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Sketch Fest #127 will run December 18-20! (Today's date: 2021-01-15 15:37:13)

Sketch Fest has ended! Stay tuned for the next event!

Work by: laura Buehrer

This artist has left the following prompts:

fire princess love
abominal Monster and princess with snow cave
circus princess
stars ,moon and sun goddess
Pirate wench with dreads and floating ship
Pirate wench with dreads and floating ship
mermaid magic
mystical queen with whimsical animal
Kitty Cat Luv
No one around Look what I see
bubbles and beads princess
moonlight queen
ladybugs and lace
spring flowers and a polka dot dress
rainforest mermaid
Flower Mermaid
Kittens and Pearls
Tropical sunset Mermaid
Princess and the Frog
rainforest mermaid
moon and unicorn
green envy queen with Vines
sunset mermaid pirate
fangs and butterflies
castles and flower queen
mermaid cactus flower
Dragon purple maiden
Wings in the moonlit night
sunset mermaid pirate
My little pink blossom
Christmas eyes that sparkle
my favorite pajamas
Two mice and a princess
prom queen of royalty
shimmers of pink and purple
Bride of frankenstein
Surrounded by kittens
pigtails and daisies
dragon fly princess
graveyard bone fairy
winter snowflake fairy
misty tears and glitter
grinchy smiles
spider queen
giggles and snowflakes
seen through the eyes of green
eyelashes of christmas
smiles of the grinch snowman
valentine of love
hearts and lace
mardi gra fairy
feathers and pink
valentine of love
heavens sunshine
hearts a fire
hapiness and sorrow
dragon fly princess
frog and butterfly and whimsical tree branches
fairy with branches as wings
cat with wings and things
a clowns heart
a clowns smile
kitten with bow and arrow
ladybugs and flowers
wings that sparkle
diamond in the rough
fairy with goblins
Lady bug dress
angel hearts
jungle sprite
gothic stars
twisted wings
one big smile
warrior princess and little animal sidekick
magical and fun
dress of feathers and rings
Its my birthday ! (for real 17th I will be 51) show me the art ! please hold so I get a chance to get it LOL I am not having much luck this sketch fest !
special love
sprng beauty
charming doe eyes
purple haze
fairy doll with furry pet
Grumpy cat just chilling
My favorite fairy tale
wings of the rainbow
jungle sprite
here kitty kitty
Princess in a shoe
the forever ending hair on a spiral staircase
Wizard of OZ and all the gang or pick on of bunch- could even be the mean apple trees LOL
face that glows so beautiful surrounded by spring flowers
flowers of fall
pumpkin smile
pick one of the wizard of oz characters in your style
spring mermaid
flower fairy
butterfly winged fairy
blue fin Mermaid
Seahorse and blow fish underwater fantasy
dinasaur love
ladybug queen
beauty and the beast
firefly and the turtle
mermaid princess
spring mermaid
Seahorse and blow fish underwater fantasy
pick one of the wizard of oz characters in your style
flowers of fall
princess with a snowflake dress and pearls in her hair
oceans many wonders
undersea love
magical ship
Teacup love
mermaid of the deep
princess and the pea
underwater fantasy
mermaid in a martini glass
mermaid and the violin
french maid and friend
mermaid in a sailor hat
hook line & sinker

winged fantasy creature
Mermaid Family (man -woman and baby)
swamp creature and the fairy
cute and cuddly
spikes and chains
under the blue moon
Pirate and mermaid
mermaids and Tails
hook line & sinker -with little fish
dragon and dungeon
Ogre and the fairy
seahorse games
mermaid and the blow fish
octopus and the shark
dread lock mermaid and doll
curly lashes and dimples
golden leaves of hair
wicked witch mermaid and monkey
mermaid and the kitty
teacup mermaid
vampire kitten
blinged out seahorse with wings
mermaid with tail that sparkles
blinged out seahorse with wings
vampire kitten
cute zombie pet
kitten love
peacock wearing rainboots
mermaid tail of webs
mermaid and the rain
a chubby faced mystical or cute creature
litte chubby baby fictional or human
sometimes I just look this way
teapots in love
you are just what I needed
someone to watch over me
bunny with tutu and flower
I am about to pop
tu tu kitty with a flower
3 punk rats
I only wear shades at night
I am a little batty
vamp u strike a pose
things that bump in the night
by the light of the moon
time bandit
witch and her woodsy sidekick
baby dreams
Summer lovin had me a blast
crazy for you
my new animal buddy
fairy and the furr baby
baby its cold outside
The mermaid and the snowglobe
mermaid tea party
Its a sunny day for the animal parade
fairy and the furr baby
blinged out seahorse with wings
Emerald mermaid and ship
My favorite pet
Wishing on a star
Seahorse and starfish in the enchanted seas
Pull toy and the fairy
Gremlins and the dark moon
starfish and seahorses
my tiny little secret
Mermaid riding a Koi Fish

This artist has comments on the following prompts for Sketch Fest #127:

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