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Work by: Kir Talmage

Oh, I suffer the delusion of art. It persists, despite the fullness of everything else: web development, outreach and some kids-plus-birds activities at a small museum (and a few other clients), mothering, and messing my whimsical daydreams onto paper or something. I'm just not sure how to "laser-ize" the focus to more success ... I have a wide-angle mind apparently. Possibly even fish-eye or panorama.
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This artist has left the following prompts:

hearts' ease
tea and crumpets
sea dream
if chicks can imprint on dogs, why not dragons?
night train
chocolate beastie
steampunk stevedore
daydream canoes
on the shadowed terrace, beyond the music
where Neverland, Neverwhere, Otherwhere and the Borderlands meet
the way of leaves
the chipmunk's map
crab apples
north of the sky, south of the sea
for the want of a raven, the king was lost
rolled out of sight
good weather for ghosts
the darkest ship, the widest night
as if it were a song, for singing out of light
song for the moon, music for the sun
unable to resist the muse (if that is what it is)
and they all took exception to the hat
early in the morning, when the toads come calling
being water, drinking quiet
the last of the decoys
collecting magic when the minnows danced
dress up time
no longer sure how to do good
and with one hand, lifted the ...
When even the mud is full of joy
where the snapping turtles doze and the frogs chuckle to themselves
migration, molt, and mayhem
squeezing in the art (in honor or Lisa Cree as well as Ellen's Sketchfest Extension)
joy dragon spilled ink (aside- I'm trying loosely connected ideas as prompts rather than a phrase -kir)
Surprise :: pond :: device
Tawny Frogmouth
not the mammal you might have preferred
on beyond lilac
around a corner and through a gate
screaming hordes of happiness
shallows top hat unweildy
miles as the snail flies
navigation shrew peculiar
turtle dastardly avenue
treehouse peacock adventure
a rather surprising breakfast
Soap Box Derby racing
What Not To Do in Ancient -------
Accidental hero
Afloat in a swarm of insistent ideas
Practicing the Fantastical homework assignment
Newt Juice
early mouse steals the ...
and the clouds piled up on the other side of the ridge
the song came winding far and among the ruins
beyond October's shadows, behind November's light
gnarled as a tree, dark as the moon, wrinkled as a nut, and as wild as the loon
Dancing in the angled light, leaving shadows on the sky
to decorate your spirit, you ...
the shadows patterns the aging leaves / the trees reached for the sky / the ferns all bowed their browning heads / as you and he went slinking by
How the Fox's Ears Turned Black
What Happened to Grandfather Sky's Lost Wish
the thing that was lost has been found
in memory as long as a winter's night, with hope as sharp as a winter's shadow
slippery sidewalks, in a hurry, that's the holiday style
the rustle of grasses in the winter garden
Jays mobbing something in a brush pile
an energetic posse of hoople-headed happy boys

