims
Blue and purple butterfly~ 1 sketches~ 1 claims
Blue and purple butterdly
Coral and seashell palace
Portal to a fantasy realm~ 1 sketches~ 1 claims
Pink flower~ 1 sketches~ 1 claims
Cute fluffy monster~ 1 sketches~ 3 claims
The Fairy tree
Steampunk flying machine~ 1 claims
Housecat/Owl griffin~ 1 sketches~ 1 claims
New shoes
Violets in a group
Magnolia blossom~ 1 sketches~ 2 claims
Spring is creeping in~ 1 sketches~ 1 claims
Bumble bee~ 1 sketches~ 2 claims
Self-caring salamander
Meditating mole~ 1 sketches~ 1 claims
Balanced bananas
Apple Tree Dryad
Autumn Daydream
Dino Kitty~ 2 sketches~ 4 claims
Fairy Magic ~ 1 sketches~ 2 claims
Unicorn Smiles
Floofy Faerie Kitty~ 1 sketches~ 1 claims
Aussie Animal Party
Easter Mermaid ~ 1 sketches~ 2 claims
Tea Time Bunnies~ 1 sketches~ 2 claims
Guinea Piggy Dance Party
Paper flowers
Patchwork airship~ 1 sketches~ 1 claims
Ocean lights
Jelly-lady~ 2 sketches~ 4 claims
Mixing patterns
Fancy stripes
So long, sweetheart
From the window
Poison~ 3 sketches~ 3 claims
Soothe your heart
Be brave
Self portrait~ 1 claims
Not just another pretty face
Apocalyptic Punk~ 1 sketches~ 2 claims
Pandemic of Sadness
Guardian angels working extra time
Scifi scene
Glitter scares demons~ 1 sketches~ 1 claims
Monster~ 2 sketches~ 2 claims
Goth spring
Most unusual bouquet
Dark humor joke
Draw mommy or daddy.
Black dragon, red rose, white rose and a sword~ 2 sketches~ 2 claims
Puppy Love
My kitty
Black silhouette against a rainbow galaxy ~ 1 sketches~ 2 claims
Werewolf Queen~ 1 claims
Woodland animals ~ 1 sketches~ 3 claims
The other side of the mirror
The Easter Bunny~ 1 sketches~ 1 claims
Mad Hatters tea party practice Social Distancing
Dungeons and Dragons
Cat in the Hat~ 1 claims
Puff the magic dragon
If you have a brother or sister can you drawn them for me?
Design an outfit to wear to a party
The old lady who lived in a shoe~ 1 sketches~ 1 claims
If you could be an animal what would you be ?
Cinderella’s Sisters
The good, the bad and the ugly
If you have a pet can you draw it for me please?~ 1 sketches~ 1 claims
If you were a superhero what would you look like?
Draw your favourite super hero
A fairy princess with purple hair and a purple dragon
It’s a fine mess we’re in~ 1 claims
Gossamer Wings
Singing the Blues~ 1 sketches~ 1 claims
Living in a Bubble ~ 2 sketches~ 2 claims
Angels of Mercy~ 1 sketches~ 1 claims
Stuck in
Going crazy
Cyberpunk girl
Cute moon gazing hare ~ 1 claims
No toilet paper
Skeleton Unicorn
Cozy and Calm
White Mage~ 2 sketches~ 2 claims
Light in the Darkness
Plague Doctor~ 4 sketches~ 7 claims
The darkness was her ally, her confidante, and her captor
22nd Century Vampire~ 1 claims
Find your earliest SketchFest and redraw a prompt~ 3 sketches~ 7 claims
So Much Music!
Being socially connected while physically distant~ 2 sketches~ 2 claims
My Life in silence~ 1 claims
Try me
Silent Song, Sing Along
Not alone ~ 1 claims
The friend~ 1 claims
Fire elf~ 5 sketches~ 7 claims
good news
the middle child's birthday
those are not the mushrooms for the gravy~ 1 sketches~ 1 claims
Fairy Chick~ 1 sketches~ 2 claims
Komodo Dragon King
A real beauty sitting on a park bench feeding the squirrels ~ 1 claims
When life first came to land, the first sounds to fill the night were the frogs
Easter Bunny Dragon~ 1 claims
The First Songbird~ 1 sketches~ 1 claims
Sword wielding lady in a red dress and black stockings ~ 1 sketches~ 3 claims
A nest of cuddly rats
Pysanka~ 1 sketches~ 2 claims
The blue dress and green stockings~ 1 claims
ornate jewelry
stormy sky~ 1 claims
Princess Zelda~ 1 sketches~ 1 claims
Mermaid tea party~ 1 sketches~ 1 claims
Dragon fae~ 1 sketches~ 1 claims
Magic is real~ 1 sketches~ 1 claims
Butterflies and moonbeams~ 1 sketches~ 1 claims
The stargazer~ 2 sketches~ 4 claims
Kitten Cuddles
Plague Doctor's Spring outfit~ 3 sketches~ 4 claims
Sunshine and stockings~ 1 claims
Well, that's gonna leave a scar
The last of the snowmen
Sexy tree nymph waking up~ 1 claims
Free falling
Sexy space women in calf high boots riding a rocket sled~ 1 claims
Zombie Fairy~ 1 claims
Springtime stockings~ 1 sketches~ 4 claims
Migraine fairies
Springtime through the window
What are mummies wrapped in now that there is a TP shortage ?~ 1 claims
what to do with a basketful of chimpmunks
The Mugglewumpus
Tears of a Mermaid~ 1 claims
Apple Blossoms ~ 1 sketches~ 2 claims
Snap dragons~ 2 claims
Bluebell~ 1 sketches~ 2 claims
Rose~ 3 claims
Lily~ 1 sketches~ 2 claims
Daisy~ 1 sketches~ 1 claims
Black-eyed Susans~ 2 sketches~ 3 claims
Magnificent Pearl Crown~ 2 sketches~ 2 claims
Cute bunny with dandelion~ 2 sketches~ 5 claims
Wild horse~ 2 sketches~ 2 claims
Wild Hourse
Polka dot~ 1 claims
Flower Mermaid~ 2 sketches~ 4 claims
Queen of Peacocks~ 2 sketches~ 4 claims
Oriental Fairy~ 1 claims
Stargazer~ 1 sketches~ 3 claims
Design a book cover of your favourite story (no fan art please!)
Snail Rider~ 4 sketches~ 6 claims
My pet bumblebee~ 1 claims
Treasure Chest~ 1 claims
I spy...
Something Blue~ 1 sketches~ 1 claims
Pretty Seashell
Floating Home
Pumpkin Boat Race~ 1 claims
rainy city
party parrot
the things that were hidden under the snoq
Four-Armed Juggler
Snail Shell Mansion~ 1 sketches~ 2 claims
Mantis Fairy
Furniture Plant Nursery
Gnome Owl-Tamer
The last unicorn~ 1 sketches~ 3 claims
Leocampus~ 2 sketches~ 2 claims
Rainbow surprise
Kois~ 2 sketches~ 2 claims
Lace Wings~ 1 sketches~ 1 claims
Magpie Fashion Show~ 1 sketches~ 2 claims
Magic Clover
in and out the garden door

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