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Sketch Fest #129 will run March 26-28! (Today's date: 2021-03-04 10:37:50)

Sketch Fest #129 starts in: 22 days 1 hours and 22 minutes! Join the Facebook Event

Work by: Evelyn Henderson

This artist has left the following prompts:

Butterfly fairy kisses
Dragon Fire
Moonbeam Goddess
Out of the Mist
Ladybug Warrior
Crystal Ball World
Buttercup Pixie
Naughty but Nice !
Blue Moon Rising
Dressed in Silky Spiderwebs
Tippity toe
There will be Dragons
Emerald Sea
Journey to the Stars
Grecian Mermaid
your favorite animal
Gothic Fairy
Fairy Wings
Irish banshee
Alien raiders
Jon Snow (Game of Thrones)
Storm of Swords
Dance with Dragons
Firefly Sunset
Sketch of what you drew for the first time that made you say Wow, I love this
Selene Greek goddess of the moon
Witches hats
A Feast for Crows
Dewdrops glowing softly on lady bug
Field of Jack O Lantern's
Celtic fairy
Ladybug Tattoo
Fairy with last flower of the summer
Graveyard Frolic
Knotty and Nice
Draped in Mistletoe/Ivy
Santa Lucia crown
Lavender Fantasy
Christmas pixie
Snow fairy
A Moment in Time
Edward's headache
Candy cane faires
Silent night
Starry starry night
Mistletoe kisses
Midnight Garden
Innocence lost
Winter Solstice
Wrapped in Garlands of Holly
Fairy Dust
Spirit of Winter
By the fireplace
Nidhogg Dragon
Nyx goddess of the night
Fairy Dust
Butterfly fairy
Tender Touch
Love Bites
Still waters run deep
Werewolf, Full Moon Rising
Black Orchid
Tiger eyes
The Littlest Fairy
Sneezing and Wheezing
Teen Wolf
The Night Watch
Web Sight
Bleeding Heart
Tom Thumb
Hiding under the Daisies
Beauty and the Beast
Bunny Tails
Magick Circus
Its' Ed's Birthday !!
Queen of Green
Just When the Caterpillar thought the World was over, She became a Butterfly
Fairy Safari
March hare/hair
Wings of Gold
Chick magnet
Daughter of the Sea
Angel puppies
Sea Dreams
Pixie Hollow
Garden of Secrets
Black Lace
Coolest Cat
Puppy Love
Oh my gosh,for a minute I thought I was naked ! It was an illusion,
Fairy Wishes
maypole dancer
This thing called love
Wedding Jitters
Country Mouse
Night Owl
Fireflies and Ladybugs dancing
Fairy Ring
Little Kitty
My Wild Side
Love is in the air
Some people move our souls to dance
Water Goddess
Light reflecting from lanterns
Dressed in Fall Colors
The black bat flower
October Birthday Fairy
I have bats in my belfry
Pumpkin patch
Touched by darkness
Silly mice
Shock Me !
Sweetest Witch
Pumpkin pixies
Harvest Moon
Chrysanthemum festival
Midnight Visitor
Black Magic
Spiders and Bats
Awaken my soul
Country Christmas
Little Drummer boy
Candy Cane Pixie
Frozen tears
Winter Dream
St Lucia with candles lit on her headpiece
Black Angel
Chase your dreams
A child's smile
Jar of Hearts
newborn smile
Breath of Spring
I'm burned !!!
Titiana the Fairy Queen
Doorway to the Secret Garden
Touched by Magic
Wild Orchid
Rainbow Mermaid
Free Spirit
Lavender Fantasy
Peacocks and Lace
Move my soul to dance
Sweet Dreams
Fall fairy in dress of colored leaves blowing in the wind
Happy goblin
Harvest mouse
What's in the shadows ?
I'm Stuffed
Snaggly Sweet tooth
Dancing in softly drifting snowflakes
Prisoner of Love
Alley Cat
My brain is fried !!
Lil Artiste
Goddess sized
Poured Into Purple
Fluttering Wings
Mouse in the House..
Cold furry kitty
Dancing with Pink Ribons
Lavender Fantasy
A Mouse and a Kitty
Catch a Falling Star
Twinkle Toes
What Dreams are Made of ...
My heart aches in sadness and secret tears flow...
