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Sketch Fest #129 will run March 26-28! (Today's date: 2021-02-26 22:28:11)

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Work by: Miss Ava

I've been drawing since I was very young, since I didn't have a tv growing up. My mother always supported my creative efforts, and never told me that being an artist for a living was bad. She still supports me to this day, and is proud of my work.

In 2009 I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, and by 2010 it had progressed so much that I needed to quit my job. I've been disabled at home ever since, and have made art and fashion my full time job. It doesn't pay well, but I can still do it, and it makes me happy.

I enjoy drawing angels and cute girls in frilly dresses. My favourite mediums are coloured pencil, art marker, and watercolour. I dabble in acrylic and digital art occasionally too.

More of my work can be seen at my deviantart account:
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This artist has left the following prompts:

Victorian Rabbit
Space Cowboy
Live Beautifully
Cutie angel(s)
Happy Bunnies
Gothic Lolita Fashion
Retro Butterfly

You're favouriet fictional character as a fairy.
cupcake queen
Browny Circus
monochrome frame
a dustland fairytale
gothic princess
antique in the future
anime style self portrait
winter sleep
Lyrehorn (this song,
Pink and black angel
angelic pretty
Swan Lake
Cutie Punk
celestial maiden
in the sky with diamonds
glitter and glam
white mage
black mage
operation: eggnog
star killer
cyber vampire
It followed her to school one day...
strawberry lemonade fairy
Steampunk scuba diver (teslacon anyone????)
angelic queen
rave girl
bubble bath fairy
pink fuzzy bunnies
flowers in her hair
glitter addict
snow covered
wintergreen mint! (i don't like peppermint)
"art is the best way to say screw you to reality"-- OTEP (edited for language.)
Rufflebutt Fairy
Ice Butterfly
Love Like Winter
Miss Murder
All you need is faith, trust and fairy dust.
Future Music Popstar
That is one miffed pixie.
Love will soar
sugar and ice
tight laced corset
cyber angel
I'll be there with bells on.
Goodness! There's a bunny in my _______________!
angelic rose
HEAVY METAL (magazine)
Birds on my dress!
fairy bouquet
cutie maid
tea service
ginger snaps
black and yellow
cutie angel
vampire royalty
all that glitters
rabbit aviation
cute cute cute
things that go hop in the night.
star power
i can see again!
the most glorious tail
strawberry sweets
ruffles and lace
a bunny hat
giant head bow
not all fae live in the forest
keeping warm
gothic lolita fairy
Don't be a slacker!
faerie lantern
something that makes you happy
dark daisies
chaos faeries
lucious pink hair
the sky is the limit
"no, really!! I'm a dragon!!"
tropical breeze
the fanciest of all hats
princess laying in the grass
rosey cheeks
New glasses
vintage flight attendant
gothic Lolita Valentine
under the stars
sugar rock and roll
ah! too many fairies!
mermaid in a bathtub
butterfly fairy princess
the ceremony of seasons change
hoarder house of the fae
magical girl
if this thing gets any cuter i think i'll explode
candy Angel
green tea fairies
the spirit of spring
cherry blossom princess
fairy gardeners
summertime angels
playing in the ocean
glittering wings
rainbow rave girl
the fluffiest of them all
summer fruit
floating on a flower
space dragon
stompy boots
what do you think bunnies dream about?
jellyfish girl
fluttering princess
i'm so fancy!
all the pretty colours
her dress looks like cake
rainbow angel wings
princess of hearts
pumpkin princess
hot summer days, cool clear water
This is not a food.
Popcorn fairy
Fennic Fox
when it rains it pours
give me strength
Bon Odori
Queen Alice
phoenix eyes
sewing faerie
calories: little creatures that sew your clothes tighter when you sleep
goth bunny
spicy wasabi faerie
ruffles! ruffles! ruffles!
fresh water mermaid
bullet proof
sangria angel
fire dancer
maganeko (cute glasses girl)
grave fairy
allergy monster
skeleton princess
princess kaguya
moon bunny
fading away
get out of my head!
fashion passion
witch, please!
you go, goull!
like a fish needs a bicycle
little star of hope
fairy parfait
i'm a professional
the poofiest of all skirts
all the ever did was push her aside.
skeleton girl
born to lose
first snow
skeleton queen
Moon Pumpkin (is that what the white pumpkins are called??)
when faeries shed their seasonal wings
bedsheet ghosts
tattooed wings
muscle and bone
the faerie that bedazzled everything
faengel (fae angel)
jumping jackalopes!
living doll
the fairy of hot chocolate
the best way to keep warm this winter
happy FANGsgiving
winter rose
snowflake face
bah, humbug!
fairies making popcorn strings
paris girl
dancing the night away
floating in a bubble
mermaid resort
lolita girls don't understand steampunk gadgets
martini princess
mushroom home
a gaggle of gothic lolitas
winter doll
every girl deserves the tallest possible shoes
can't find her words
my wings were never real
heartbeat feeling
kiss the stars
just love
Her blood is really just sugar
hospital for gingerbread men
chistmas stocking for a bunny
fluffy tails in the snow
cookie catastrophe
faeries of heart and soul (you can do one or both if you like)
my impenetrable sadness
skin and bones
butterfly bandages
tiger faerie
bunny faerie
under lock and key
maho shoujo (japanese anime magical girl)
raver faerie
she just couldn't take it any more and she ___________