When the mouse caused trouble for the kookaburra, everyone...
I think your grandmamma would have been happier to _not_ hear about that.
Trolls on safari
and the sun set, and the shadows blurred together
and the old vines 'round the door began to push forth hints of green and violet...
what Mrs Tittlemouse does in the springtime
And with a bit of careless magic, the snow finally began to melt
If you'd been hired to do the book cover, it would look this this:
the hope that burns your soul; the dream so big you hardly dare think it
roller coaster
the bear's unexpected adventure
the Crocus Thief
Mojo's Stupendous Synchronous Mysterious Miniaturizer
Whaddya mean, I have to use a camera? We've been taking selfies in scyring bowls for centuries!
and the road dipped out of sight before rising again on the long slope to the castle
you wouldn't've known she was a goddess, just to talk with her. It wasn't something she often shared.
"Steam," suggested Titania
the terms of the loan were, at best, peculiar
you couldn't call it ~lurking~ when you were really waiting for your target to arrive, could you?
and the kitchen elves had even made the coffee
What the minotaur did with the bouquet of violets
no sooner had she cleaned off the fingerprints then she spilled the coffee
high in the glen, on the Pale Mist bridge
a race of faeries
a sunken garden
desperate rescue
She began testing the prosthetic wing
Biting the Hand of Fate
It was _clearly_ not _their_ acorn
there were no singing birches here
not just __any__ egg
the withered grapes were slightly fermented; the waxwings liked them that much more
and the light clattered on the autumns branchs
Fanning the Flames
The Dream During Equinox
The Queen of the Fae held it up and asked...
Dancing on All the Edges
Escaping the terrarium
A swinger of birches
Tricking the Nestlings
The moment they met, they knew they'd made uneccesary and erroneous assumptions
She told the story with "battling" elements, but the truth was otherwise
She become the colors of sunset
Deep from the dancing shadows, a tune came trickling
mixed messages
hope blossomed, and comforted those afraid
secrets in an English garden
mysteries at the dacha
So she decided to wear the costume of...
and then he tickled to fox behind its ears...
Clearly inspired by Any Goldsworthy
I was not the only intelligence in the room
but this color held secrets
On meeting the Chipmunk Patrol, they...
When the fairy got the job at NASA...
A not so frilly faerie
Mab, Queen of Air and Darkness
See Dick. See Jane. See Spot. See Dick and Jane play catch with Spot.
Illustrate a scene or event from a favorite book.
What kindness looks like
Returning Light
The train of dreams
Dissolving into a swirl of light and snow
the Sharks had unexpected allies
kayak the sky
the War for the Reef
starfish army
minimum activity requirement
When the Merfolk and EarthFirst! Work Together [this is what my last prompt *should* have said]
When their menfolk and EarthFirst! Work together
Annoying the Healer
I have a gift ... and it isn't cooking
the sound of drums dancing in the pines
messages at midnight
escape recover nourish return
Earth Dragon
chores first, dammit!
a fit of sneezing
sugar snow
Do the fairies have gymnastics lessons?
A stitch in time saves.... What?
"Fiddle-Dee-Dee," said the ...
Cat on cold wet dock
What happens in the hedge...
the dragon's tattoo
after the apple blossoms
in a far deep lake, where the light is filtered green
Slant 6 Mind
Theatre of the Absurd
The Eldritch Band
The strongest thread in all the worlds
Dance we in a ring-oh!
Shatterstone and Rockheart
a border of birds
what the elephants know
when the merfolk go hot-rodding
"Yup, she jinxed it alright. "
the key to the portal was not what they'd expected
the Poet's Gargoyle
the World's Biggest Corncob
Another Roadside Attraction
Sea Weasels
Battling the forces of darkness
Fierce dances
The mural you wish had been the walls of your room
A door, known only to children, that all children might find
"What slish is this?" asked the Duke [this is from a fantastic book by James Thurber]
Purple scales gleamed in the light of the small flame
And then she drew on reserves of fierceness she hadn't known she possessed
the Kindness Brigade was quite busy this year
cookies cookies cookies!
Winter Camping
Touched by a Small God
Moth Child
An Egg. A Viking. A Goat.
bickering beastly children
Cyberelves, hacking for the earth
Zorja Vechernjaja
Birding by the Numbers (see
the bank robber was a parakeet after all
how a pixie eats an orange
the goblin and the LEGO minifig
The King of the Birds had a key
How the Nixies ate the Noodles
How to Win a Staring Contest with a Tortoise
Tree-pod : a home, suspended
Send in the goats! (they're not just kidding around)
a skyship made of stars and dreams, wind and whispers
The naiad of Kirkjufellsfoss
