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Sketch Fest #113 will run September 20-22! (Today's date: 2019-09-22 20:09:56)

Sketch Fest has ended! Stay tuned for the next event!

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Ritual of the Sea
Eclipse Earrings~ 1 claims
Autumn colored unicorn~ 1 sketches~ 2 claims
One moment, there, the next, gone
Missing my friends
Witch loves Unicorn
Where is Edward???
Storybook page~ 2 sketches~ 2 claims
IG Challenge you are following this month
Woven Flowers
Something to crow about
Bats in the belfry
Witchy mermaid~ 1 claims
Goldfish mermaid
Book of Shadows
Hocus Pocus
Wings of Wind
eyes of fire
new house new home~ 1 sketches~ 2 claims
Macaw~ 1 claims
Pirate booty
Comfy quilt
Climbing the tree
The duel
Field ready to harvest
Birthday surprise
So curly~ 1 sketches~ 2 claims
Light a candle
Male witch~ 1 sketches~ 1 claims
Rainy autumn day~ 1 claims
Mabon fires
Witchy teatime
Daydreaming Fairy
Laying in a field of flowers
Witch enjoying her coffee
Kitten Tea Party
Fairy Barista ~ 2 claims
Woodland walk
Draw me
A woodland walk
Seahorse and mermaid ~ 1 sketches~ 2 claims
Steampunk Moon~ 1 sketches~ 2 claims
Steampunk moom
Black cats bookends
Honey badger ~ 1 sketches~ 2 claims
Whose paw is it?
Raven and the ring ~ 2 sketches~ 3 claims
Caterpillar and toadstool~ 1 sketches~ 2 claims
An owls eye, nose and feathers
Dragonfly with rainbow pearlescent wings~ 1 sketches~ 2 claims
Cute bat and her batlets ~ 1 sketches~ 2 claims
Your favourite fictional character
A horse with its foal snuggling into her neck
Moon Witch~ 3 sketches~ 5 claims
Swirl of Leaves
Pearl~ 1 sketches~ 3 claims
Maple Leaf~ 1 claims
Autumn Fox~ 4 sketches~ 6 claims
Pumpkin Patch~ 2 sketches~ 3 claims
Autumn Mermaid~ 1 claims
Dark Moon~ 2 sketches~ 3 claims
mystery name
darkness covers me
King Scarecrow
acorn princess~ 2 sketches~ 4 claims
Fall into me
The Faerie´s Flashlight
Giggles in the dark
Constellations of autumn
Chills and Fever ( Song version by Samantha Fish )~ 1 claims
Vampire's love
The Witch's best friend~ 1 sketches~ 2 claims
Autumn Fairy~ 1 sketches~ 1 claims
Pumpking Harvest
Blue Jay
Ethereal fairy ~ 1 claims
Response (to another sketchfest piece)
Reprise~ 1 claims
Apple thief ~ 1 claims
Pumpkin patch troll
What's hidden in that Leaf pile ?
Magic moonbeam
Sleepy Kitty
Crystals in her/his hair
Sun~ 1 sketches~ 1 claims
Herbal witch~ 1 claims
Sigil magic~ 1 sketches~ 1 claims
Element of Earth
Element of Fire
Owls in the fog~ 1 sketches~ 2 claims
Winged bard~ 1 sketches~ 1 claims
Embers and ice~ 1 sketches~ 1 claims
Isle of bones
Gold and silver~ 1 claims
Ikebana fairies
Why so serious?
Glass and Steel
Dangerous and beautiful mermaid witch~ 1 sketches~ 2 claims
Witch's elegant dress robe~ 2 sketches~ 2 claims
Dragon Hatchling~ 1 sketches~ 3 claims
Henna design
Starry Night Dream~ 1 sketches~ 2 claims
Dress made of autumn leaves and berries~ 1 sketches~ 2 claims
Azure Blue and Pumpkin Orange~ 1 sketches~ 2 claims
Fairy Tale PRINCE~ 2 sketches~ 2 claims
Mermaid Warrior
Are you ready for Inktober?
Goddess of Autumn~ 2 sketches~ 3 claims
Ghost Butterfly
Elixir of Immortality~ 2 sketches~ 4 claims
Gypsy Dancer~ 1 sketches~ 1 claims
Joan of Arc
fantasy farmer's market
hygge~ 2 sketches~ 3 claims
a chain of stars
changing leaves~ 2 sketches~ 3 claims
Dachshund Warrior~ 1 claims
black cat magic~ 3 sketches~ 4 claims
pet void
woodland tea
autumn hedgehog~ 3 sketches~ 6 claims
Guardian of the woods
Little tree spirits
Shining star crown
Beware the Budgie
Let’s go star hunting~ 1 sketches~ 1 claims
Night sky
Rise of the phoenix
The enchantress and her raven~ 2 sketches~ 2 claims
The witch and the owl~ 2 sketches~ 3 claims
The prince and the wolf
Magic of Mabon
Autumn fairy queen
Autumn leaves masquerade~ 1 sketches~ 1 claims
Toadstools, black cat and potion bottles~ 2 sketches~ 2 claims
Season of the witch~ 2 sketches~ 4 claims

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