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Sketch Fest #129 will run March 26-28! (Today's date: 2021-03-04 10:33:13)

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Work by: Elizabeth Barrette

Elizabeth Barrette (Ysabetwordsmith) lives in central Illinois. An avid wordsmith, she works as a writer and editor, doing poetry, articles, essays, reviews, interviews, short stories, and more. Her main fields include speculative fiction, gender studies, environmental/social issues, and alternative spirituality. She supports small press and electronic publication, crowdfunding, and communal living. She hosts a monthly Poetry Fishbowl on her LiveJournal, The Wordsmith’s Forge. She enjoys presenting panels and workshops at science fiction conventions, Pagan festivals, and other events. Her favorite pastimes include gardening for wildlife, photography, and studying obscure languages.
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This artist has left the following prompts:

Torn World: an Other menaces a precious fruit tree, as an alarmed ranger approaches.
By the time you saw them coming, it was too late.
Torn World: a time crystal appliance falls off a cart and breaks, creating a hazard.
"In the Name of the Rainbow"
A dragon sneezing into kleenex, setting it on fire.
In the Shadow of the Valley
Torn World: a smartarm nesting in a sunken ship
Torn World: several people engaged in a rescue on a cliff face while an Other drifts ever lower
An anthropomorphic stag trying to get the maddenly itchy velvet off his antlers
It was the last thing she ever said to me, or anyone.
Raining Thimbles
Unicorn Surprise
Torn World: a clock tower partially demolished by an Other
When she opened the box, the contents were not at all what she had expected.
An orchestra of insects
Female knight in practical armor, holding an infant
Braiding a rainbow
He gave her not his heart, but his lungs, for she was his breath.
A mother pegasus feathering her nest on a high cliff
The Night the Stars Were Lost and Found
Couatl with a diamond ring in its mouth
Bre'r Rabbit and the Tar Baby
The Dead Woman's Key
The first time she saw the horizon, she wanted to go there.
Touch the Sky and Weep for Joy
A rain of salamanders
A starship observing a comet
Two centaurs pulling a wagon
Dancing at the Edge of Hope and Fear
"He wanted to remember this moment for the rest of his lives."
African vampire
Dragon blowing soap bubbles
"I gave you the stars, and you dropped them in the dust."
"I want your face to be the last thing I see."
The Big Book of Sea Monsters
"Her wings were his salvation.
"No one could have imagined it would come to this."
A teddy bear knight-errant
The Secret Friend
The Highwayman and the Ropemaker's Daughter
Griffin based on snowy owl and snow leopard
A manticore bard
"Come to me and see your dreams."
"I am the moon's mirror and the sea's teeth."
Combine "monster" and "house slippers"
It was not the light, but the shadows, that lifted her up.
A dancer, secure in his masculinity
The Pregnant Void
The Cloud Castles of Saturn
The mushroom was actually quite a nice fellow, once you got to know him.
Griffins nesting
Steampunk cheetah
They were one, and yet still two.
With starfire she kindled the light, and was no more lost.
A claustrophobic monster
His & hers space suits
A frog in an herb garden
Thunder and Song
Her words struck him like knives in the back.
"He wept for her, once it was too late."
A dragon carefully shielding a unicorn foal in its claws.
"She hewed the darkness, and behold, it bled light."
An alien parachuting out of a crashing starship.
"Believe in me," she said, "and I will make you mighty."
"From the summer fields, dancing slowly, they came."
A black woman in uniform at the helm of a starship.
"God is in here," he said as he opened the box, "as in everything."
A samurai arranging flowers.
Nothing could erase the pain of those last words: "I wish..."
A centaur warrior protecting a human child.
"Jump and I will catch you," she called to him.
A kitsune of nine tails tempting a Japanese man.
"This is no way to end a war," he said firmly.
Tasseling corn, and cornsilk, and pollen all golden in the wind.
"I'll keep them both," she said firmly.
A young sphynx playing with a ball of yarn.
"In the beginning were the colors, of which the world was made."
A starship with bumper stickers.
"He was the light of her death."
Two black women kissing
"She pulled him close, and whispered the words that would end him."
A dragon evolved from a fruit bat
"It was never meant to be like this," the angel said.
Amphisbaena with heads of two different snake species
A plaid giraffe
"They were of one mind, yet two bodies."
Alien food fight
"All right, NOW I love you," she said.
Holding hands against the cold
A Native American as captain of a starship
"There was no time to be certain, only to act," she said.
Two sphinxes high on catnip
"I was your last," he said, "as you were my first."
A little boy riding a snow-unicorn
An elephant-centaur with the upper half of a black giant.
"This is the last straw," she said to Rumpelstiltskin.
Dragons playing Chinese checkers with gemstones
"I will give you the stars," he promised, and so he did.
Two frustrated demons trying to figure out how to tune a harp
Two women warriors fighting back-to-back
"I will always wait for you," he promised.
A monster trying to peel a bus like a banana
He could see himself in her eyes, and was still lost.
A kangaroo with a dragonet in its pouch
Red ghosts rustling like autumn leaves
"Speak to me in dead languages," said the Goddess of Death.
His heart was as hollow as a carved pumpkin.
Ghede poured another drink and said, "You're not drunk enough yet to hear what I have to say."
Alien children trick-or-treating.
"I'm guessing you didn't get your costume at Wal-Mart," he said.
The starship barely fit into the beast's mouth.
"Fear not," said the demon.
The amphisbaena was shedding again.
"I admire your armor," he said to her.
Autumn leaves turning cool colors instead of hot colors on an alien planet.
"I shall go both ways," he said at the crossroad.
Mythical beasts in a musical jam session.
"Catch me if you can," she said to the wind.
Summer and Winter in a wrestling match.
Dragon in a starship
"I'm thankful for my family," she said, "each and every one of you."
Two aliens snuggling
"I am not a pincushion," the hedgehog said sharply.
Matching angel and demon cherubs
When winter winds are blowing
"Whatever you do, don't look back," she said to him.
A penguin using a hang glider
"It's very simple," God said, "the Universe is a yo-yo."
Gypsy Vanner centaur
From out of the valley came a terrible sound.
"Don't worry," she said, "I can fix everything."
Then the unicorn breathed upon him, and he was healed.
"You will never find me," he said to his enemies, and laughed.
Within the bricks, a dragon lay hidden.
Three moons in the sky
"Come with me beneath the waves," he sang.
The starship was very small, very shabby, and in her eyes: perfect.
"Drat," said the Goddess, "I seem to have unraveled the galaxy."
A wood-elf riding a war-wolverine.
Carrying the wounded home.
"To the end of the world," he had said, and there they were.
The aliens looked at each other over the wreckage, wondering what to do.
"Which one is the lady-knight?" the king asked, staring at the impassive armor.
In the Springtime of Her Resignation
It was a war like any other war, except for the end.
"What were you thinking?" she demanded as they fell through the sky.
The tentacle monster wept piteously as the girl kicked it away.
"This is the only way," he said as he picked up the wand.
An orcish ballerina.
An Asian centaur
"I will take care of you," he said, even as the world began to end.
The beads of her necklace told the story of her life.
"Come love with me and be my life," the vampire said to him.
A lady-knight in smashed armor.
A dragon is shocked to discover a unicorn hatching from her egg.
"Alas!" said God. "My *smite* key is broken!"
Two robots kissing.
A demon weeping over a slain hellhound.
A desert city inside an hourglass.
In the wind there were words.
An African sphynx.
Centaur foals playing tag.
And God lit the stars like the candles on a cake.
Elves dancing with swords.

This artist has comments on the following prompts for Sketch Fest #129:

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