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Sketch Fest #129 will run March 26-28! (Today's date: 2021-03-08 10:17:36)

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Work by: Harkalya Reveur

Also known as Koral Garcia Delgado... I am a dreamer... All my life is leaded by my oniric world... So when I am awake I try to show the realm of the other side, my visions... Following my dreams, I left the city and all that I knew and gone after the adventure... now I am living in a farm, growing my own organic food, protecting my little piece of forest and its wild creatures, raising my two childs and lots of domestic animals... Yes, I am a little mad, but I don`t care!
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This artist has left the following prompts:

Vulcano Goddess
Time to feed the dragons
I want to sleep just a little more...
The Secret of Alchemyst
Hungry-angry baby giant
The King is Dead
Little Blue Child
Minotaur Woman
Poison mushrooms
The Glass Faced Wizard
Valandil and Lólindir, elves brothers
Leonora Carrington
The Lord of the Seeds
The Faeries' Farm
Fae Pirates
Bjork... as faery, fantasy character, goddess or about one of her songs...
Dragon's Treasures
Kitsune Lovers
She really needs some HELP!!!
Hummingbird Wind
Why they have to eat so much???
Faery Pierrot
Surreal Family
The secret of Vivian Maier
Mossy Fantasy
Parachute Spiders
Armando Reverón
Elves vs Orcs
Mother Unicorn and her two babies
Orion Star Faeries
Funghi World (
I love my Mom
World Day of the Bood Donnor
The Fairydust Queen
Little rainbow unicorn
Grotesque Clown
Pixie harvesting flowers
Fantasy Selfportrait
A magical faery key to go in...
Guardians of the Seeds
A surreal country named Venezuela...
Unicorn People
Fantasy lovers
A Cat with his own flea circus!
Lady of the Seeds
One -or more- character of "Game of Throne" in your own style
The Palace of Queen Kornya
The Tortoise King
Winged turtle
"Intensity" is her second name...
Seed Freedom
Dr Vandana Shiva from India
Against Monsanto
Ohh oh my turkeys are hatchling!!! (real time!!! I will go right now to take the picture)
Halloween Circus!!!
Halloween Selfportrait
She is a cruel pirate dog terrifying Chickentown
witchy fairies
Ghost Busters
No candys here, only fruits!
Spooky Witch
Lovely Ghosts
Haunted House
Nerd Lonely Party
Your Inner Monster
Stone Animals (This is REALLY spooky, sorry the article is in spanish but u have to see:
With new glasses!!!
His name is Kettu, a young kitsune prince...
Living in TropiKaos...
too much rain!
Ungry mom
Steaampunk Xmas
snail train
The Laundry Monster... I know every home has one (It is just like the Oogy-boogy, but made of clothes)
Leonora Carrington, Remedios Varo and/or Frida Khalo
Dark Angel
Pirate Xmas
Vampire Xmas
Pirate Mom with two sons
Stubornland Queen
Immortal Love
Milking the goat
Coffee Faeries
Your Muse
yellow moon
Pirate Love
Fantasy Carnaval
Faeries of Peace
Hiding my killer instinct...
Give me a hug!
Surviving Chaos
string garden-kokedama garden
collage-paper mache-cardboard
A legend-myth-tradition of your country
Unicorn's Love Tale
Lady Limerick
Frustration (EV theme)
Lady of the Goats
The Mirror
My house is finally finished!
Unicorn Magic
snail's moving
Wonder (EV)
Drunk pirate
Nightmare of the Unicorn
Hidden Treasure (EV theme)
Octopus Mutantis Mermaid
Pirate dreams
Adventure begins
Mundo Snail
The first snow
Crazy Cat Lady ;)
Chickens and baby Goat
Pirate love
Absinthe (Enchanted Visions' theme)
La Cuerda Floja
Tortoise Crazy World
A minotaur named "Jorma"
Divergent / Insurgent / Allegiant / Four
Humpty Dumpty
Fantasy creature
Under the sea
Gothic Lolita (EV)
Surrealist easter
Wild Circus
EV The Gateway
Madness can be a funny place...
Your son or daughter as fantasy being
Save the bees!!!
Unicorn vs Dragon
Space babes
Galactic Fantasy
Outer Space / Moonscapes
Your fav movie
Unicorn vs Dragon and the White Witch
Donkicorn (Burricornio)
They think they can cheat each other...
Lady Dracorn and Lord Firefish in a blind dance...
From the book you are currently reading
Artemisia Gentileschi (Renascent Italian female artist 1593-1654)
Dancing Jelly beans (#sugarymixedupchallenge)
EV Tattooed Lady
Galactic Dragon or Unicorn
Oddity to the Space
Sci Fi Lolita
Rescue an old sketchfest and try to finish it!
How can I stand by someone if I live walking in a lazy string...
Asian myths and legends
EV Spirit Guide
Ridiculous Dragon Knight
Objects with horns and /or wings
Mystical animals
Drawlloween / Inktober
EV Eerie encounter
Blood on ice
Only in my dreams
Lost dreams
Bonus time... One more hour in your sketch and finish it!
EV Field of Fireflies
Curiosity Cabinet
Happy Birthday to me :) sunday 20th/40years :p
The Magic Wizard Queens visit the Holly Child
Lover's Eye Miniature Portrait, 18th and 19th centuries inspired
EV Sunset Ball
Black dragon is far again...
The Witch Queen, the Warrior Unicorn and the Wizard Dragon
Unusual mermaid; Human legs with fish body and head...
Frida Mania Challenge (Instagram)
My Birthday Gift
Savage Party
Beasty Lady
Grinch, Grylla, Krampus and or other Xmas horrors lol
Your folkore
Myths & traditions from your homeland
Your xmas dinner
Winter guardian
Letter to Santa
New Year Promises
Childhood memory
Wintery laundry monster
I am...
Favorite anime
Your fave character xmas dressed
Chaos Land
Under sea cristal cave
Fortune teller (Enchanted Visions)
Magic words
Dragon & Unicorn friendship
Lord of Havoc
Storybook page
Book of Shadows page
Rain for Amazonia
Something upcycled
Make something
Your favorite book
House invaded by dragons
Steppe eagle
Storybook page
Cryptozoological fieldbook page
IG Challenge you are following this month
Storybook page
Where is Edward???
Witch loves Unicorn
Missing my friends
Autumn colored unicorn
Inspired by a song currently listening
Legend of your country
My major fear is to...
Under the moonlight
Oh my crush!
Come back
The Emperor
Return of the King
Mad about you!
Ancient trees wisdom
Bird Whisperer Project
Tarot cards
A cheater bear
Coffee my love!
Domestic chores, fantasy style
Dark humor joke
Goth spring
Scifi scene
Guardian angels working extra time
Birds and coffee
Favorite song
Late to the party
Grumpy teen prince
How do think I am?
An edgeling: creature from the abyss
I miss my mommy
White kitten with blue/green eye dichromy, yellow tail
Lady Dream
A creature with too many eyes
Bird Whisperer
Tarot Card
Your fantasy home
A vintage suitcase
Your dream garden
Elemental magic
Long stairs to meet the Angel
She has feathers and claws, wild hair and precious lips
Meine liebe vogel
The trees have eyes and there are cogs emerging fron the soil...
An angel called Joshua in the garden of Lord
My sweet monster staring at night
Dragons Aquelarre
Rage is beauty
A door that never opens
Aetherean, the forgotten city of Angels
Anthro unicorn intobthe woods
Black Witch, Red Witch, Black Witch
Ciberpunk doll
Xmas Wonderland
Alice in Christmasland

This artist has comments on the following prompts for Sketch Fest #129:

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