ruffles and stripes
fluer de lis angel
bunnies doing human things
bless my lucky stars!
valentine angel
juicy cherries
angel voice
crown of feathers
glbt pride
queen of roses
vapor faerie
ghostly image
I will send this message: "I loved you"--no, "I love you"
snow moon flower
kokeshi faerie doll
i saw an angel turn into the devil
Black and white butterfly
the cutest vampiress
new faerie in town
dance of the jellyfish
antho self portrait
highest heels in the land
pin up for Ed's Birthday
your guardian angel (or what you imagine it to be)
total faerie bad-ass
"i can grant your desires"
skeletal mermaid
zombie mermaid
you want a piece of my brain?
come into my head
he wore a plain gold ring
mushroom boat
look! it glows in the dark!
But... I'm not Irish!
traveler (gypsy) faerie
Cutie Maid Faerie
Cherry Berry Princess
cheer me up
celebrate spring
the faerie(s) who melt the snow
fearie and cherry blossoms
art theiving goblins
butterfly princess
what heals the heart?
dragon wings faerie
she wore the very fanciest shoes
bitter old hag (or baba yaga)
angels eating cake
angel princess
robbing a beehive
motif of paris at night
she's lonely like a ghost
gravestone angel
tiny fairy cosmetics
summer kimono
dust fairy
dust bunnies
her touch was light as a feather
candy angel
i lost myself
sleeping in a pile of fluff
bunny tea time
lilly pad boat
fashionable dragon woman (anthro)
fancy fae
fancy hats
how to say "i love you"?
1940's dress-up
urban faerie
shooting star
faeries that come in the night
keepers of time
coffee bean fairy
Finally summer has arrived!
hooka fairies
beach bunnies
good morning, bun(ny)shine!
to give all your love
tree spirits
a tiny tea house
a fairy that is representative to your culture/nationality/religion
waving in the wind
it's a good life
trial and error
16 hours left of sketch fest!
Mermaid invades a koi pond
Baby dragons in the fireplace
2 dimensional cupcakes
My pet werewolf named Fifi.
Those who paint the leaves yellow and red.
eat all the blueberries!
Coming soon: Pumpkins
Oh, Ancient Romans, you so crazy!
life is a cabaret!
ragweed demons
we don
we don't make are for the money, we make it for ______
a timely death
cutest demon ever
luck stealing fairy
fairy of the autumn court
dancing among falling leaves
Miss Ava the fairy
halloween bunny
eating a whole pumpkin
fairy frosting fight
halloween fairy
day of the dead fairy
fall fantasy
in the changing leaves
snuggly and warm
apple cider
fall wonderland
the best in fall decor for faeries
favourite fall activities
harvest festival
trick or treat
creative uses for halloween candy
but why is the candy gone?
spooky mermaids
autumn under the sea
landing among the stars
it lives in the darkness
it's not christmas yet
beware! the kittens are coming
fairy lantern
monster mash
brains! delicious brains!
halloween moon
survivor's hope (october is also domestic violence awareness month.)
hot spring mermaids (like hot springs that you go to, not hot women. Or hot women. whatever you want really)
In the brist autumn morning.
if I had a trebuchet...
mississippi river mermaid
summer fairy's migration methods
winterizing fairy homes
pumpkin party
actually, it's spring in Australia right now.
the lost kite
the truth about fairies
even trolls need a vacation
the journey
use as many colours as you can
cream and sugar
fall behind! (daylight savings time!)
tea time in the octopus's garden
her tattoos told a story
a serious brain fart
the lonely one
berry cute
Yuki-onna (Japanese spirit meaning "Snow Woman"
winter wolf
Father Winter
abominable snowman (or woman, or family)
creative uses for icesicles
the oldest tree
Make up a new winter myth! (they are so hard to find....)
kawaii overload
computer gremlins
little sprites that give you the cold/flu
lanterns in the night
personal shopping elves
the child who got coal from santa
candy cane sword battle
will you take payment it wallet moths?
the GRAPE and powerful
snowflake mandala
hot rod santa
the solstice royals
look what the blizzard dragged in
It's Miss Ava's birthday!
winter butterflies
a lantern in the snow
frozen bubbles
a very hair valentine
all the things that made her/him unique
twisted elements
lightly, upon the treetops
in the ferns and moss
mud puddle mermaid
dreams of winter
happy spring bunnies
happy spring birds
umbrella elevator
colourful creek
a sylph on the breeze
berrylicious fairy
replace the humans in a classic painting with bunnies
mermaids in my fountain
dragons in the oven
flora and fauna tea party
jumping beans
Miss Muffet's Revenge
how seasons change
a new light
harvest time!
out to sea
in the desert
way up a tree
in a boat
in the city lights
the perfect afternoon
cicada summer
what do bears dream of?
faerie confectionery
where the fireflies live
fluttering bats
creepy cute
wicked princess
harbinger of ruin
I was only trying to help
winter festival
queen of snow
dragon fire
whiskers and wings
a tiny deer
what happens at sunrise...
she was the moon and the stars
revolutionary princess
becoming t
becoming a beast
the gift of humanity
all that glitters
April showers
Chickens! Chickens! Chickens!
Autumn is comimg
Puppy love
First harvest
The Raven and Lenore
For the love of bees
Back to school fae
The gorgon and the blind man were the best of friends
Extra fluffy
Lanterns on the water

This artist has comments on the following prompts for Sketch Fest #129:

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