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Sketch Fest #129 will run March 26-28! (Today's date: 2021-03-08 22:40:48)

Sketch Fest #129 starts in: 17 days 13 hours and 19 minutes! Join the Facebook Event

Work by: Glandarius

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This artist has left the following prompts:

The white Eagle of the North
Lazy Afternoon
I come knocking on your door
I'm a brother to the moon
There's a yawn in my ear
Zeus swallows the world
Old green tree on top of the world
Soft Vengeance
Shelter from the Storm
She's got a devil around her neck
I need fast food!
Let me loose
You're bad company!
Hiding in a corner
Fire dances
Raw to the bone
Eye in the Sky
My hands are tied
Island in the distance
Hungry expression
First signs of winter
A warm Winter
Birds from the North
The Knife
Smokin' a big cigar
The Black Rider
The Observer
Rainy Night
The Angry Hippopotamus
The white Stallion
Where are you going to?
Under Siege
The escalating Vulcano
I feel like a lemming today
Beautiful orange Bird
Orange Blossom
What's he doing out there?!
What's in the Box?
The black Kite
What's that blackening the Sky?
It's a sunny Day
The red Kite
The Cat
Hole in the Sky
A Girl and her Dog
The Crucified
Fighting Lions
Dark Clouds on the Horizon
The Goddess of Wisdom
The House on the Hill
The Meerkat with the extraordinary blue Eyes
A Drapery in red
A Lady and a Bird of Prey
Near the Volcano
The blue Depth
The Man and his Wolves
A large Cat in the Window
A Sign in the Dark
The blue Wolf
Create your favorite Prison
This Wildebeest is looking at you
A Minstrel in the Gallery
The Puma on the Edge
A Meerkat keeping Watch
Portrait of a Lioness
The resting Wart-hog
A Monument for the Deaf
A red and white Wolf
The guitarist lost his guitar
The brown Locust
Green Onions
A brown Bear in the Gallery!
This Lion needs a Shave
A Beast of Burden
A Baby Badger
Girl with Headphones
A worn out Coat
He's working on Something Big
Hey, it's Sunday Man
A higher Place
Hair in the Wind
The Gorillas are eating Celery
Stranger in the Night
Blue suede Shoes!
Run or you will rust
Is she human?
Old Shoes
A Statue of a Wolf
A Giraffe and her young One
Under Eagle Owl Attack!
A black and white Heron
Play with Fire
A wart-hog digging a Hole
A Wildebeest is threatened by a Cheetah
Gang of strong Boys
A Group of Ladybirds
Dance on a Volcano
Four Horses
Three Impala's
A Stork on her Nest
A resting red Lion
Free Bird
The purple Horse
Blood, Sweat and Tears
Composition in red
Broken Windows
Standing still
Four Horses in the Sky
The Apparition
Three Zebra finches
A Rhinoceros and het young One
A white Mountain tinted with Red
A Cyclops
He sure looks defeated
A Camel dressed in expensive Garments
Crocodile tears
A female Head with a Hat
Abstract Landscape
Female and a Lioness
A Bunch of Ring-tailed Lemurs
Cheetah with two cubs
Abstract Head
The Rebirth
The Undertaker
A Group of Red River Hogs
Never drive a car when you're dead! (Tom Waits)
They arrested me when I was in my grave! (Tom Waits)
Lonely Tree
I am a Robot
Sleeping Grizzly Bear
African golden Cat
The Hawk
Cowboy Hat
African Queen
The purple Prince
Morse signals in his eyes
A mouthfull of words
A pregnant elephant
A purple bobcat
The meditating hippo
Mountain lion on watch
Asian golden cat
The Pharaoh
The house of the deceased
That toothache is killing you
The Buzzard
The weeping Elephant
A lonely Jackal
Total Devastation
The black Panther
Keep your blood-money!
Mythological creature
Master of puppets
The rock
Rain on the roof
My dying Bride
The Survivor
The Vagrant
Bob the Nob
Orange chemtrails in the sky...
A green orang-utan
Who's head is that on my pillow?
What's there beyond the treshold
The forefather
Cold winter night
Mother Nature in distress
Mother Earth is not happy
Father Sky's anger
Little chap
Rain forest declining
Foretoken of a disaster
Red, black and blue lifebuoy
Strange face
Weird hair
Metal battle
What happened to the birds of peace?
Run under the light of the moon
A glass of red wine
Red house
Red and white
Yellow river
Przewalski horse
Girl with a robin on her ear
Fear of the dark
Just a face
The thinking tree
On the road again
Fox on the run
That girl is a walking disaster!
Father of day
Father of night
A cruel man
The walking electric torch
The sensual hippopotamus
A wren making an emergency landing
The handsome bull-fighter
Pure and simple
My biceps glow in the dark!
Reading by candlelight
The dark illuminator
Ruthless queen
The black rose
Sleeping gorilla
Lonesome great egret
Great tit and blue tit eating peanuts
Scary monkey's face
Old year shakes hands with new year
Camel head
Pink flamingo
A horse with no name
Lonely wolf
The body
Dirty old mountain
Zebra finches
Purple horse
Sleeping cheetah
Koala in a tree
That particular moment the spotted hyena became a vegan...
A young camel and its mother
A group of waterbucks
Shadow of a wolf
Mr. and Mrs wolf
Angry wolf
Just autumn...
A cloud of starlings
The smile of a dentist's assistant
Blinded by the Light
The Gift
Black Gloves
The Refrigerator of a Witch
The Vision
The Survivor
The Swarm
That's a smart animal!
Flying elephant
A rabbit blowing up a balloon
The beauty of the mountains
Hand holding a landscape
The blue fox carried by a balloon
Where's all this rain coming from?
The warriors of the rainbow
Another hot sunny day in december...
You want this? Come and get it!
I'm thinking...
Three cheetahs lying in the grass
The smile of a butterfly
Fire behind bars
Halo of fire
Fire dancers

This artist has comments on the following prompts for Sketch Fest #129:

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