Crazy legs
Littlest mouse
Lavender buds
Tulip fairy
Dreaming of rosebuds
Spring breeze blowing through her hair
She walked out of the sea elegant in her dress of seafoam
Feminine Fantasy
Hiding under the Poppies
Faire Maiden
Sea Glass
Breezy in Blue
Whimsical mouse
Blowing dandelion kisses
the Watcher
Layers of Lace
Ladybug with lantern
Bluebell Pixie
Mouse in the house
Summer Goddess
Even the mouse was hot !
Sizzling sunburn
Marigold Flower Girl
Fire Nymph
Midnight Dancer
Night Angel
Loves me, Loves me not, Loves me, Loves me not
The Last Butterfly
Sprite playing in the leaves
Woman of Mystery
Faerie door or house
Star Chaser
Winter Mouse
Kittens playing
The Enchantress
Dragonfly goddess
Christmas Mice
Kissing Snowflakes
Star bright
Christmas Tinsel
The kitty is in the Tree.
Crown of Holly
Candles on her head
Winter Lantern
You are my Sunshine
That's my baby
Floating flowers
Mouse party
She wore a raspberry beret
Faerydae (dark child a gift from the Fairies)
Garden gate
Frolicking kitties
The Bridge to ......
Sunshine Glow
Blossum Fairy
Dancing mice
March winds blowing through my hair
Spring babies
Flower buds
Skinny dipping Mermaid
Edward's Tarantula
Little miracle
Raindrops on roses
Clover Fairy
Bubbles Bubbles Bubbles
Blue bells and Faeries
King Jon
Dream Weaver
Sunset Blossoms
Flower Power
Baby Owls
Ruffled Feathers
Cutest Mouse
Playful Kitties
How would Jon Snow look as King of the North?
Strange Things
There's a Bee in my Bonnet
Something with the colors of the Ocean
Purple Moon
Bat Babe
Night Angel
Chipmunks with pumpkins
Autumn Sprite
The beast within
Mouse house
True beauty
Fairy in a flowing Flower dress
When the cat is away, the mice will play
Wild Lavender
Muffin Mouse
Glorious flower
The secret path was lit by the Lantern
hamadryad -wood nymph
the littlest mouse
fairy in lavender flowers
Flower garden exploding with color
Flowers ibraided n her hair
Doorway to my dreams
The mouse and the fairy
A baby's smile
Field of Flowers
By the Lantern's glow
Leaves falling softly
Dancing Harvest Mice
Giggling baby
Misty Waters
It's a Mushroom World
Kittens curled up by the fireplace
Mouse hiding from the fall breeze
Fairy blowing away
Draw something cute.
Draw something sensual
Baby giggles
Tickle my fancy !
Sweetest mouse
Warm and Fuzzy
All through the house, not a creature was stirring...
Glistening icicles
Mermaid in the lagoon
Mouse house
Fairy lights
Chubby little groundhog
Raindrops keep falling on my head
Dragon breath
Fairy wishes
Joy & Happiness fairies
Ladybug dancing
Day Lily
Evening Glow
Field Mouse
I feel the whisper of your touch
Kitten kisses
Ivy taking over the stone wall
Raindrops on roses
Sleepy Kitty
Magic moonbeam
What's hidden in that Leaf pile ?
Pumpkin patch troll
Apple thief
Ethereal fairy
Blue Jay
Mushroom creature
Magical Forest
Artemis Goddess of the Hunt
Frozen in a snowglobe
Lantern lights
All through the house not a creature was stirring..
Living in a Bubble
Singing the Blues
Gossamer Wings
Dandelion Sprites
Spring Breezes
The Chipmunk did it.
Living in seclusion
Mesmerized by music
Autumn scene
Your favorite fall thing
Hair flowing in the breeze
Armful of Love
Goddess of Winter
Curled up by a Warm fire
Snowflake Fairy
Christmas Mouse
Winter Wonderland
A Fairy Tale
Magical Mouse

This artist has comments on the following prompts for Sketch Fest #129:

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