The naiad of Frog Creek, PA
Super fast!
Thwarted by Small Flat Devices of Doom
Off to See the World
A Faerie's Luggage for a Journey Across the Sea
The Troll's Gyrocopter
Homes on the Bridge
When the Nocker "improved" the Stirling engine ...
13 ways of looking at a blackbird
Faerie scientists researching clouds
A dream of your village/town/city as it will look 200 years from now
Sky garage
Girl, Boy, and Goblin Scouts
the dog that opened the door
Dinosaur soltice
First moon of winter
At home in the deepest snow
Winter is coming; winter is forever gone
All the light comes slantwise gold and the trees are taking new names
Yule Bonfire
The Tarot card that symbolizes your hopes or goals or fate for 2018
A dragon of ice and stars
Soft ~ warm ~ adorable
when weather magic goes wrong
the seeker and the silver lady
don't press your luck
spring run-off
the birds are back in town
salamanader crossing
dance with monsters in the sky
the Demons of Daffodil Alley
consumed by fury, yes, but having an excellent plan to Fix It
At first, it looked like an ordinary crocus, but then ....
she inspected everything, from vernal pool to night migration, always in the the most well-crafted camouflage
The Spring Peeper Warrior Chorus
Magpie's Emporium: All the Sparklies Fitting for Your Nest
Song Duel
therapy dogs & friends
Fairy laundry
the mermai’d engine
on beyond crocus
a faerie's journal
Mother Goose, Auntie Swan, Father Merganser, and Uncle Duck
Festival of Feathers
far on the strand, she gathered moonlight and sea spray to weave the cloth they needed
never give wings to a squirrel
it seemed like the tunnel was older than Time
the face was carved deep in the tree...if it was a carving at all
East of the Sun, West of the Moon, North of the Stars...but South is long since lost.
a right and proper Mouse House
she dreamt of the Fifteen FIshes
in the heart of the cloud
he handed up the leaf-weaving, saying...
understatedly dashing, possibly bold, and definitely an accidental troublemaker
keep hold of your keys, picks, and beer, because otherwise...
a deep and gentle space; a fine and quiet place
travelling up the fjord
Mermaids of the Icebergs
illustration of a Hans Christian Andersen story
twilight reaching across the fields and forest, day drifting into evening
reconnecting to the harvest
the barn owl's roots
beyond the sarcophagus
rock goblin
salsa for the sidhe
earth drummer
dance of the selkies
Halloween for lemurs
when the dryand went walkabout
Revolution of light
A hat made of stars
the Kindness Brigade
Steampunk Holly & Ivy
the Museum and the Manticore
Medusa's Many Faces
Monkeys on the Farm
Marry Merry Mary
Don’t be lasagna
Expanse of petals, waves of stars
I have a spoon.
Dream tree
the Well-Dressed Dragon
Fish Kites
Whale Camp
from one garden to another, and the door in the wall
selkies sipping smoothies in a silken summer
the Hobgoblin's Hammock
the Picnic at Hideaway Hedge
The Reader
Defenders of the Trees
Constellations of autumn
Giggles in the dark
The Faerie´s Flashlight
that dashing young bird
the death of Summer
the birth of Winter
What the Bear Had to Say About It
The Spirit of Fall Running
Teaching your young ones well
in and out the garden door
the things that were hidden under the snoq
The Mugglewumpus
what to do with a basketful of chimpmunks
those are not the mushrooms for the gravy
the middle child's birthday
good news
bird goes a’courting
Packing for camp
The best use of chocolate chips
The results of too much screen times
Junicorn: ivy
Junicorn: wildflowers
Junicorn: geology
Junicorn: astronomy
Junicorn: a bad picnic
Detective Mashniggle from Goblin City
When the plan comes together
Panda (#ZoolyArtChallenge prompt for July 17)
Humpback whale (#ZoolyArtChallenge prompt for July 18)
Lyrebird (#ZoolyArtChallenge prompt for July 19)
“This must be fairy writing. It’s all in curses.”
Moomin picnic
Opinionated parakeet
Outrageous Toad
Ritzy Mole
High-fashion Flamingo
a thing we’re thankful for
cricket bug’s squeaky shoes
flower faery’s autumn chores
the middle of the novel
spelling bees
lantern to light the way home
Mechanical reindeer
Santa goes steampunk
the sounds of a winter wizard
light returning
the end/the beginning
a breath of deep air
character design: cello magic
the parakeets get in trouble
st. valentine and the dragon
a very surprised neighbor
to do one's duty
that's enough, it's jus tme and the cat from now on!
you, the superhero(ine)!
when the tattoos glow under UV light
when the drummer is a steampunk wizardin disguise
a quiet fox
the jays seriously discuss whether they should mob the hawk or not
song of the sea jellies
the lost opportunity
crystal visions
pearls in her hair
flowers behind his ears
snow goblins' fort

This artist has comments on the following prompts for Sketch Fest #129:

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